Police: Several Fights At MOA, 9 Arrested

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) — Police arrested nine people at the Mall of America Monday, the day after Christmas, after multiple fights broke out, authorities said.

Mall of America officials released a statement saying that around 4:20 p.m. 50 juveniles caused a large disturbance in the north food court.

Witnesses said the fights started after there were reports that rappers Lil’ Wayne and Drake were visiting the Mall. Police, however, did not comment on these rumors.

Cmdr. Mark Stehlik of Bloomington police said in a press conference that 30 officers responded to the fight and arrested five people (both adults and juveniles) for disorderly conduct.

Mall of America security arrested four other people for disorderly conduct as well, Mall officials said.

Police said as many as 200 were involved the fights. A YouTube video, which contains profanity, shows a fight break out and rage before a police officer interrupts it. The fight occurs at roughly 50 seconds in.

As the fights were popping up, the Mall of America inadvertently called for a lock down. But the lock down was called off minutes later, Mall officials said.

There were no reports of serious injuries, Mall official said.

Although the Mall kept its normal hours, some stores within the Mall closed early.

Some witnesses reported being evacuated from the Mall; but police said that shoppers were escorted toward the east exit to make room for the investigation.

According to Stehlik, no weapons were recovered, and there are no reports of burglary. However, there is YouTube video of chairs being thrown.

Video captured police officers walking with their guns drawn; but police said this was in response to rumors of gun shots having been fired.

“It is very unfortunate to see these incidents occurring, especially during the holiday shopping season when families are out spending time together,” Mall officials wrote in a statement.


One Comment

  1. speedstan says:

    What, and spoil their street cred?

  2. Spanky says:

    Obama has indeed endorsed the concept of the “99% vs 1%.”

    That is a tacit approval for mob action against mainstream America.

    1. Murph says:

      Spanky,it might make sense to you,BUT please do try to phrase it in REAL terms! Thanks,I will help you if you just ask!

    2. Rita Ippolito says:

      Yup… class warefare coming from Mr. Hope and Change…

      What Oblunder fails to say is that the top 10% wealthiest Americans pay 70 PERCENT of all the taxes and guess what, the bottom 47% pay NO income taxes…

      NEWSFLASH : we don’t have a revenue problem we have a SPENDING PROBLEM

    3. Brett says:

      Agreed. Will this post get flagged, TOO??

  3. Spanky says:

    Per the 2010 US Census, 5.2% of the people in MN are black.


    85.3% white
    4.0% asian
    4.7% hispanic

    1. dm says:

      Agreed and they commit 57% of violant crime.. Anything wrong with this picture?

      1. Buttchop says:

        Yes. That number sounds a little low to me.

    2. Kevin says:

      Your full of bs and a moron! I just read that nearly 1 millinon immigrants have move to the twin cities the past two years…..drink the kool aid …moron

    3. Antwan Deshuan Keyshawn says:

      that’s about 5.199999% too many

    4. Justin Case says:

      They cause 90% of the problems

    5. Nazi Pelosi says:

      And that 5.2% commits 85.3% of all the crime ! And costs taxpayers 85% of thier taxes in welfare, Housing, prison and crime related incidents. If you took all the blacks out of the U.S. you could have a balanced budget and a country where people could live without fear.

    6. The truth says:

      5.2 % black. 99% of the problem at the mall in this situation. Sorry if you are offended or dont like it but that is reality and the truth.

    7. pthesmith says:

      Spanky, the folks on this thread are clearly not interested in facts. They prefer to cling to their ideology and unsubstantiated beliefs.

  4. Beau says:

    Barry and his gang have destroyed this country.

  5. Joe_E_in_the_IE says:

    But don’t blame the genre. Violence always breaks out at choir competitions and barbershop quartet conventions, too.

    Doesn’t it?

    1. Benn says:

      When a choir group came to town a few weeks ago, we were all concerned of the violence they usually bring !

      1. Anthony says:

        I always packed heat when I sang in the choir.

    2. Tony says:

      Heheh :p This is awesome.

  6. daveinthed says:

    Thank you, Tyrone, for speaking TRUTH.

  7. James says:

    Mall of America. Soon to be a dead mall, just like the rest of the malls scattered about the US.

    1. azmiike60 says:

      Yeah looking at the video it’s real clear that the blonde haired, blue eyes are rioting all over the country.

    2. Robert Oculus III says:

      @Perry ThePlatypus: The fact that you can’t handle the truth doesn’t make it any less true.

    3. lukuj says:

      Being poor doesn’t mean you have to be violent, aggressive, without morals, standards, and manners. There are plenty of people who are poor and still know how to behave like civil human beings – but they aren’t taught that they are oppressed and treated as though they are incapable of self-control.

      1. Tim T. Sr. says:

        A Great Comment but you forgot one thing, at the expense of Whit Working Class Americans..

        1. REPLIEDTOADUMMY says:


          1. Thomas Berry says:

            well its called systematic maybe you should of studied a little bit more inside of your civic’s and history class.. free labor is what this country was built on and why your ancestor’s were able to keep their culture and identity at the expense of mines it set us back..really simple math but i guess you hardworking people are better blogger’s than thinkers.. for the record the latino woman was this year the past few years it actually have been caucasians doing the donkey!!! also the ghetto mall is another funny quote.. the mall of america yeah hood invaded..lol.. people in minnesota don’t even know what a hood is man… or maybe ya’ll talking about your klan hood idk you tell me!! lol

            1. mumbo jumbo says:

              Try that again Thomas Berry. This time in English.

              1. Thomas Berry says:

                obviously it was since you racist rednecks don’t speak no other language! or do you need me to speak the queens english?

                1. yes, speak english says:

                  That would be much better than the eubonic gibberish you spout to impress your fellow thugs.

            2. liberalsarefunny says:

              Are you twelve years old?

        2. the Virginian says:

          re Walmart pepper spray on black friday…it was a BROWN hispanic woman…NOT a whie person!!

      2. mel says:

        yeah, but they are white and living out in the middle of rural America.

      3. lukuj says:

        We are atalking about the LIBERAL definition of poor, which means you don’t have everything your heart desires without having to work hard enough or save enough to pay for it.

    4. Anna Keel says:

      That is why they are wasting all their money on new additions… riiight

    5. texana says:

      Yes, George Washington Carver invented over 100 uses for the peanut. See, Black History Month.

    6. Breassia says:

      Hope it was sarcastic!

    7. Gordon Campbell says:

      No he’s not.He’s observant.

    8. Ar Amytas says:

      hahahahahha.. Fu hahhahahah that’s hilarious!!

    9. smallybiggz says:

      Somebody must have disrespected them!

    10. Cynthia Olson says:

      don’t even go there.

      1. dr3yec says:

        why because it is true ?

      2. ablecynic says:

        Don’t like the truth Cynthia?

        1. karen says:

          Tim–you’re aware that you’re making absolutely no sense, right?

    11. abobinmn says:

      Race baiter

    12. Mark says:

      Just because you are a racist doesn’t mean you are wrong..

    13. ex-infantry says:

      Nips in the wire, not zips.

      1. Bunny says:

        No, it was zips. As in Zipperheads. It’s a quote from Platoon.

    14. KKK says:

      That took intelligence.

    15. WhizdBiz2 says:

      Several in the Columbus, Ohio area… dead because of roving gangs of inner city thugs.

    16. Corey says:

      Agreed, we need to get rid of section 8.

      Section 8, allows ghetto thugs to get free rent at places where the middle class who do not want to deal with the theft and violence that comes with sending the hood rats into middle class suburbs.

      Thank a liberal when you get a chance, this is just their policies coming to fruition.

    17. Jim Dea says:

      Oh, but unemployment is way down last quarter! NOT! These stats served up to the public by the media (that unemployment is .09%) may as well be printed in the comics section because they have about as much in common with FACTS.

  8. 500 Brains says:

    You should have seen my local gun shop this past week. I walked out because it was so busy. Couldn’t even get to the counter.

