Occupy Hecklers Drown Out Bachmann At Iowa Diner

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — The Hamburg Inn in Iowa City has long been a popular stop for presidential candidates, but it probably won’t be high on Rep. Michele Bachmann’s list anymore.

About two dozen activists with Occupy Iowa City packed the diner before Bachmann arrived Thursday, then loudly chanted in unison as she tried to mingle with supporters. Their chant blasted the Minnesota congresswoman’s position on gay rights, health care and taxes and ended with: “You’re not wanted here. So go, just go.”

The restaurant’s manager says the campaign blared Christmas songs over a sound system to drown out the protesters. Police arrived as tensions rose, but no one was arrested.

Bachmann seemed undeterred. Before leaving, she thanked the owner, praised the food and said it was great to be in Iowa City.

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  • RonPaul2012

    who cares…she’s nothing,anyways…guess who won the Iowa caucus?…Ron Paul!!!!…so keep ignoring him lamestream media,’cause the people are onto your disinformaTION AND BIAS AGAINST HIM

    • Connect the Dots

      How did you acquire a time machine and how much are tickets?

    • Orrest

      Paul currently has 10% of the GOP vote and last time he ran for president it was a about 1% of the votes. Take your medication for your delusions and paranoia

      • Dont Tread on Me

        If it was delusional to have foresight into a war that have no legitimacy, an economy that was ready to implode, and a government that was ready to start wiping itself with the constitution, then we wouldn’t be in the place we are now. Unfortunately, all of the above happened. Paranoia is only evident when concerns never materialize. Obama and the rest of the GOP had no foresight, in fact they welcomed the consequences with open arms. Enjoy your wool because it will be a cold winter.

      • E

        What is the national debt 15trillion now

        • O

          Why yes it is. That still does not change the fact that Ron Paul national rankings have changed little, his favorability ratings have not changed and in the last national election almost nobofy voted for him. With the scrtiny of his isdea his numbers would drop like a rock. Why would they drop? Unaceivable tax cuts. Under any of his proposals seniors woould lose, thus losing their votes. When the newsletter bearing his name resurfacees as the rascist rag it was, it will sink him further

          • AKA

            Citizen? Come out come out where ever you are.

          • Crazy Joe

            You vote for who you want in office not who is popular, what a bunch of dumb sheep, I am voting for RP no matter what the polls say.

          • hideousagenda

            O,Paul is gaining huge momentum,and therest of your post is out right BS

    • insignificant

      you meant the polls,eh?…

  • G Dog

    How dare they exercise their 1st Amendment right to free speech!!!! Where were Bachman’s thugs to kick them out?

    • Kevin

      Oh G Diggity Dog…where are they when you need those stinky little occupy no jobers? They could protest Obamis failed policies….or the 8% approval of the Senate…but instead they go after a Conservative woman….big stinky sacks they have…why dont they stop by my house and I will pay them to clean my toilets….as long as they dont use them…I am so sick of this liberal bs…if the Tea Baggers did the same to Obami there would be racist comments! Yet no sexists comments….interesting glitter throwers you liberals…

      • Me

        Kevin? Kevin? Isn’t that the name of the looney bird in Up?

      • sethf

        lol you are such a tool kevin, keep believing what corporate owned, mainstream media says about everything, knowing it’s completely slanted to protect the rich that run big media corps…live your life completely ignorant to the truth, you might as well, because from your grasp of the English language, it’s quite easy to see that you have a moron level IQ…any middle or lower class citizen that thinks republicans care about them are beyond idiotic! they think about themselves and the corporations/unions that fund their elections and get them in office!

        • Kevin

          What? Wow…I need more Jamison….

          • ima

            torturinting yourself after your “castration by watching videos?

    • Yes!!

      Those hecklers were naughty.

      • Mr. Michele Bachmann (Marcus)

        Yes, bad protesters! I will now pray away their right to free speech.

  • The Crux of the Buscuit

    Too bad for her. She deserves it.

