MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minneapolis looks to grow safer for the sixth year in a row, authorities say.

Minneapolis police report that violent crime numbers look as though they will come in flat or decreased in comparison with those of 2010. The final numbers will be ready in the middle of January.

As of now, the number of homicides in the city is down more than 12 percent over that of 2010 and 29 percent over that of 2006, police report.

This year Minneapolis saw a 5 percent decrease in violent crime compared to last year. While police say that those statistics doesn’t do much to make the victims of crime feel better, they do say that those who live in and visit Minneapolis should have reason to feel safe.

Minneapolis police say their use of community and business partnerships, innovative strategies and new technologies, such as live monitored cameras, helped to minimize violent crime and solve issues within communities. They cited south Minneapolis’ Peavey Park as an example of how those strategies and relationships helped deter crime in the park, making it once again functional for its intended use.

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  1. just sayin says:

    Minneapolis as a whole, violent crime – most of it is the north. Ghetto trashy area. What a dump

    1. ez says:

      Oh my God, what a paranoid racist. Noting like what you describe happens in Minneapolis, north or south.

  2. TheDFL says:

    It is too late. In accordance with the Johannesburg Summit, the implementation of Agenda21 is well under way. There is nothing you can do about it. You will all become a members of the collective.

    Behold!! The New World Order is upon us!!

  3. Billy says:

    Living in Minneapolice is like living in prison, and its only getting worse
    I sure am glad I don’t live in the cities.

    Most Kids now-days just don’t seem to care about anything.

    1. It depends says:

      I could see someone thinking that living in da Cities is like living in prison. That is if they’re kind of a skardy-kat rubinsky.

      What with all them tall buildings, all those bright lights, all that traffic, them sassy kids lippin’ off and what not. What’s a feller to do?

      1. Minneapolis stinks says:

        You are assuming that everyone should love to live in the cesspool of humanity that is Minneapolis? It isn’t fear you twit. It’s disgust and contempt.

  4. Murph says:

    Gee with safety like that,I might be convinced to leave the fresh unpolluted air,wildlife and great fishing out here in the woods.Then again,once the politicians get done with their do nothing agenda.There will be rioting in the streets.The closest thing to a riot here, is when the crows spot an owl to screech at! Scary! BTW,those Canadien snowy owls fight back and the crows are finding that out the hard way! Kinda like the squacking ,screeching GOP will discover in 2012!

  5. Been there says:

    I also work in N Mpls and I dont see a war zone, and I have been in a “war zone” have you Kevin.

  6. TL the alligator says:

    wow….where is Stanek?, i thought for sure he’d be pokin his nose into this and trying to take the credit…..or maybe hes learned to just keep his stupid trap shut and quit trying to be the self promoting fool he has been in the past……then again maybe not….time will tell

  7. JS says:

    It just goes to show you how smart people are. How quickly they learn that the neighborhood they used to feel safe hanging around in is one we should now avoid. And lo, crime is reduced. A miracle. And behold, we no longer go to the park; and what do you know, there is less crime in the park. Go figure.

  8. it's just them says:

    This is simply more evidence that a certain segment of the population remains trapped in a subculture that glorifies crime and violence, all based upon a sense of self-entitlement and the idea that the past gives them permanent victim status.
    Tragically, these vermin are now leaving the cities for the rural areas, and even our small towns are suffering from their evil presence. Will they ever pull their heads out?

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