HUGO, Minn. (WCCO) — The State Patrol identified the pedestrian who was struck and killed by two different vehicles on Interstate 35E Wednesday night.

The State Patrol said the collision occurred near I-35E and Tart Lake Road shortly after 6 p.m.

Forty-six-year-old Tushar Gupta was standing behind a stalled vehicle, when he “for an unknown reason” jumped in front of the first vehicle, the Patrol said.

A second vehicle behind the first also struck Gupta, who was already down in the roadway.

Gupta was pronounced dead at the scene. Neither of the drivers were injured.

Southbound I-35E was closed for a while, but has been reopened.

Comments (5)
  1. mom g says:

    seriously kevin. i agree with you that we need to shut down immirgration and keep jobs for real americans…but i have to tell you that we read your stuff at work and we all laugh our butts off. thanks for bringing a real view to wcco. you are way funny. some get you. most never will.

    1. @mom g aka Kevin says:

      Nice comment written by Kevin acting as if he’s mom g, no one thinks he’s funny or cares about him anywhere.

  2. Tushar's friend says:

    I’ve known Tushar for many years and consider him a friend.

    I do not believe he ‘jumped’ into traffic. Not for one minute.

  3. Concerned Friend says:

    I have known Tushar for many years and he will be greatly missed. It was heart breaking to hear that such a caring person met such a terrible fate.

    After reading this article I was sick to my stomach that CBS have trivialized his accident. I excepted more from a respected media source. I have known Tushar to be a good friend, father, husband and member of our community.

    I suggest that CBS ensure that they have all their facts straight before disrespectfully publishing statements saying that he “jumped in front of the truck.”

  4. Family friend says:

    I know Tushar and his family since long and He was a fighter and not the coward who will commit suicide,so please before commenting negative about him,one should know the truth.

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