  • Tc Kelly

    This woman is so scary! The things that come out of her mouth are just horrid. Do us all a favor Bachmann, Stick your head in the toilet and flush!

  • Bill

    Of course they want to censor her ideas.

    They can’t refute them in a logical discussion so the next best thing is to try to shut her up.

    Liberals are the worst.

    • Dave

      Nobody can refute Bachmann’s ideas logically. Logic is lost on her.

    • max

      Get serious. There is no logic to much of the nonsense she spews/

    • alan

      Well, I certainly wouldn’t engage her in a battle of wits. I won’t fight an unarmed woman.

  • Stephany Hoffelt

    As a member of the Occupy Iowa City group involved, I would like to clear up an misunderstanding about the management of the Hamburg Inn. Their comment on our Facebook page reads as follows: “The music was set up by the Bachmann crew. We asked them to turn it off completely before she came. It was turned back on after she arrived. We asked them to turn it off again and they actually refused. They refused until we had the police step in.”

    It is a shame that you chose to piggyback a poorly researched AP article rather than do your own legwork.

    • Balanced Beam

      If only there was some way to drown out Stephany’s post to demonstrate the absurdity of her behavior and that of the attention-for-attention’s-sake “movement” to which she belongs. Somewhere along the way, they confused “free speech” with “stopping anyone’s speech if I disagree with it.”

      The whole group is like a Jeff Gillooly when it comes to reasoned argument. If nobody else can skate . . . I mean speak . . . we just might win. About as small as it gets.

      By the way, I do NOT like Bachmann.

    • yesterdays news

      Wow Steph, Occupy Iowa City. Your’e big time now.

  • d dog

    Her hate speeches drowned out? Must be Karma. See the hate that happens when a woman marries a gay man?

    • Phid

      Hate speech? Who were the ones yelling and screaming and trying to bully their point of view on another person?

      • Floater

        Cry me a river, Phid. She had it coming and you know it. You can’t bully a bully.

  • Kevin

    Why do strong women scare so many????? Being a strong conservative woman is what we need in this country…unless you enjoy your EBT and Free eveything…I love paying for everyones kids…..why should their parents be responsible when we will all pay for them….

    • Keveinete

      I raised my child. I paid for my child. I paid the private school tuition, while I ‘gave’ my tax money to the state to educate ‘your child’. I am college educated with a degree. I had a job. I had a house. I paid my taxes. I was a productive member of society. I also lost my job when the economy tanked. I also sent out 150 resumes a week for jobs that were not there. I went on food stamps. Yes, you ‘the tax payer’ paid for my child so she would not go hungry. Do I feel guilty? NO! Am I ashamed? NO! Get off your high horse.

      • OMB

        No shame going on food stamps. We need shame to help save this country. Keveinete you are part of the problem.

      • OMB

        No shame going on food stamps. We need shame to help save this country. Keveinete you are part of the problem.

      • Kevin

        OMG! your so full of sh*……you are such an EBT bit*h….

        • ima pos

          We will read about some dockwaad named shooting himself when he loses a job and discovers reality

        • Keveinete

          Your right. My 14 year career at Lund Food Holdings earning a descent living makes me a B****. My contributions to society makes me a B****. My child’s excellent education makes me a b****. My contribution to the American Cancer Society, and other charitable organizations makes me a B****. Sustaing my house payment makes me a b****. I have never been arrested nor have I created ‘any problems’. I have never had a run in with the law. I was and am a straight ‘A’ student, both in college and my post-career training. Yes, my dear I am a b****. Until you realize what being an American means don’t criticize others.

          • sick of people's BS

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Keveinete. Now calm down you will give yourself a stroke. Breath

          • ignore all that.

            Ah, ignore Kev. Everyone else does. He won’t be happy until the streets of America resemble the streets of Somalia. He won’t be happy until you and your daughter hit the news dead of starvation. Kev won’t be happy until all republicans hold us hostage and grandma is told she must die now. You’re doing just great Keveinete. I wish you much luck with your future so you can look back and say you got through it.