    If Soetoro gets a second term AND attempts gun confiscation, it will kick off the revolution. But I don’t think they’re that stupid and will just add massive fees and taxes and make sure everyone is on some kind of disqualification list. Served in the military in Iraq? Bam. Too unstable, no gun for you or any family member.

    1. Murph says:

      Recent census says 77 % of recent firearm customers checked Democrat on political preference poll.Of that 47.6% bought automatic weapons of which 88% of the weapons were of .30 caliber or more!Seems like there is something brewing,don’t it!

      1. threechoices says:

        To quote the illustrious Kevin Nash:

        “Don’t sing it…bring it”.

      2. sekeller1 says:

        Where did you get those stats and what are you implying?

      3. sekeller1 says:

        A lot of Democrats register as such for local elections but lean conservative and vote Republican in national elections.

        1. sekeller1 says:

          “Murph” these comments and questions were meant for you.

      4. Spanky says:

        Murph, there must be something wrong with my browser. I keep clicking on the link you supplied in support of your statement and nothing happens.

  9. Jason says:

    @ lars check, check and check.

  10. Peter says:

    OMG YOU MORONS HE’s JOKING! I am so ashamed to be Minnesotan….. Not only classless but completely devoid of the ability to recognize a joke.

  11. James Alan says:

    Easy…vote Oblamer out next November.

  12. Bogan says:

    Bogen, u know they’re all right racist or not!

  13. Dave Seavy says:

    I believe RAP is nothing more than idiots trying to appear intelligent; they fail miserably. As far is it being the blame for behavior, I disagree. When the government started putting parents in jail and putting their kids into foster care after the parents disciplined the kids, things fell a part. We need to get back to parents being in charge – regardless if one parent is missing. But then, some adults are no better. Respect and common sense have gone out the window in favor of “just do it.”

    1. ??????? says:

      I have no idea what you just said.

    2. Pauli Gela says:

      Just do it ,in Air Jordan’s you rob from the store!

    3. RLABruce says:

      Spoken by one who was never taught discipline. You think a spanking is abuse? Poor widdle baby!

      1. jackactionhero says:

        You think I was never taught discipline because I don’t believe in beating my kids into submission? That is an interesting perspective.

        Do you hit YOUR kids?

        1. RLABruce says:

          I beat them senseless until they submit. Like I would likely do to you if I met you

    4. pocketpal says:

      Exactly. You hit the nail squarely my friend.

  14. mahone Dunbar says:

    Robert, what is amazing is that you said “racism” “are”, instead of “racism is.” The verb has to agreement in number with the subject (racism) not the direct object (comments). Take a little time before you shoot off your mouth. And by the way, I’ll bet you can not define racism correctly.

  15. neednewpresident says:

    Bergenfruiter………..I hope you are a woman; otherwise you might want to see a doctor for a testosterone prescription.

  16. Dave says:

    …And they wonder why people are racist!

    1. Heywood Jablome says:

      You f’n nailed it Pauli!! That’s the most accurate statement I’ve ever heard.

  17. Ron says:

    Somebody has to have the guts to say it. Let er’ rip, DS.

    1. Brett says:

      Yep, we see it every single day…..

  18. Murph says:

    Chlamidia Jane,come back with more info! You could be the gal of my dreams! Although from a distance!

    1. Murph says:

      Murph 2,again you have usurped my control and patience,however I have dealt with your kind before! Try ,please,to be more specific and less worldly in your hatreds.For as you know when an Irishman is down and drunk,and you kick him,he will know you by your limp in the morning! There is but one enemy of the U.S. and it’s handle is GOP! If you do not expound that,…son, you just ain’t me! Sorry to steal your fire, but the truth wins ..and the victor grins!

  19. neednewpresident says:

    Don’t quit your day job there genius

    1. Terrell Perry says:

      Gosh, I’m impressed. How could you possibly know that my IQ is over 140? But, I really do not understand why you think I would quit my day job. My job pays over $200K per year. I probably will retire at about 37 when my net worth is about 1O mil. But I do have a few concerns about you. Now that you have decided that we are friends, we can give each other advice. Your posts leave me somewhat concerned about your intelligence, thus you may not be able meet the expectations of your job at McDonalds. So the advice: Don’t worry; there is always unemployment, food stamps and welfare for those in your category. With warmest regards.

      1. condopaidfor says:

        You make over $200k…..So let’s say it’s $300k….and let’s assume you are 25. If you make 300k for 12 years(to retire at 37), that would be $3.6 million assuming you don’t pay taxes and don’t spend a dime. Please give me the contact info of your money manager so I can achieve the given 30% per year. Also please include your accountant that avoids you paying taxes. Also, please share how you supply your own food and shelter without paying for it. Thanks.

        1. Terrell Perry says:

          You are making assumptions without any evidence. This is usually the case of those on the wrong side of the Bell Curve. I did not say my 10 million will be the result of investing my income. There are many other ways to obtain wealth, for example: oil on my ranch, which incidentally would supply all the food and shelter that I need, inheritance, royalty from inventions and books, and my business which is separate from my job. Really, you should think and analyze before making a fool of yourself – but then again, maybe you can’t.

          1. jackactionhero says:

            My BS-o-meter is pegging at about a 9.6, Terrell…

            1. Terrell Perry says:

              Really, you should think and analyze before making a fool of yourself – but then again, maybe you can’t.

              1. jackactionhero says:

                I’m not the one trying to sound rich and successful, Terrell, so how exactly am I making a fool of myself? Please be specific. Thanks.

                1. Terrell Perry says:

                  You are making assumptions without evidence.

                2. Kingfish says:

                  Selling drugs is Terrell’s profession, he will live to the age of 46 when all the other hip hoppers cashed in.

          2. MIkey says:

            LOL. You forgot to mention your supermodel wife and that you haven’t eaten a carb in 6 years….

      2. toothball says:

        I make 4 million a day and will retire at the age of 23 when i buy the moon…

  20. Dave says:

    Do you have to live up to every stereotype?

  21. Dave says:

    What would you expect from a state who elects imbeciles like Jesse Ventura and Al Franken.

    1. brassavola01 says:

      Lolz, you sound liek a real PUTZ…and it rhymes….

  22. Ron says:

    Would you like to solve?

  23. Brett says:

    Must be a product of the inner-city Minneanapolis School District System….
    Let the Bush-hatin’, self-denyin’ blame-pushin’ crowd continue their ways, and their own self-demise…

  24. A prophecy says:

    Many Americans view ghetto trash as simply animals, and when people consider gangstas animals, we shortly will be treating them as animals.

    1. RLABruce says:

      What part of this incident is NOT animal behavior?

    2. azmiike60 says:

      Hopefully this will happen sooner than later.

  25. Smithster says:

    My roommate just got home from MOA a few minutes ago. I looked up the story to see what mainstream media companies are saying…

    Rumors of pop-rappers? Not a chance!

    According to the report most of the perpetrators were black. What’s sad is that my roommate who happens to be innocent, black and fashionable was not allowed into stores where certain white people were avoiding violence based on the color of her skin.

    From what I can gather it was a gang related incident/retaliation which involved at least one death at an earlier date. These are people seeking justice in an unsafe and short-sighted way.

    Rumors of pop-rappers visiting causing fights? Those pop icons have hollow power, used to forward deep social agendas. Watch out! Use your brain! Talk to your neighbors, get to know them and let them know you! Don’t become one of the crazys!

    1. Fu Manchu says:

      It is not about the “color of their skin”. It is about culture. And there are some very real differences in culture and their propensity for violence, whether you choose to admit it or not.

      1. blame the Light Rail Train says:

        @ Fu manchu Yes, you are correct. First off this is not a music related issue, there are plenty of positive rap artists,. This is about community, family, and cultural values. A community need to act as one in order to maintain itself. Police, teachers, and politicans should live within the community they serve/oversee, without rules being placed from outsiders over them. I see america moving toward tribal ways everyday. Its not even safe to go out into the streets without being in a group of people for protection, power in numbers. Its all relative.

      2. Angie says:

        But, a bigot doesn’t distinguish one’s culture from their skin, they see skin only. I’m black, and when I see a group of black boys, I go the other way. Even though I was saving money riding the bus to work, I went out and bought a car…so sick of the language, and fights on the back of the bus. White people do not have exclusive rights to disdain, and fear. I feel it all the time, sadly.

