EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Vikings need to win their final two games to avoid the worst record in the franchise’s 51-year history.

Whatever happens, coaches and players know that many jobs are on the line as the Vikings (2-12) limp toward the end of the season.

There is turnover every year in the NFL, but the rate increases exponentially on a team that is going through the kind of season the Vikings are experiencing right now. They have lost six games in a row, each one seemingly more painful than the next, including last weekend’s 42-20 embarrassment at home against New Orleans.

After fighting so admirably for most of the season despite having little to show for it, Minnesota finally appeared to hit a wall.

“At some point you just have to say, ‘what the heck’ we’re 2-12, what do we have to lose?'” defensive end Jared Allen said after the game. “Try to make every play. A lot of people are probably going to get fired at this point anyways.”

Coach Leslie Frazier is widely believed to be safe after a long first season on the job. The Wilf family has a lot of respect for Frazier and likely wouldn’t be too pleased with paying three head coaches next year since Brad Childress is still on the payroll for another two years.

But if the Vikings are completely outclassed in the final two games — at Washington and home against Chicago — all bets are off.

Frazier said the team can’t afford to think about what’s going to happen after the season. They clearly need to put all their attention on this weekend’s game to have a chance of winning.

“I’m really optimistic about the future, as difficult and as crazy as that may sound,” Frazier said. “I think I have a good idea of what we need to do to not be in this situation in the future. So no, I’m not concerned about 2012 at this point.”

The coaches aren’t the only people under the gun as the season draws to a close. Roster spots are on the line as well.

“There’s a lot at stake,” linebacker Erin Henderson said. “They’re watching closely right now to see who’s still fighting, who’s still coming out here trying to give their best and give it their all, and look to see who they can build this team with next year and continue to move forward with.”

That includes quarterback.

The Vikings drafted Christian Ponder with the 12th pick in the first round and he had a promising start when he took over for Donovan McNabb in Week 7. But Ponder has regressed the last three weeks, and with the Vikings likely picking very high next April, a strong finish would help Ponder solidify his spot as the team’s quarterback heading into next year.

“With Christian, like so many young quarterbacks, you don’t want to base your judgment on one or two games,” Frazier said. “Give him a chance to have an offseason to get with our coaches in OTAs that are going to help him. I think it’s a little bit too early to panic about Christian.”

After not getting an offseason to prepare because of the lockout, Ponder said this one will give him a chance to catch his breath, examine his game and get on the same page with his coaches and receivers.

“Last summer I had the playbook but didn’t really know how things are run,” Ponder said. “Now being through a full season, there will be a lot of time to spend on the small details and working all the time at getting better at the things I need to get better at.”

Ponder said he played too conservatively last week, trying “to play not to lose” rather than going for the win.

Allen thinks the rookie wasn’t alone.

“What are you going to lose? Go out, make plays and try to put your best effort out there and win games,” Allen said. “Sometimes we get in a back-pedal mode and just try to maintain so we don’t get beat too bad.”

Notes: CB Asher Allen and LG Steve Hutchinson did not practice on Wednesday after getting concussions in the game against the Saints. Frazier said both would be evaluated throughout the week before determining if they will be available against the Redskins. … Frazier said he talked with CB Cedric Griffin, who was benched last week, and anticipated that he would be back on the field this week.

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Comments (36)
  1. orange says:

    The best move they could make, besides the one to LA, is to fire Zygi!

    1. yellow says:

      I’ll drink to that!!!!!

    2. brittany says:

      you cant fire the owner of the team. so best move for you would be to go back to school.

      1. yellow w/some blue says:

        Awwww, say it ain’t so. I wanna fire the Zygster. He’s the cog in the machinery here.

        Can I please? Please, please, pretty please.

  2. Paul GJ says:

    I believe I speak for the majority of Minnesota when I say, Don’t let the door hit you in the a** on your way out (of the state)!! And the vikings DEMANDS for a new BILLION dollar stadium? Well, you can just shove all of that garbage right up zygi’s a**!!

    1. sick of people's BS says:

      Let’s take a vote and see how big your Majority is. You people always talk so big. I want to see how long it would take all you to start whining when all the revenue leaves the State. Oh that’s right we still have the Arts and theater. Those are revenue making avenues. Sigh!!!

        1. hate the system says:

          The stadium wouldn’t be for only the vikings num nuts.

          1. brittany says:

            how about you stop being an a** and talk to a woman with a bit of respect. WHEN did i state if I was for or against the stadium being here for the vikes? NEVER! so instead of called a woman a rude name why dont you get a mother that will teach you a bit of respect!

            1. MJ says:

              I’m pretty sure he was talking to Paul and his stadium comment. I doubt your smiley face offended anyone. Settle down toots

      1. Here's my vote says:

        BIG. No stadium. Period. Not even if Zippy pays for 100% of it.

        1. travis says:

          That makes no sense. Someoe pays for a billion dollar stadium and gives all the economic benefits to the region without asking anything of the region. I’m so over people who want to do nothing but destroy.

        2. MJ says:

          Seriously, even if he paid 100%? Wow, what a pathetic statement especially when money is the only issue when the stadium subject comes up.