      • Ima POS kevin

        @ ms kevin. A little history on mr kevin. He does not have children as he chopped it off when he was a liberal.

    • nightbarowl

      kevin,try brainless conservative woman…THAT is scary

  • Deep Thinker

    She looks like Nancy Pelosi in this picture, maybe they are related?

  • Murph

    Can’t wait until all these greedy GOP politicians get laid off in 2012! They’ll look kinda goofy spending their food stamps at Lund’s and Byerly’s in the high rent districts! I can hear them now,..”You know what?,I used to be a contender until I took the Norquist pledge and blew my career as a sneaky politician!” I get tired of telling lies to myself because nobody will put me on TV anymore.It’s just so humiliating not being able to steal from the poor to give to the very,very rich! I feel so smal now,just like I felt in the shower room after gym class as a kid!

  • Phid

    Tolerance, compassion, allowing someone the right to be heard…do these words describe the left at all? Actions speak louder than words, and the Occupiers’ actions here are deafening.

    • Steve

      @Phid. I started to write a post that agreed with you, but a bunch of Occupy protesters just burst into my office and . . . wait . . . get away from my keyboard . . .frg’pm6ogkrjyyeybt…………………

  • Crazy Joe

    Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year. Whoever you all vote for vote with your heart not what the polls say.

    • insignificant

      …and vote with some research,eh?…take some time to look at the candidates debates(youtube) and see how they voted in congresds,and who pads their campaign pockets(follow the money)

  • Sorry About It

    The people we’ve elected can’t be trusted. The justice system seems to be corrupt. Our own people have sold out to other countries. Time for a huge natural disaster & thin the herd. We can’t fix it ourselves because we’re all part of the problem. If you want you may call it what ever you want (sin maybe?) but it’s ingrained in man kind.
    Sorry about it……

  • oh her god

    You know it was Satan trying to bring her down so we don’t become a fundamentalist theocracy. Go Michele!

  • The Crux of the Buscuit

    It is interesting to hear the conservatives complain about Bachmann being yelled down by the crowd. I seem to remember quite clearly conservatives doing the exact same thing during the last cycles ‘town hall meetings’, not letting ANY candidate they didn’t approve of get any speaking time. I can see them stiing in their chars, watching their tv’s stamping their feet and waving their hands crying, ‘it’s not fair, it’s not fair’. Poor little cry babies……

  • RR Guy

    So much for HER right to free speech. Pathetic. This is part of a dictatorial mindset. Freedom and tolerance are a one-way street – cross the line or disagree and you’ll be hassled, heckled and harassed.

    Narcissistic Morons.

  • Murph

    GOP are all weasels! Once upon a time a huge forest fire flared up and all the animals started running. Making it to the shore of the lake.The rabbit saw that a weasel had gotten there first.The weasel turned and beseached the rabbit in a friendly voice.Please rabbit let me ride on your back when you swim out to the island and safety.The rabbit took a lot of such persuading but finally relented after the weasel promised again and again it would be his BFF.Halfway out to the island the weasel viciously attack him and tore a geyser of a hole in the rabbits throat.The rabbit could only weakly say ‘why,why,would you do this?”Now we will both surely drown here in the water”! ” Huh,said the weasel, you fool,.it’s in my nature!”.The moral of the story is this!What do you REALLY think the GOP is going to do for you 99 percenters! Merry Christmas and to all a goodnight! Sleep on it!

    • Dem Nuts

      Are you sure you got your story right? The rabbit was the one to ask the weasel for a ride, and then another rabbit, and another rabbit, and another rabbit, and another rabbit….etc until half way out to the island, the weasel could no longer support the load and they all drowned.

      @Murph…simply tired of jerks who spit bs (GOP are all weasels!) There are good people in both the Democratic and Republican parties. You however are plain and simple a proverbial a$$!

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