        1. Philip Perington says:

          A Question… when you see a large people carrying the American Flag and signs demanding liberty and truth and then cleaning up after themselves when they march do you run from them?

          1. pocketpal says:

            EXCELLENT !

          2. Angie says:

            Why would I? I believe in the same principles? You can demand all you want, if these young people have no respect for people, it doesn’t matter who you are.

        2. bigbiz2 says:

          Good for you..

        3. phillysmart says:

          Angie of course your right their are bigots out there but they skew people who have legitimate concerns about a violent self centered culture in too many african american communities (not all) and frankly the only way it stops is when responsible African americans say this is not who we are…you get it but too many don’t…look at whats happening in our cities where a pair of shoes is more important than education or food even…only black people can change the image and stereotype

        4. Cynical says:

          Well Angie,
          You said a bigot doesn’t differentiate between culture and skin color. Why then, do you admit to walking away from a group of black boys? I think you have ruined your own argument by stating the obvious.
          Blacks are disproportionately lawless, disrespectful, and foul-mouthed. They call their foul-mouthed talk, their grammatical ignorance, their loud attention seeking boastfulness, their rudeness, etc…’their culture’.
          Others of us would consider that to be not culture but the lack thereof.
          So, to go back to your initial comment about a bigot not being able to tell the difference between culture and skin color; the only people who act this way, the only people who claim to have this ‘culture’ are blacks.
          Hence, there is no difference, and one does not have to be a bigot to discern that black people are to be looked upon with suspicion until they prove themselves trustworthy.
          And lastly, the biggest group of bigots that I’ve ever run into are not whites, but blacks.

    2. Swede says:

      Why do you consider it ‘sad’? It’s her own ethnic group causing the problems. What is she doing to denounce all this black violence? What is she doing to stand up and be heard? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
      That’s what the black community does: NOTHING!!
      They are getting close to the next race riots, but when that one happens it’s going to be whites rioting on the blacks to get them to stop. There’s a reason why prison populations are over 50% black while they are only 10% of the population at large. Time they start being responsible.

    3. Logo4245 says:

      Tell your roommate to hold her head up and remember God sees all. It is unfortunate that she had to pay for the actions of others. No one sins in a vacuum – innocents are always hurt.

  26. threechoices says:

    Not a terrible rhyme. I want to make sure that I understand your intimation. Are you suggesting that a vote for any of the Republican field is a vote for chaos, violence, and greed? I just want to be sure.

    Shall we compare the OWS crowd to that of the Tea Party crowd? NO? Is it because of the direct juxtaposition that could be made based on cleanliness, lack of violence, lack of arrests, lack of filth, ability to follow instructions, and general understanding of good manners? Or, perhaps, it is because it was proven (by a left leaning news channel) that Tea Party members are actually more educated than their leftist counterparts?

    Your straw man argument was cute. Your brought up the “greed” and “class warfare” thing to move everyone away from this egregious act of violence perpetrated by black youth. Pathetic. How about you simply not comment if you are unable to defend this terrible actions? It would have saved you time and having to look like an idiot.

    And, for the record, you really should read history. That whole progressive thing only has two outcomes–neither of them pretty. Check out the 1930’s, 40’s, and 60’s.

    1. Nate P says:

      Comparing OWS and the Tea Party is a stupid stupid comparison to begin with. They are two completely different groups made up of completely different people who have entirely different goals and an entirely diferent process of obtaining those goals. The only problem here is, OWS has recognized the source of many of the problems our country faces while the Tea Party just sits around having peaceful rallies and complimenting themselves on how well behaved they are. Wow!

  27. Brett says:

    This comment deserves ‘moderation’?? WHY?? Answer: because the whiner doesn’t have enough intelligence or COMMON SENSE to respond in a LOGICAL,CIVIL, and REASONABLE MANNER. ’nuff said.

  28. mm says:

    Because we have logic, common sense and live in the real world – not a lovy-dovy world with blinders on.

    1. Terrell Perry says:

      Your sound bites: “logic, common sense, and lovey dovey” make for nice press – but these words do not answer my question. Are you a politician or just trying to talk like one?

  29. whatever says:

    that is why i will not leave a comment with wcco,because you are right if you speak the truth that take down your post.

  30. Republicrat says:

    White kids don’t listen to rap by and far.

    1. Terrell Perry says:

      That is simply not true. I do not know any white teenager that does not listen to Rap.

  31. VVVV717 says:

    The comments and this event all around is just sad. Race has nothing to do with this, this is a group of yes possibly black people engaging in disgusting behavior, but their race has nothing to do with it. There is no excuse for this kind of garbage, and even less for the attitude it is because of the color of their skin, where they were raised or anything else, Adult human beings of any kind should be disgusted by this period.

    1. Robert Oculus III says:

      Race has everything to do with it. Why can’t you just admit the truth?

    2. this guy says:

      sure race has nothing to do with it…. while every video shows nothing but a bunch of thugged out black kids…. you are in denile sir.

    3. Pauli Gela says:

      Because they are white people with shoe polish on their faces.

    4. Spanky T Smackme says:

      Absolutly correct…..Even the vids of the fights and riots accross the country show it to be the blacks in action….We need to start profiling thse that NEED to be profiled and stop paying the lazy ones to procreate.
      As to the fights and riots, it only takes 2 words to stop them…..OPEN..FIRE

    5. Ricky_O says:

      Correct! Absolutely!! Yet they cry they are disadvantaged. By their own actions.

    6. omstrat says:

      Yea , race does have a lot to do with it . The black thug culture is real whether you have the nerve to admit it or not . SORRY .You no doubt actually watch CBS and have been brainwashed into Politically Correct thinking .

    7. pocketpal says:

      Lets keep this simple :
      YOU are an IDIOT and YOU are part of the problem if you think race isn’t the problem.
      Why dont YOU just give more of your income to these people and everything will be all right then.

      1. VVV717 says:

        Robert Oculus III

        How is this event any different than the riots that take place almost every year in Vancouver when the Canucks lose. Or how about the Guns and Roses concert in Montreal in 92. Are you suggesting that because of a few people out of hundreds of thousands represent everybody of that community.

        You are just as bad as the people always point fingers and suggest everybody is racist, because they didn’t get something, just as you seem to think along those same lines that race is somehow an Excuse for what happened here.


        I agree it does have to do with culture, but that isn’t just based on race, it is the same society where a black man in New York threw himself on a white pedestrian and covered him risking his own life to stop him from being run over by a subway train. But it is also the very a homeless black woman tried to get help man critically injured while the rest of everyone else just walked on by. Those aren’t anymore prime examples of any one race anymore than this is, but YOU decided to make this chery picked story out of many and rage on about “OMG you must be brainwashed if you don’t choose to pick this story as a prime example of a race or culture”. Your ignorance is far worse than any Politically Correct thinking, because simply you don’t.


        No, you ARE THE PROBLEM, to take 5 Min Report about a terrible incident at the Mall of America, and decide fan as much racist and bigotry about it as you can because the world isn’t PERFECT, give me a break!

        1. Cynical says:

          Robert, Granted that there are good examples of individual black folks that you gave – sterling and inspiring even. However that is not the point – the point is that when I, along with others here, read an article about ‘teens being violent’, or ‘attack at McDonald’s’, or ‘mob attacks man’, or ’50 teens steal from 7-11′ or such like, then 99 out of 100 times those doing the attacking, screaming, stealing, and thug behavior are blacks. I have both worked in a black ghetto community, and I have very well educated, polite black friends.
          Our crime rate would go down nationwide if our country had the guts to institute segregation again in the schools, and elsewhere. There would be far less black ghetto thug influence in the schools system, far less money going to free lunches, while the academic scores would rise considerably.
          So I do see your point to a degree, the reality is that the vast majority of the numbers of troublemakers and problems originate with many immoral, lawless black people which generally starts because their children do not have fathers.
          The immorality of infidelity continues to grow worse, and costs us all in terms of being victims of crime, added costs for welfare, and prison. We are paying now for what some earlier generations of greedy slavers did by buying slaves from Africa.