      2. Bill says:

        “…when all the revenue leaves the State”

        No, all studies have shown that stadiums funded by public money demonstrate a net economic LOSS.

        That jobs/revenues argument is a lie told to gullible dupes by scam artists who are trying to take your money. Wise up dum-dum.

    2. travis says:

      thats americas problem… everybody thinks they speak for the majority.

  3. GET RID OF THEM ALL !!! says:


  4. Eddie says:

    Just Move leave The NAME HERE

  5. Kevin says:

    Who cares! They suck, always have, always will. They have choked since day one. Let them move to California! Have Ziggy sell his mulit million dollar condo he just bought in New York to help pay for it! You morons make me laugh….he is demanding that WE pay for HIS stadium….while HE buys a mulit million dollar condo…..If you want the stadium then place your name on the ” Im a moron who wants to pay for the rich mans stadium”….I along with most of MN opt out….

    1. Joke says:

      Kevin you’re tha most unliked person here and in real life so your opinion matters.

      1. IMA POS Kevein says:

        Even the blind monkey will get one outt of four on a multiple choice a-d choice test. For once Kevin is correct. The funny part is do you see the ticket holders saying they want to pay on average 50 bucks more to see a game. Only the cheap buggers who watch the game on tv and contribute nothing towards their pasttime.

        1. @brokeJoke says:

          In no proposal does it say ticket holders will pay on average $50 more, captain obvious if they build a new stadium ticket prices go up like they do in any sport, theatre or movie venue, It would be helpful if you people knew what you’re talking about, they’ll build it and I hope we all have to pay for it so I can listen to people cry over nickels and dimes.

          1. IMA POS Kevin says:

            All along the Vikings said that they need to increase revenue to be among the league average. That would be roughly 30million per year. If the new stadium is not any bigger than the Metrodome where in the heck do you think the money id going to come from. If you cannot do the math from what comes out of the owners statements I feel sorry for your ignorance. Ignorance has never stopped people on this board

            1. Dah says:

              Hmm they plan to charge $30 or $40 to park in a lot they’d own, do the math simpleton.

              1. IMA POS Kevin says:

                Dah as a name certainly fits for you. Downtown lots on average do not charge that much for parking. 65000 fans are not going to individually drive to the stadium. Even if they Virkings own the parking, revenue from the parking will go to pay for the upkeep and staffing and security of the parking lot. At best they could hope to net 5 million a year from parking. Thinking through things does not seem to be something the just build it crowd can do.

    2. @lifelonglaughingstockKEVIN says:

      Chit for brains he is putting 300million towards stadium also, I mean do you live under a rock, everytime you open your mouth you stick your foot in it. I’d like to dig you a hole then put your name on it.

      1. IMA POS Kevin says:

        Chit must be your brain. 300 million is chump change against the rise in value of the team and the profits.

  6. wallace says:

    people seem to be stuck on stupid with this. There is no public tax money on the table. There will not be any state taxes going toward this project. Unless you live in ramsey co… your taxes will be unaffected. The way they are propsing to raise revenue for this is strictly through voluntary means… buying lettery tickets… gaming at bars… possible downtown casino. Nobody is trying to increase your taxes to pay for a stadium.

    1. Dreamer says:

      Wanna put your money where your mouth is?

    2. Hmm says:

      Wow I’m for the stadium but you have no clue what you’re talking about Wally.

  7. hah! says:

    Leslie is a girl’s name. Just sayin

  8. HaHa- says:

    Fact, they will get their stadium and we may pay for some of it also, i’m just so glad I havn’t made a financial mess out of my life like many of you, so I can afford a few dimes and nickels in taxes for it. Life is pretty good it all started going really well when I bought a foreclosure from some zero who lost it and paid half what he did, thanks you people who helped make me seem rich by you over extending your credit.

  9. What Next? says:

    I have been fan since day one….Vikings, Twins. There are always ups and downs with any franchise. I fear it would be a bad thing if Vikings left. A void would be felt. As far as taxes, there are MANY things I don’t want my money going to and yet I pay. For those that don’t like the Vikings being here, I don’t know what to tell you. P.S. Hard to fire the OWNER!

  10. Brett says:

    This is what happens when you have an idiot owner like Zigi, who pays $5 Million for a LOSER QB who goes 1-5 thru the first six games (what was his name, I forget??) who got benched halfway thru LAST SEASON. The NFL continues to put the worst refs in the LEAGUE in vikes games, calling BS penalties, even when they have NO CHANCE on winning a game, like the Aint’s game. It’s stupid, it’s pathetic, there is NO WAY that the NFL will EVER let the vikes win a Super Bowl, not matter how well that they play. What’s the POINT in supporting an NFL franchise when the NFL, the Refs, and the stupid owners make so MANY BAD CALLS? Let them move to LA. Would be a stupid move, but maybe the NFL needs this to come to it’s senses, and stop playing STUPID GAMES. My life won’t suffer ONE BIT by having the vikes leave, they aren’t that big of a deal. Jered Allen, you had a GREAT SEASON, and you can’t beat up on a rookie QB so much.

    1. @Breet lol says:

      I wonder if any “Jared” in the world spells their name Jered? It doesn’t matter what you think donk puppet, the decision isn’t up to you and it won’t be up to any of us, so bend over and accept it.

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