DNR Warns Of Unsafe Minn. Ice Conditions

ISLE, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is urging anglers and others to check ice conditions before heading out on the lake this weekend.

Unseasonably mild weather is making for unsafe ice conditions across the state.

DNR water safety specialist Tim Smalley says a 71-year-old man fell not once but twice through the ice Friday on Mille Lacs (muh laks) Lake.

Smalley says the man first drove his all-terrain vehicle through the ice about a half-mile from shore. The man climbed out of the water and began walking to shore when he fell through again. The man got out again and made it to shore, where he was treated by paramedics for mild hypothermia.

Smalley says people should check ice conditions with a local bait shop or resort before heading out.

  • C. Wilson

    We sure spend a lot of time and money telling stupid people what to do and what not to do. A few less few stupid people would be good for all.

  • Tom

    This warning was a no brainer! But apparently someone was stupid enough to try it! And I am sure he won’t the only one trying it either despite the warning!

  • RIII

    We need more laws against thin ice. Governor Dayton should fly over some lakes to access the thin ice danger and then commission a report by experts on the dangers of thin ice in the mean time our state legislatures should be called into a special session to form a new government department to inspect the ice and hand out permits to the lakes that have ice that meets their regulations. People that want to go on the ice should have to complete a course and pay a license fee every year. More ice police should also be hired to enforce the regulations. We could add .25% to the sales tax to pay for it and build more jails for offenders.

    • mike

      We need more liberal government oversight!

    • Man

      You wingnuts are a lot funnier when you’re not trying to be.

  • http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2011/12/17/watch-out-for-thin-ice/ Watch Out For Thin Ice « CBS Minnesota

    […] tags importance07, wirenews The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is urging anglers and others to check ice conditions before heading out on the lake this […]

  • anti bachmann

    let people go on the ice if they fall through who cares maybe some one will snag them in the summer

  • Murph

    I take it he was not born and raised in the land of 10 k slightly chilled lakes?Or, maybe the onset of alzheimers,a faulty calender,haywire gps in the truck? Who in their right mind would try to be the FIRST to drive out on the ice? Kinda like Minnesota politicians trying to be outdoorsmen on opening fishing or hunting seasons.SOOOO… was he a mayor,governor or legislator?Taking money under the table is a lot less hazardous then fish from under the ice.Especially when you are under it with them!

  • What??

    You had to include a phonetic as to how to pronounce Millle Lacs? You’ve got to be kidding.

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