    8. phillysmart says:

      Yes it does…its not indicative of ALL black people but certainly a majority which is nurtered and tolerated wrongly I might add…open your eyes fool many blacks simply can not function as responsible people in our society

  32. jack says:

    When the Attorney General of the United States is a racist how can we expect anything less? Blacks always seem to be the victim and it is usually due to whites suppressing them. Racial division has existed forever but in the last 3 years it has gotten much worse. With Obama and Holder deciding the laws of this country, flash mobs end entitlements are becoming a way of life in this doomed country.

  33. jack says:

    Um, did you see the video? Duh

    1. Terrell Perry says:

      Yes, I saw the video. There were both Black and white kids protrayed.

      1. Humpy J. Brown says:

        Terrell, aka Kingfish: Does you really mean “PRO-trayed”? Hey, dooda name Ruby Begonia meen anythin’ tooya?

      2. jackactionhero says:

        I think you meant “portrayed” but in any case, nobody was portrayed. This was an actual video, not a movie scene shoot.

  34. kcsparky says:

    One of the first things that must be done whenever someone wants to find out or learn something is to pay attention. Rule #1! Watch the videos attached to the article (the ones that are highlighted in “blue” that mention YouTube) and things will become abundantly clear. If not…….

    1. Terrell P~Fantasy World says:

      Dear Terrell, Please continue to live in your fantasy world. Unless strong black leaders and “real” role models step up and get these teens back on the right track many are heading for a life behind bars or a one-way ticket to the morgue. With people such as yourself denying reality only tragedy will follow and you will have blood on your hands for doing nothing to educate these teens by teaching right from wrong. Unless in your mind you see nothing wrong??


  35. Mario M. says:

    This site reports your IP address to Facebook

    1. Guy says:

      Hope they have fun doing it … mine CHANGES every week (thats the schedule for the DHCP to renew)… MORE OFTEN if I have to reboot my cable box.

    2. Kingfish says:

      Who gives a Rat’s pa-toot, bunch of lonely looser’s anyway

    3. Cynical says:

      As I don’t have a Facebook account, that’s no threat. . . 🙂

  36. Fu Manchu says:

    You have chosen to remove rational thought from your abilities. It is actions such as that which have lead to riots such as this.

    Our country is doomed… it is filled with people like you.

  37. susan says:


  38. ManOnPoint says:

    Racist??? Is that all you’ve got??? “Chimping Out” is the way to go!!!

  39. Clearhead says:

    Will someone please tell me what a “lil’ wayne and drake” is? Maybe WalMart should cross whatever this is off its list of salable items.

    1. Kingfish says:

      It’s kind of like toe cheese that talks.

  40. Slice_Of_Life says:

    Obviously YOU didn’t watch the two YouTube videos linked to the article. Sadly, yet once again, the disturbance clearly involved black youth. The shoving, punching, hitting and chair throwing by the thugs unfortunately ruined a pleasant day shopping for many families~both black and white! It’s beyond time for community leaders to step forward and decry this unacceptable behavior and instill values, morals and civility in todays black youth and teens. (TBL)

    1. Light Rail Train says:

      I blame Black community leaders and Parents for failing their own people. But it goes deeper than that it’s about the current culture & value system which has been stolen from African americans and replaced with popular hateful rap and songs. Pray for us. Because Honor is always more important than freedom.

      1. blame the Light Rail Train says:

        @Terry Perry

        Dear Perry,

        Please note that my original post is not about you, it’s about black youths who could care less about you or your family. I on the other hand am addressing past history and current culture to find a frame of reference, as to ‘why’ these children are terrorizing the pure white mall shoppers. Also, Honor means culture, family, and traditions, which is more important than any one persons’ including yourself.

        1. Terrell Perry says:

          First, if you were not answering my original post, they why did you respond to it? You continue to exhibit a certain lack of mental acuteness. This last post of yours demonstrates a lack of clarity and clearly needs to be edited. What evidence do you have that Black youths could care less about me? Do all Black youths “terrorize the pure white mall shoppers”, and if so, please give me your references. How far back does your study of history extend in order to understand today’s culture? Have you included psychology and sociology in your studies and if not, why not? According to Wikipedia, Honor is adherence to what is right. You are giving the word a new definition, which of course makes nonsense of anything you say. So you did not answer my question: Can you demonstrate honor is always more important than freedom? Please do, and I did notice that you dropped the “always”.

          1. Humpy J. Brown says:

            Yeah, thanks for jumping up there, Kingfish. Do da name Ruby Begonia meen anythin’ tooya?

    2. omstrat says:

      Many many black s are so stupid they listen to Sharpton , Jackson and those like them that LIVE on racism . There are REAL black leaders but so many ignore them and favor the clowns that pretend to care about their own.
      Many still live in the “poor us we been put down ” mentality and go no where. They are their own worse enemy. Democrat policies just keep the ball rolling . Look at cities where 40 years of Democrat entitlement programs have been imposed. NOTHING HAS CHAGED ..Anyone figure that out yet ? NOTHING has changed. Welfare and food stamps and free whatever just hold the slaves as slaves to the government . The DEMOCRAT PArty loves this as it guarantees votes. No one votes themselves out of a free lunch right ? Meanwhile is the black community helped in the LONG RUN ? NO

  41. Sven says:

    Light Rail is the best!

  42. RFF says:

    why didn’t they use pepper spray? One way of getting their attention. I hope these thugs want a be gang bangers get the max.

  43. Dena says:

    Google Trash Mobs and check out Milwaukee’s incident only a week or so ago. Its a new trend amongst juveniles. They simultaneously “trash” whatever establishment they go through causing chaos. It has nothing to do with so called rappers. These kids were not only saying that Lil Wayne was coming, but also telling shoppers that there was a shooting and wrecking store displays. The power of Tv and Internet travels fast, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it at more locals soon.

    1. Sam K-j says:

      lol seriously?

    2. azmiike60 says:

      spammers suck

    3. nonsense says:

      BS. That is the same hysterical thinking that was around when “wilding” was supposed to happen. Nonsense.

  44. Brett says:

    Well, I’m not fueling/promoting/encouraging ANY of this STUPID stuff, I wan’t it all to STOP, and see all of us acting like CIVILIZED HUMAN BEINGS, even taking into account all or our ‘cultural’ differences. I’m simply trying to magnify the SIGNIFICANCE of these incidents,and complaining about many of our cities who refuse to publcly report all of the real MAYHEM that is happening on a daily basis. I don’t care what the perp’s skin color is, what their nationality or religion is, I expect our major news outlets to report ALL of the significant news in an unbiased way, and I do believe that PHOTOGRAPHS should be published, even it the ‘perps’ are juvies. A crime is a crime, I see no good being done to sugarcoat it just because a perp ir under a certain arbitrary AGE. Would it matter to you at all that much if you were shot in the head by a perp who was 15, or 19??

  45. ALLIE says:

    I don’t think the author knows what the word inadvertently means. One cannot unintentionally call for a lockdown.

  46. artemis133 says:

    Blame the victim much, Pat?

    1. Brett says:

      Exactly WHO is the ‘victim’ here, artemis??

  47. artemis133 says:

    Aw, c’mon, what’s wrong with White American Buddhists such as myself?

  48. LeAnne says:

    So innocent people in Occupy Wall Street who are non-violent get pepper sprayed and such regardless if you believe in their motives for the ‘movement’. But several teens can be violent and destructive and nothing really happens ….regardless of race does anybody else see a problem?

    1. Spanky says:

      LeAnne, YES, I see a problem.

      And that’s with you thinking the OWS people were doing nothing wrong.

    2. omstrat says:

      Occupy Wall Street people are Marxist tool . You’re too stupid to know that though . It would involve doing some reading of factual material .

  49. Brett says:

    Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution? Hint: standing nearby and saying or doing NOTHING is NOT part of the ‘solution’.

  50. Eric Manner says:

    What’s the point?

