MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Uptown restaurant Il Gatto has served its last meal.

The website for the trendy Calhoun Square eatery confirmed the closing, effective Saturday.

A press release from Parasole, its parent company, states the restaurant closed because it “was unable to align the economics of operating the restaurant with the cost of occupying the premises.”

“Parasole restaurants have been a major presence in Uptown for 27 years. We continue to believe in the viability of the Uptown community,” said Kip Clayton, vice president at Parasole, in the release. “Parasole is Uptown’s largest restaurant employer and is experiencing strong sales at our other restaurants in the area, including the Uptown Cafeteria, Burger Jones and Chino Latino.”

The press release states they will make an effort to place Il Gatto employees at other Parasole restaurants and bars in the Twin Cities.

Comments (12)
  1. Mr.Figlio says:

    ThaT’s whaT you geT for geTTing rid of Figlio

  2. Jennie Schuttler says:

    Change it back to Figlio. You remember, the one everyone liked.

    1. Mr.Figlio says:

      Figlio was the best the design from the multi level wood floors to the lounge area and great open space..I spent a lot of money there for years and when it went II Gato…..I WENT ILL!!!!

  3. IwonderIf says:

    Figlio = Happy customers that loved the food
    Gatto = get out of here and bring Figlio back

    get it?!?

  4. Lease Issue?? says:

    If Figlio and Il Gato can’t afford the lease, no restaurant will survive there. Figlio was great, Il Gato was a’ight. Time to turn it into another teenie bopper club. Ugggh

  5. RIII says:

    The cost of the lease for the space it tied to the property taxes. Unfortunately the property taxes are so high in Minneapolis that it no longer makes sense to open a business in Minneapolis unless you accept EBT cards. We will see more closings and boarded up buildings because of this in the future.

  6. Brett says:

    NEEEVER heard of it. Was it ever any good? Obviously NOT. That’s why it went BELLY UP. Sniff, sniff….. Bad business plan, bad menu, overzealous expections by some rich guy who didn’t know better where to put his money.

  7. Brett says:

    Do you see chains like Red Lobster or Olive Garden in trouble these days?? Nope. Know why?? Because they offer good food, at a reasonable price, they aren’t ‘trendy’, and the experience it usually a good one. In fact, it is hard to even get a table at these places right away. NOBODY CARES about some whacked out idea for a weird dining experience Most people don’t want POLITICS mixed in with our MEALS, that’s the LAST thing that we WANT while eating a fine meal.

    1. RIII says:

      Olive Garden closed its Minneapolis location in 2005 after only 2 years open. I don’t think you will ever find a Olive Garden or a Red Lobster in Minneapolis again, they have more business sense then some.

    2. Sarah says:

      Italian cuisine, which is what Il Gatto offered, is hadly a trendy or “whacked out idea for a weird dining experience”. And the only politics involved at dining at establishment outside of your precious chains is that you are supporting local business.
      If you think Red Lobster or Olive Garden have good food you irrefutably know absolutely nothing about what good food is.

      1. Jean-Paul Dangerbunny Beaulieu says:


        1. J says:

          double agreed – olive garden and red lobster as good food? that person has never had a good meal.

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