Police Pursuit Ends In Fiery Crash

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police arrested a driver who was allegedly involved in a chase that ended in a fiery crash Tuesday night.

Officers said they tried to pull over a car for a traffic violation on Interstate 94 near Hennepin Ave. around 10:30 p.m.

They said the car didn’t stop and a chase continued along Interstate 35W in Minneapolis.

The suspect’s car ended up hitting another car near the Washington Avenue bridge overpass on I-35W. The suspect’s car left the road, went into a ditch and somehow caught on fire.

Police said a passenger in the suspect’s car was treated for minor injuries. The driver wasn’t hurt and was taken into custody.

No one was hurt in the other vehicle that was hit.

Officers haven’t released the names of those involved or the reason why the driver may have taken off.

  • You missing a brain

    Could not disagree with you anymore del if I tried. The only thing I concur with is the tahnk God the PD and passengers were not badly hurt. The fleeing driver – frankly, I don’t give a damn. Period.
    You choose to flee, its for a reason. At that point I hope you lose every time. We have laws for a reason and the PD to enforce the PEOPLE’s law you dumb idiot. No enforcement, no one will give a damn about anything.
    What hole do fools like you come out of anyway? Go back underground into your nasty dark world

  • Yours truly

    I’m just gonna’ take a wild @$$ guess and utter the nominal phrase – ain’t diversity grand?!

    • dw

      You have to be the most ignorant person to post comments on this site. Was it a “diversity” issue when the cop was shot in Lake City? Why don’t you get a life, you idiot

      • jackactionhero

        Not relevant, dw

  • you know its true

    ……Sounds like it was a gur-bq going on

  • Getting older by the day

    Anyone think that maybe the fire was created to destroy something, maybe like drugs or such?
    Regarding all the non-stop racial bs and comments here I think you need to maybe start doing a poll on the who-what-ifs. I am a white male and it seems to me we have way more than our share of the “white” criminals, male and female, in the past year or so than I have recall ever seeing before.
    Crime is color blind to all you dummies. Racial hate is not
    just sayin’

    • jackactionhero

      “Anyone think that maybe the fire was created to destroy something, maybe like drugs or such?”

      Of course not. That would not have been feasible during a high speed car accident.

      Do YOU think they did?

    • Obv.

      So with the cops right on their tail, they crashed then had time to start a diversion fire? Go back to your hole tree stump.

  • kixhitle

    you love this? Vestidos de noche , just clicks away

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