  51. Brettt says:

    No wonder why you don’t see me at the MOA very often. Who wants to go there and get MUGGED?? You can’t even go in there with a CCW permit. Think that I can’t go anywhere else?? Think again…..

    1. DJ Particle says:

      “You can’t even go in there with a CCW permit.”

      Sure you can, for a possible $25 fee. It’s worth it to stay safe IMHO.

  52. Light Rail Train says:

    Light Rail Train, it’s my fault 100%

  53. azmiike60 says:

    Liberalism failed the blacks in the US and has fostered a criminal underclass with no future and very little hope. Thanks JFK and LBJ. You have created a welfare class who’s only defense truly is the race card.

  54. BigBoa says:

    This gets SO TIRING! BUT, ONCE AGAIN, here it is…..

    There is but ONE solution to this. Eradicate the ghettos. The war is coming. If you don’t want to fight it in your own neighborhood, you BETTER do it IN THEIRS! Because it IS COMING,,,,,, take THAT to the bank….

  55. chaffer says:

    Pictures don’t lie. Dang Mennonites at it again.

  56. JungleCogs says:


  57. corvet says:

    Yeah, I gave up about a year ago. It’s a waste of time trying to help them. Let them stew in their own juices and concentrate on protecting you and yours.

  58. JungleCogs says:

    Obama’s modern-day Democrat Party.

  59. Francis says:

    “they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” -MLK

    I’d rather not go into some sort of rant so I’ll leave it a this, what a bunch of prima donnas!!!

    1. Cynical says:

      the ‘content of their character’ as demonstrated by their actions speaks volumes, doesn’t it? And it strikes me that those with that particular ‘content of character’ generally have the same skin color.

  60. lukuj says:

    I agree. You would think that Obama would try to positively influence young people – no matter what race, but especially the young black people who supported him and look up to him. At least Obama is a father who stayed with his family, an example they need to see and follow.

    1. Jenna says:

      and, as far as we know, only had children with one woman….

    2. Spanky says:

      “At least Obama is a father who stayed with his family, an example they need to see and follow.”

      grasping for straws much?

      Obama stayed with his baby momma! Headlines!

  61. Heavy says:

    yup, the blk community is wearing thin with a lot of folks. on the other hand:


  62. teebee says:

    Racist???? What a joke, look at the video and open your brown eyes!

  63. Jenna says:

    e-gads…. II’m in the process of moving back TO Minnesota – for THIS!?!?!? yikes!

  64. andrew says:

    huh? Why does he need to comment on these buffoons jacking around? He should also apologize for my roof leaking. If it wasnt for him, by golly..

    1. Humpy J. Brown says:

      Grass hut roofs always leak, andrew. Nome sain?

  65. Mike says:

    Ever since they connected the Light Rail to the mall, it’s been on the downfall.

    1. Guest says:

      What? These kids can come through buses as well. From Minneapolis and Saint Paul; why does everyone keep bringing up the light rail?

  66. Donny says:

    Sadly, these gang-bangers act like feral youth.

  67. Firey Wench says:

    I thought money was GREEN

  68. ANTOINE DODSON says:


  69. Dippy says:

    Right, it has nothing to do with their “culture.” You’re an idiot.

    1. tward says:

      I’m getting tired of seeing all of these videos with black mobs rampaging. That is so racist. I wish they would put up some videos of white mobs rampaging to create some sort of balance. Wait a minute . . . maybe there aren’t any white mobs rampaging . . . maybe all of the rampaging mobs are black. Hummm, makes one think, yes?

      1. Heywood says:

        tward – whites sing when they gather in “mobs” 😉

      2. Sue Velure says:

        Just watch some video after the Gophers won the national championship a few years back.

  70. Firey Wench says:

    Quit your frowning and grab your Browning.

    1. Kevin says:

      Marry Me!!!!

  71. Ricky Green says:

    sad fact is that when the actions of the blacks get too much for the rest of the nation to handle or stomach anymore,then the moderates like myself will be taking whatever means necessary to quell this unjustified trend towards chaos and I fear their end no less will be like that of the American Indian who are also partially my ancestors so please settle down before you [blacks] fall into that abyss of no return that only you create everytime you step on another Americans rights.

  72. Bri says:

    the more you generalize a group of people into specific stereotype, the more that group feels helpless to try and be anything but that. where is the positive influence and what does it say about you as a person for feeding into the stereotype and not trying to change the perception? last time I checked, white people in suburbs listen to rap music also….

    1. honeybadger says:

      ok, the first part of your comment is jibberish, but I think the general idea is that the more we (I’m assuming you mean white people) point out that the Blacks act like animals, the more they are going to act like animals? OK, so by your logic, if we would simply go around saying how blacks were intellectuals, great law abiding citizens and, oh yeah, we’d love to have them date our daughters…they would magically transform into that. Do you really believe something that foolish?
      As to your second point, yes, there are some whites that listen to rap. But strangely enough, they dont riot over pairs of shoes or the rumor that a rapper might be in a mall. Now, either this is a pure coincidence, or there is some reason…and I think the reason is simply chickens coming home to roost. Their culture for years now has supported the idea that its “cool” to act like a thug or not their fault when they act like that, because its caused by “400 years of oppression” or “institutionalized racism”…anything but their own fault. The reason that whites that listen to rap dont behave this way is that white people’s culture, for the most part, doesn’t embrace the idea that its cool to be a thug or a pimp, and go wild and act like a fool whenever something doesn’t go your way.

      1. rodpeters says:

        guess what other groups were oppressed when they came to America? the Italians, the Irish, the Catholics, the Japanese..etc,etc…etc… what is the difference with these groups? The others worked hard and overcame the oppression to become meaningful assets to society. Some blacks have moved past this and operate in society in a normal way, but what happens when they do so? they are called race traitors, uncle toms, white man’s slave..etc.etc.etc. so who is really responsible for the stereotypes and the society that blacks live in? time to wake up and take responsibility for your actions and your lives.

      2. omstrat says:

        Great post .BRI is a moron and you’re wasting your time. She is no doubt a brainwashed product of USA public education . Probably thinks Obama is wonderful and that Islam is not responsible for 9/11

  73. Bri says:

    wow. what an uneducated generalization and racist comment.

    1. Robert Oculus III says:

      The truth is racist.

    2. omstrat says:

      No it’s not GENERALIZATION ..its FACTUALLY accurate . Why do you REFUSE to be honest with yourself. Why to you LIE about facts . Because you’re a brainwashed liberal moron who wouldn’t have the character to even defend herself . YOU IDIOT

  74. Spanky says:

    It’s the “OccupyMallOfAmerica” demonstrators.

  75. brassavola01 says:

    Guess you are an Obama mouthpeice

  76. Kevin says:

    OhhhhKayyyyy…you’re an idiot. It’s Christmas break dummy, so how does this thuggary have anything to do with “cuts” in education or after-school programs??? And what cuts in “social services” are to blame? What do “social servicies” have to do with thugs at a mall?

  77. Jones says:

    I love when people who claim not to be “racist” start talking about “African/Americans” as if they are all of one body and mind. Whether you are saying “good” things or “bad” things…you are still generalizing an ENTIRE RACE OF PEOPLE. Dolt.

    1. Crabjuice says:

      Ummm, isn’t that what you just did? Generalize much?

    2. David says:

      Actually their is nothing racist about pointing out the facts involving a majority of one race of people. This is not an isolated incident involving just a few kids. it is an insidious trend among lots of black youth nation wide. You can choose to ignore the facts but that doesn’t make it untrue, nor does it make those who recognize the fact racist.

    3. Gordon Campbell says:

      Black American Culture and “values”,suck the Big One.If you can’t/won’t acknowledge that you are a fool.Oh and by the way if Black Americans insist on acting like children they will be treated as such,certainly not as adults.We are constantly cleaning up after them and you know it.The White Man’s burden.

      1. Bill N. says:

        Sooo refreshing to read the TRUTH…. Thank YOU!!!!!

    4. Realist says:

      This is called hitting the nail on the head. They yes, when I say they I mean Blacks are destroying our country. Wake up!

  78. RIII says:

    We can thank welfare for this behavior. People that do not work for what they have do not respect other people’s property or life’s..

