A video camera caught fight that broke out at Chaska High School earlier this month.

However, the students watching the fight don’t appear to make any attempt to break it up.

What would you do: Make an attempt to stop the fight? Get a teacher? Or watch the high school spectacle?

Police said the students involved in the fight were charged with fifth-degree assault. The school said it’s trying to create a safe teaching environment.

[WCCO: Local]

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  1. dabrilloman says:

    If I had any type of power at these schools now a days…the policy would be…all electronic deviceces would be checked in at the entrance to the school. If your guardians/parents need to get a hold of you…you can call the office of the school. You come to school to learn…not to record fights on your phone!

    1. Phid says:

      Yeah, that’s the thing that wasn’t even brought up in the reporting of it. As soon as the fight breaks out, kids whip out their cell phones to record it.

    2. Sierra Swenson says:

      not everyone was involved, so punish the ones that were not involved? That makes no sense. Another fact, i used to attend chaska highschool and there are atleast 500, if not more kids there. Now if you were the principal of that school, would you have EVERY single student check their phone into the office? no. not to mention the time out of the day from *8am- 3pm, keeping track of every students phone. put yourself in the office’s shoes. You can try to control what goes on, but you cannot force kids phones to be not there. Especially, if everyone was not involved. I do agree, something should be done. To be honest, your not gonna stop kids from talking, its happened for years. All you can do is teach the kids not to do this type of stuff. Most of the kids that are standing there watching, dont know what to do. they are in astonishment. The kids that are video taping, are the “bad ass’s” that think they are cool. If you are in that school for 2 weeks, you can really tell who the bad ass’s are. trust me, they have got so many damn clicks. Its insane. So i suggest before even making that comment about the policy, you should spend two weeks analyzing. and not assuming every single kid just video tapes it.

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