ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – A South St. Paul mother who was charged in June for beating her daughter at school has been sentenced to one year in prison.

Socorro Eaton, 26, was convicted in Ramsey County Court Wednesday on one count of malicious punishment of a child in connection with the June 14 incident. Eaton will get a stayed sentenced of 350 days over two years and will get credit for time served of three days, and she’ll serve two years of probation.

According to a criminal complaint, Eaton dropped off her 8-year-old daughter on June 14 at a St. Paul elementary school on the last day of school. The girl had a bag of art supplies with her, and Eaton asked her teacher if they were needed. The teacher said they were not because it was the last day of school.

Eaton then proceeded to hit her daughter in the face with a closed fist, swear at the girl and call her a “liar,” the complaint states. The girl then ran from the classroom, and Eaton yelled at her to come back and told the girl she would beat her in front of the class.

The girl told police she had been beaten by Eaton on multiple occasions, sometimes with a belt, according to the complaint. Eaton told police she beat her child because she lied.

Comments (12)
  1. I hope says:

    I hope they took this kid away from her for good. Also someone should beat the **** out of her see how it feels.

    1. yup says:

      You’re right, she should have her parental rights removed. Chances are however, that she has already had the **** beat out of her on a regular basis. An so the cycle continues.

    2. insignificant says:

      perhaps the mother got the same treatment by her mother,and often continues into the next generations,eh?…some rage gene passed on or something…good god don’t punish your li’l one in public,take it home,and you don’t gotta strike ’em,love goes along ways…

      1. Jack says:

        Some rage gene? Come on. Let’s attribute all our bad choices to genes, that way there won’t be any accountability for our behavior. You idiot.

  2. good guy says:

    the poor girl has such a small chance to succeed, through no fault of her own. Not defending the mom, but probably the same way she was raised. It is their normal.

    Sad that some people so desperately want kids, but are unable. This lady doesn’t deserve to be a mom.

    1. jean says:

      good guy,,say what :It is their normal.,,,what was that ..THEIR NORMAL.. acrose they land “earth’ race, religion, culture age. ,it’s abuses, and she isn’t a lady

  3. Dr. Justice says:

    Too bad the state can’t tie her tubes

  4. Guy says:

    Model candidate for parent of the year … NOT!

  5. Sgt says:

    You need a license to drive a car,hunt,fish,BUT not have children……….things that make you go hmmmmmm.

  6. The Fan says:

    She works at taking advantage of the system.

  7. stinky says:

    The playful smirky smile has “mmm crack” written all over it…gorgeous.

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