  79. brassavola01 says:

    Race card is tiresome, why- are you one of those muggers, guess it hit close to heart?

  80. GoPackGo says:

    Blacks. Always blacks. Same happened here at a mall in Milwaukee and our past state fair. Keep making excuses for it, it will continue.

  81. Thomas Stump says:

    Never seen a once proud race fall as low as the African-Americans. An “Accept no responsibility/ blame it on whitey” culture, embraced by themselves and pushed by the political correct has done more damage than the KKK could ever hope… Slow motion hari-kari. More importantly, the ranks of all colors that proclaim “Feed me, clothe me, house me” Take this country to a dark place; the times they are a changing. Could be wrong, the feds print, spend, and raise money while destroying those who create wealth…. But isn’t that what got us here? Lol… Trust in God, dance with the devil, or die

  82. gx says:

    So let me get this straight, if the government ain’t there to step in and take care of black kids, then the kids run amock because the parents that don’t work anyways aren’t there doing their job and are more concerned with what they can buy with their obama (read: welfare) money?

    1. Jon Corzine says:

      Wall Street Bankers are 85% Democrats. Read the biography of Democrat Jon Corzine for a superb history lesson on liberal white collar criminals.

      1. Sue says:

        @Jon Nice spin to bad no one is buying it DA!

        1. brushfour says:

          Nice attempt at a redirected spin Sue. Jon is dead on correct and most people know that now. Wall Street is home to East Coast Liberals. It’s been way for decades now. Get up to speed will ya.

        2. CommonCents says:

          Actually, Jon is correct… so you just can’t handle reality?

          Your other incorrect assumption is that he’s a republican.

    2. Emma Yustman says:

      This particular event was not just two kids, it was 200. Also this sort of thing has been increasing in intensity and frequency the past year. It’s just not reported.

  83. pat says:

    Wisconsin and Minnesota begged for blacks in the 70’s. How is that working out by the way?

    1. Ryan says:

      The liberals in Minnesota and the liberal controlled US State Department have been flooding Minnesota with terrorist Muslim Somalis. A new set of blacks just as bad as the native born.

  84. tyree says:

    but pat u live in all white neighborhood and that makes u racist

  85. Thomas Stump says:

    Liberal cowards never wish to see what their seeds have sown, a poorer and uncivil society. They wish us (including themselves) blind; SHUT THOUGHT DOWN NOW!

  86. CBS loves Barry Soetoro says:

    I see that 6 of 7 earlier posts and replies I made in the preceding 90 minutes have magically been ‘CBS disappeared.’ Something VERY weird is afoot with the either the CBS censor algorithm, or there’s significant human intervention. F U CBS for stifling supposed free speech in this nation.

    I rather suspect CBS is just harvesting IP addresses to provide the government a nice list for future use. Beware.

  87. Katie says:

    My stepdad actually calls it the “Mall of Africa”

  88. SCD - Societal Collapse Disorder says:

    Remember when all the city bus drivers went on strike? The shoplifting at the Mall of America plummeted by 85% during that time. It’s clear the troublemakers are primarily urban youth minorities. It’s not the fault of the race(s) though, but rather the culture – if you can call it a culture. It’s as much “anti-culture” as it is culture. What they have is little that is passed down and refined; instead what they have largely just happens on its own. The primary place for instilling values and learning culture is at home – a place where these kids are not spending enough time, not that it would even help much for these kids, since their parents’ parenting skills are also likely nonexistent. This kind of non-parenting has been going on for generations in many families, if you can even call them families, and we can clearly see from these videos how well that’s been working.

    1. DJ Particle says:

      Where race comes into it is this: Yes, the vast majority of African-Americans are NOT thugs, however, the vast majority of thugs *are* African-American. 😦 It’s a sad fact, but it’s true.

  89. former local says:

    Wow. The comments here are ugly, disturbing, sad & disheartening. I love Minneapolis for it’s diversity & acceptance when i lived there. I am multi-ethnic & have friends of every shade & i’m appalled & offended by the blatant hatred being displayed here. A few young kids who may belong to gangs do NOT represent a whole race of people.

    1. Kevin says:

      Your a moron! Oh former local? You got out….

      1. @kevin. says:

        Shut up Kevin ….

        1. em0886 says:

          Good God..no kidding!!! All I see on here is ignorance and people with close-minds. It’s a waste of time to even comment or read any of these threads anymore. Enjoy being bitter, hateful and stupid!!

  90. Click G says:

    I’m just wondering how stupid they have to be to actually believe that Drake and Lil’ Wayne would be in Minnesota shopping at a mall the day after Christmas

  91. gregg2 says:

    WCCO only likes white people. Why do you think CBS switched WLTE to country music. Black folks don’t listen to country on less it’s Darius Rucker

  92. Rick says:

    You can always tell they are talking about blacks when they forget to mention their race in the news report. If these people were white, that would have been the very first thing they mentioned. Liberal media at its finest right here.

  93. Pauli Gela says:

    The liberal universities have been pushing that for years, while giving tax money to illegals and blacks due to the effect of discrimination.

  94. DARREN says:

    Can someone explain to me why 10 to 25 year old young white people listen to Rap Music, Hate Music. It all started with MTV many years ago. Now its also BET and look at the majority of people that are on shows such as Maury and Springer.

    Parents need to be under control of their kids, but I see so many parents that just don’t care. I see so many women who just won’t close their legs and not have kids that can’t afford. Free Love? Free Choice? It sure is costing us alot!

    1. DJ Particle says:

      Popular rap wasn’t always like that. Remember Run-DMC? MC Hammer? Young MC? Tone Loc? even Marky f@#$ing Mark! Back in the 1980s and very early 1990s, pop rap was FUN, dammit!

  95. TheTruth says:

    Before you start bashing on the blacks too hard, let us not forget about the border jumpers. At least the black folks belong here. As for you Bob Coburn, I appreciate your ability to showcase your own idiocy; no retort is necessary towards you.

    1. Swede says:

      Huh? I don’t see a single Mexican sitting around doing nothing. They take any job they can get. THEY WORK, and I don’t hear them screaming “Racism”.

    2. drcizme says:

      I’d rather live in a neighborhood of Mexicans than Blacks.

      Most Mexicans work and stay together as families.

      Most blacks do not.
      I lived in a diverse neighbhorhood in Atlanta and the mexicans were good neighbors. The black kids we invited in to play stole my sons video games.
      Honest truth.

      I left that hellhole of a chocolate city.

  96. tornado tarp says:

    This is how the puffy jackets/baggy pants crowd spends school break.

    What other choice is there since Brookdale is gone, Mayfair Mall is not on the light rail, and the rental skates at Cheapskate stink.

  97. Dave says:

    If only we had a black President this would not happen!

  98. brushfour says:

    Yeah, Wall Street has been the home for East Coast Liberals for some time. I don’t fault Wall Street for the 2008 financial melt down however. You can look to a long ongoing habit by large lending institutions giving home loans to people who don’t have a snowball’s chance to ever pay it back. Blame the Federal Reserve. Nice try Sue to redirect the spin,….you’re simply wrong. Jon is actually dead on correct and everyone knows it.

  99. toray99 says:

    All these riots have one common denominator !

    1. Corey says:

      All are helplessly addicted to government?

    2. Quasi says:

      Agreed. Funny story, though. Mention that and you are a bad man (or woman)

  100. Mike Alright says:

    It will not be long before the “free” US is under total LOCKDOWN. This is what the feminized baby boomer gen and their children need to make them “feel” safe. Kiss freedom good bye.

    1. jon says:

      Why do you think FEMA camps are being activated ? Something is going down

      1. Logo4245 says:

        I hope not. Let’s just work on restoring the family and dignity through employment. People, all people, will rise to the level of expectations. The problem is over the years, Democrats have set the bar so low that there is no reason to act responsibly or even grow up. Hurray for the nanny state!

        1. Eric P Turner says:

          democrats that such bs they all have gotten us here buddy stop pointing fingers no wait point the finger at your self and the people of this country that continue to vote these criminals into office in the first place your all beyond gullible its a joke you actually have the nuts to avoid the fact you put them there in the first place and then seeing how so many of them have been in office for decades is proof of it they didnt get there without your small sheeple help.

