Dayton’s Response To Koch’s Resignation, Election Set

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Minnesota Senate Republicans have set next Tuesday as the day they will elect a new Majority Leader. That’s the person who will replace Senator Amy Koch, who resigned suddenly last week amid controversy.

Sen. Koch stepped down after allegations that she was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a staff member. And now, Gov. Mark Dayton has made his first public comments on the matter.

Dayton was uncharacteristically reluctant to talk about it but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have anything to say.

Koch resigned as Majority Leader last week after several Republican Senators confronted her about allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a male Senate staffer.

That resignation sent shock waves through the new Senate Majority.

For the first time since the controversy began, Democratic Gov. Dayton first refused comment, calling it a private matter.

But he had plenty to say about Republicans who made “sanctity of marriage” a hallmark of the last session, approving a vote next year to ban gay marriage.

“I don’t think it represents the mainstream view of our practice of the Republican Party any more than it does the DFL party,” Dayton said. “We are talking about human beings here. Not one political party or another but I think the point is legitimate.”

Republicans have set next Tuesday as the day they will elect a new Majority Leader.

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  • tom c

    The GOP the ultimate hypocrytes!

    • Tom

      @ Tom C

      Yes they are!

  • lonely Fattie

    You must be really lonely Kevin maybe you could even you could get lucky with a lonely fattie.

  • tom c

    Kevin don’t take it to personal . You sound like your feelings got hurt.

  • scott

    One Man, One women, and one staffer. New GOP.

  • Tom

    @ Kevin

    I feel just fine Kevin! How about yourself?

  • Brett

    Who CARES what dayton’s response is….It’s NONE of HIS BUSINESS. Yeah, I know that he feels pretty good right now, but often, when you have that feeling, things can do downhill in a hurry, you uber-libs had better be prepared for that, especially with all of the PRO-GAY members within your caucus.

  • Iron Ranger

    The repubs are going down. The unemployment rate is going down. Go Dayton. The repubs just cant handle it. The marriage amendment is going down. The unemployment rate in Hibbing is the lowest in 3 years. Thank you Barack and Mark the liberal agenda is working.. I cant wait till November. Bye Bye repubs.

  • ALL

    republicans are rotten filth.

  • Murph

    I wonder who the unlucky GOP’er that will have to hide his/her /it’s/ sexual urges will be! Too bad they don’t fire each other for bribes and favors and etc from the rich people who give them the money for all their fun and horsing around! Hopefully Marcus can pray them all GONE! Why wait for an election! E Domini Outrageous! Come on Marcus be a Bachmann that will do something for the public for a change!

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