Fund Set Up For Man Critically Injured Trying To Help

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Friends are coming to the aid of a single father of six who was nearly killed trying to help others.

On Sunday night, Keith Barnes stopped along Interstate 94 to help at the scene of an accident. Then, a suspected drunken driver ran into him and two other people. That crash killed one man and critically injured Barnes and a woman.

The men who work at the Grooming House barber shop in St. Paul are missing one of their own.

“I almost turned around and told him something a few minutes ago just out of habit I usually have my back to him and I just say hey Keith and I realized that he wasn’t there and that’s tough, ” said Jibri Copeland.

A note taped to the chair and mirror at Keith Barnes’ station lets his clients and others know why he wasn’t cutting hair Tuesday.

Barnes was the Good Samaritan who stopped on I-94 to help an accident victim, only to become a victim himself.

“Typical Keith. Anytime anyone needs help he’s going to help them he’s going to figure out what’s wrong and what it is he can do to make it better, ” said Copeland.

Barnes was trying to do just that when he was hit.

His neck was broken in two places, his shoulder and both legs were also broken. Doctors had to amputate his left leg below the calf.

“Real fun loving guy, real entertaining guy to talk to, a family man,” said co-worker Damen Johnson. “It’s really sad when stuff like this happens.”

Now, these barbers hope people reach out to help the man who risked his life to help others.

They’re collecting donations at the barber shop to help Barnes continue to take care of his family.

“He got six kids: Three girls and three boys, one set of twins,” Johnson said.

These guys say Barnes is a friend to a lot of people, known for his large smile and quick wit. They are hoping for a speedy recovery so this band of brothers can be whole again.

Eugene Farrell was arrested at the scene of the crash for DWI and booked into the Ramsey County jail.

A fund has been set up to help Keith Barnes and his family. You can donate to the “Community fund for Keith Barnes” at any TCF Bank branch.

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  • Michelle--long time friend

    Praying for you Keith! Luv you!


    • mary

      What a great friend you have! I will be making a donation today.

  • mr obvious

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you keith.

  • Bob

    Wow a nice guy trying to do a nice thing for someone, may he live long, healthy and prosper.

  • Kevin


  • Sue

    Amazing man. I hope he makes a full recovery. I’m going to make a donation today to help his family.

  • Andrea Lockhart

    The Coney family in (Chicago and Minnesota) is praying for you Keith.

  • Miquel

    You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Keep on fighting and being the strong person that I know you are so you can pull through this. Love you my friend!

  • shanda

    We all love u very much!

  • RED

    Praying for you Keith! Hang in there BRO !!!! god is with you

  • Sherrond

    Praying for you bro all the way from the chi-town

    • TaMerial L Ramsey

      Thanks Sherrond. Every prayer that goes up will bring a blessing down. He will make it thorugh this! Love you much!

  • Keshia


  • Barts Mom

    Strength and faith to you and your family! Glad to help a true angel this way!!!! Get well soon~:0)

  • Shanda

    He is 37yrs and no it was not his friend who caused crash. Was a stranger. May god bless you

  • Jessica & Jessalin

    Daddy we are praying for you! We love you very much!! You are the BEST Daddy!

  • Shawn

    Keith, Im praying for you and your family. I know things will be hard but please stay strong, get well and God bless you..

  • Antoinette

    Keith I no you’re gonna pull thru this god just isn’t ready for you. Stay strong like I no you are we’re here for you and your family much luv.

    Antoinette @ Corey,

  • TaMerial L Ramsey

    Keith my friend you will make it back, and you will make it back with my help, I was there on my knees with you keeping you breathing and I will be there with you when your eyes open to help in every way I can. You have always had my support and always will. Your presence is powerful, and thats why you are still here fighting through this babe. Only a short time before you embark upon this new chapter my friend. One day at a time, you will make it through this. Love you much !

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