        1. RLABruce says:

          The FEMA camps are real. Look it up!

      2. heatherfeather says:

        These camps will not be full of productive, law-abiding citizens. They are for dopers, pedophiles, gang-bangers, and losers whose court appearances exceed their age.

        I am all for them, if it gets the trash off the streets. We have allowed the criminal class to breed like lice and now the piper needs to be paid.

    2. me says:

      This has nothing to do with women. It has to do with a society who doesn’t discipline their children. They thing one good swift swat on the butt is discipline. When I was in school you respected your teacher or you got a ruler across the knuckles. At home, parents disciplined their children, they didn’t say ohhh it’s ok junior…will just give you a 5 minute time out. Now days…EVERYTHING is considered abuse. Parents are afraid to discipline their children…and Teachers cannot do anything to demand respect. Our childrent are out of control because they are spoiled, undisciplined, and lazy. Parents read 1 too many doctor spock books, and this is the result.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Beating your children does not get them to respect you and act appropriately.

        1. Jay says:

          True, but a little punishment will teach them that negative actions have negative consequences.

          1. CommonCents says:

            These animals don’t understand ‘punishment’… my dog has more sense and civility.

            FACT: ‘Africans’ have, on average, an IQ at least 15 points below all other races.

            As the video shows, they are prone to sudden violence, like a rabid wild animal.

      2. jackactionhero says:

        If you knew anything about black women, you’d know that nobody beats their kids more than they do.

        The fights at the Mall of Hysteria have NOTHING to do with that. You are so off-base…

    3. Zero11 says:

      Its completely sad to see for sure. People are just doing silly stuff, and its completely out of control.
      So amazing times


    4. Corey says:

      Barack H. Obama is doing everything he can to accelerate the damage Johnson started.

      After the massive collapse of our economy not too far in the future that will leave 50% of Americans in abject poverty (I mean real poverty, not this poor people with flat screen tv’s, nike air jordans, air conditioning, satellite, ps3/xbox’s, car in the drive way bulls%$) but REAL poverty, can’t find food poverty, Obama will be looked at in the same manner as Woodrow Wilson and his total enslavement of the American people.

    5. Logo4245 says:

      You are so very right. An don’t forget the institution of the welfare state which made black men totally irrelevant in their own families. Strip people of security and dignity and this is the result..

    6. Jim Dea says:

      CJ, you are correct in your assertion that the breakdown could be traced back to the feminism movement of the 60’s. Prior to that movement, the family was a strong fixture in the US and values, morals, manners and ethics were held to be of great value. The children knew their mother because they stayed home to raise them while the bread winner went to work.

      There has been a systematic breakdown of morals and values in the country and it can be attributed to the feminist movement of the 60″s This didn’t happen hap hazard but was “instituted” as part of a massive plan by the evil shadow gov’t and the ruling elite of the world. The owners of the Federal Reserve (which is neither Federal nor Reserve) are quickly reaching their goal of world domination and the free countries of the west must be tyrannized and brought under socialist control by planting puppets like O’bama in the WH and taking down the economy and social structure of this once great republic. Going, going, gone.

  101. Humpy J. Brown says:

    Welcome to Third World culture and customs. That wasn’t a “riot”. It was a “Happy Kwanza” rampage. Jus’ sain, node a meen?

  102. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    Our typical Democrats from the Garden of Holiness and Diversity celebrate the Christmas season:

    The comments posted, reveal that many folks are on to the process.

    These peaceful and tolerant Democrats have killed a major mall in Ft. Meyers, Fl.

    By the way, that mall management decided an out-reach employment initiative for Young Democrats would be just the cure.

    That didn’t work. It only made it worst.

    The liberal message of peace, love and tolerance just ain’t getting through to their base. Delete ReplyReply ForwardSpamMovePrint Actions NextPrevious

  103. Wonja Blohwme says:

    Black thugs were the chief source of this illegal activity.

    Eric Holder and Obama make me sick to be an American these days.

    1. David Axelrod says:


  104. Emma Yustman says:

    This scene is one of many that have been escalating the last year or so. Here’s a site that kept track of a lot of these attacks. It seems discussing the violent nature of black teens is tres taboo— ya know, the old ostrich thing! But this is truly a predominately black response to many situations

  105. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    We will never see the Democrat Party call their base on this anti social conduct.

    The white boys of the left must have their votes to control the nation.

    Really rather simple.

  106. GROW UP says:


  107. White Flight says:

    This is why white people increasingly want nothing to do with blacks. The crime, violence, and costs of welfare and incarceration are astronomical and growing. People are moving to the whitest areas they can find. Better safe than sorry.

  108. IrishEyesAreBlue says:

    Animals are animals … what you saw here are ANIMALS!!!!

  109. Steve says:

    Pat, racism was more overt and intense 50 years ago. Why didn’t we see this kind of behavior back then, if racism is the cause of such?

  110. David Axelrod says:

    4% of the total population in America, young black males, commit 52% of all of the homicides. That‘s from the DOJ’s own figures. DID YOU GET THAT?? Only a tiny fraction of the population commits HALF OF ALL OF THE MURDERS!!!

    5% of the total population in America, young male Latinos, accounted for 40% of all sentenced federal offenders in 2009, and 72% of those were illegal aliens.

    ARE YOU LISTENING?? There is a reason many people believe that brown and black skins are a form of cultural pollution.

  111. Jane Wegener says:


    1. makemyday says:


  112. A. Cooper says:

    You comment is confusing jibberish. I can’t decipher if you are making a point or just pointing.

  113. makemyday says:

    I wonder what “race” they were??? Na – I already know!!!

  114. robertplant says:

    someone must have stepped on another’s ” dogs” ……….” yo yo yo don’t be steppin on ma dogs!” ……………..savages.

  115. Kevin says:

    After reading these comments “for the first time in my life…I am proud to be Minnesotan”….

    1. @kevin.. says:

      Shut up Kevin……

      1. C BS Just Spi ke d Me says:

        STFU, libt ard moron!

  116. sailordude says:

    The obvious post is always about the ethnicity of the people involved (black). But at least one of the factors causing this is high unemployment and people having too much time on their hands. When I was young working was a big factor in keeping me out of trouble. We have got to LOWER the minimum wage to encourage businesses to hire youth. Some factory investment in America would help. The Democrats hiking up the minimum wage has resulted in high unemployment among black youth. I bet the Democrats know this also and have engineered it that way on purpose to create generations of welfare/food stamp dependent voters. If these young men had been at jobs they would not be out looking for trouble. Even if its the day after Christmas and most are off they would be tired from working and not be out causing a ruckus. 2012 VOTE OUT ALL DEMOCRATS!

    1. lukuj says:

      Your idea would be good, but I’m not sure as many people even WANT to work any more. They would rather let the government take care of them or take what they want. It takes less effort. First we need to re-instill in a work ethic in people of all races and colors, something the Democrats seem to want to discourage since they think it will mean fewer votes for them.

    2. jackactionhero says:

      High unemployment caused a bunch of black kids to act like animals in the mall? How so? What makes you think they have any interest in working?

  117. makemyday says:

    No one **COLOR BLIND** on this one … Right???

  118. Tim says:

    The heart of Africal was the last place on earth to be explored. . . less than 150 years ago. That’s one of the reasons it was called the Dark Continent. It was & is a largley uncivilized, savage place. It is time for these people to get off the entiltlements, stop constantly playing the race card & accept responsibility for their actions. It goes beyond absurdly shameful. Even Abe Lincoln believed that they are an inferior race.

    1. voter says:

      Tim, Actually, Africa was first subject to Alexander, then the Muslims came and helped sell a lot of them into slavery to many countries, then conquered them with Islam.

      They are not an inferior race. But they do have a culture of dumbing down and shooting each other over he said, she said, the down low, and gangstas due to Prohibition being a highly lucrative trade. Sad.

      What’s to be done?

