Post Office Preps For Busiest Day Of The Year

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Anyone wanting to stop by the post office to mail a package or letter Tuesday will want to plan a little extra time.  It is the U.S. Post Office’s busiest day of the year, according to the Postmaster in St. Paul.

Post Office officials said if you want to guarantee your letters will get delivered by Christmas, you’ll need to get them in the mail by Wednesday.

Between 5-7 million pieces of mail are expected to be shipped each day in the Twin Cities between Tuesday and Christmas Day.

  • ipmutt

    Perhaps the most mail, but not really the bussiest day. Maybe longer lines. These guys do not really move any faster or work any longer

    • san

      My husband works for the post office — I can tell you it is the busiest time of the year…this week is by far super busy.

  • the lover

    Oh, that’s right you hater workers especially government workers. Spread the hate…that only makes us stronger.

  • It's just typical

    Folks like ipmutt who make these kinds of comments don’t know any better. Their heads are full of stereotypes they picked up who knows where.

    When the topic comes up, they just regurgitate whatever’s been stuck in there.

    You don’t have to be bright to do it, but it sure helps if you’re not. It most certainly doesn’t require any critical thinking.

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