  119. sailordude says:

    One thing is for sure, Obama being President has NOT instilled a stronger work ethic and community pride in black Americans. I didn’t vote for him, but I was at least hoping he’d get blacks to be better Americans. IT’S GOTTEN WORSE SINCE HE WAS PRESIDENT!

    1. jackactionhero says:

      “I was at least hoping he’d get blacks to be better Americans”

      What is that supposed to even MEAN?

      1. SCD says:

        Bill Cosby knows EXACTLY what it means, and he’s saying it…


  120. Heywood says:

    Hey fellow whiteys – we are to blame. We brought them here by the boat-load. I’m guessing we wouldn’t make that mistake again. Is it too late to pack them up and send them back?

    Slavery was the worst thing that whites could have ever done to themselves. Slavery was the *best* thing that could have happened to blacks. It’s 200 years later and they still live in huts in Africa and there are blacks in my neighborhood driving BMWs and Benzs.

  121. john says:

    They were only ‘exercising’ their right to Free Speech. Call the ACLU. Obviously, these Yutes are oppressed. There are a victim of racism and are fighting back. It’s not their fault.

  122. Justin_Credible says:

    All you need to know…

    According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2010, approximately 6.5% of the population (black males) committed over 48.7% of all murders and 54.9% of all robberies in the U.S.

    Source: http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2010/crime-in-the-u.s.-2010/tables/table-43

  123. Nate P says:

    Well, as I see it, the ones marketing this rap that encourages violence to these young black kids are…..rich white guys! So, it’s okay to sell this stuff to impressionable young minds, but when those kids start believing in the hype and machismo the music they peddle promotes, it’s all “dirty welfare animals” up in here.

    Generalizing an entire race is just sad. There are some very sad people in this comments section, and if I was religious, I’d be saying just as many prayers for you as I do for the kids causing these problems. Hate is no more attractive or righteous on you than it is on those you hate.

    1. Fred says:

      Ridiculous analogy. There is violent crime on over half the television shows on TV also, but that doesn’t drive kids into being murders. Most Rappers are BLACK, that’s what appeals to black kids.

  124. CHUCKER says:

    Did anyone else see the latest birthday control tv ad? It had 2 young blacks about to engage in sex.. well it goes on to show this young black male stumblin all over the place trying to get his pants off and the girl is sitting there going hmm… and it says and I quote, you waited for sex this long why not wait for birth control. THIS WAS SPECIFICALLY TARGETED TOWARDS BLACKS! WHAT DOES THIS TELL YOU?

  125. watash60 says:

    We should sterilize and eliminate voting privileges for all families (mother, father (if he can be found – else cut the benefits in 1/2), children) living off any type welfare (food, housing, homeless, living, …) for over 6 months. This would eventually lead to an end of poverty, crime and make the future better instead of perpetuating the problem as we’ve been doing since the 1960’s

  126. look around says:

    Wow – the MN branch of the KKK might be stronger than in the deep south.
    I think this was/is bs , all of it at the MOA. Yep – it appears to be black punks.
    Is it always black trash? Nope.
    We got our share of white trash in the area too. What might be different is they are not dumb enough to do it at the MOA – in past they had tried Ridgedale and Rosedale though and that be fact.
    This country has a serious problem with its youth. Black-white-red-yellow. Until parents _yep PARENTS. them old fashioned ass whipping kind that demand respect, step up and back into the picture this is the way we headed.I would wager many of these punks don’t even know what the dude leaving the sperm cell looked like.
    That said – we got the same issue here with the white community. Just way less of it so far but it’s growing

    1. Swede says:

      No We Don’t! Nice try, but whites, asians, native americans, all visit the malls without issues. They go there, enjoy it, do business, appreciate the opportunity, and go home. Blacks on the other hand, ….. they earn the “N” word. Parents? Are you kidding? Black girls have babies for the income. Their mothers set the example for them, and do nothing more. It’s their culture. We don’t any part of it. And if this invasion continues, I would guess you are going to see some strong pushback.

  127. Cleary says:

    @Nate P – you are an idiot – The Tea Party changed the course of the 2010 election and clipped Your Messiah’s power before he could fully execute his socialistic take-down of America. His speed of our decline was slowed (not stopped). What has OWS done? Name even ONE thing that a rational human being might consider positive? Other than being object lessons of how to fail at life?

  128. Thomas says:

    Rioting because some terrible rappers may be in town is just as stupid as rioting after your college hockey team wins the national championship.

  129. Kevin Stowell says:

    Who’s Lil Weenie? Oscar Mayer’s boy?

  130. Bawlamer Merlin says:

    Well now, this is rather surprising. This is the type of behavior you usually see associated with the classical music crowd, especially the Wagnerians. I find VERY difficult that people who listen to rap music could be so violent. It’s probably something that was engineered by The Tea Party with the help of Karl Rove’s Mind Control expertise.

  131. Atlanta says:

    These kids are the Shock Troops of the DNC. Progressives love the fear that these mobs instill in the populace. It gives power to left wing political class.

    The leftist message is, we speak their language and have a way to communicate them. We have their community leaders in our pocket. We’ll protect your space.

    The Conservatives will only make matters worse.
    Vote for Pelosi / Obama and we’ll calm the mob down.

    Grifters play.

  132. dweezil22 says:

    These kids represent a substitute for culture.

  133. sean patriot says:

    This country is FUKCED. Its time to thin the herd.

  134. John Gault says:

    Welcome to the new America. And the economic crash has not happened yet. You are about to live in a hell on earth. May you line in interesting times.

  135. Craig says:

    Looks like the Ron Paul newsletters were right. Funny how in the liberal media just making observations of behavior is considered racist.

  136. Corey says:

    I’m getting real real close to that myself… Maybe we will move to my wife’s home country in Asia.

  137. arnoldripkin says:

    Strange thing, Blacks comprise a much larger percentage of the population down south but it seems that we have fewer incidences like this. Maybe northern communities have found a way to lure away a higher percentage of gangstas within the Black population . If that’s the case , then keep the good work.

  138. Rimale says:

    Maybe taking the items stolen to the parents !!!

    1. @ralph says:

      you should be ashamed of yourself. that is incredibly racist and offensive. it is one thing to be put off by the fact that a huge fight broke out, but completely uncalled for to go off making wildly prejudiced assumptions and generalizations about an entire group of people. get a clue.

      1. Just Sayin' says:

        Are you saying there isn’t a pattern with this kind of mayhem?

      2. bill says:

        They were all suburban white thugs, you are right on. I didn’t notice one black teenager misbehaving these people are racist white republicans who see it any other way.

  139. Jose Juarvez says:

    The problem is that 95% of the blacks give the other 5% a bad name.

  140. Rick says:

    I use to give blacks the benefit of the doubt and supported all the efforts to get them opportunities. After 40years of watching what they have done with all those resources and opportunities, not anymore. The vast majority of them won’t even try! They drop out of school, they won’t work, they have babies like rabbits and with multiple partners. They transfer to suburban schools and think they are going to bring their culture with them. They are not there to spread their culture; they are there to learn a culture that actually works in life. AND I’M PAYING FOR IT!
    Nope, after 40 years, they have earned the disrespect they get.

    1. Margot Hird says:

      Rick you have it exactly 100% backwards. All those handouts DIS-INCENTIVIZE people to respect themselves and others, hold their head up and make their own way in the world.
      It’s lunacy to blame the recipient of the handout, get angry that it’s not producing the desired result, and then continue the handouts!

  141. 2LiveCrew says:

    No doubt those who were not arrested are sequestered in their Cedar-Riverside highrise lair, plotting their Warehouse District New Years Eve activities.

  142. mr obvious says:

    Thats what happens when theres a school christmas break and rumors of rappers coming to MOA. Took the train from MOA to Target center. Haven’t seen so many thugs since getting lost in north mpls. I thought MOA had a strict age entrance policy?

  143. Helen Hanson says:

    The video on YouTube is much better. Did WCCO purposely darken the video to make these people appear as silhouettes to protect the their descriptions?

  144. mom says:

    It is really sad that the MOA is getting a bad rap for what happened yesterday, my family and I try to get there once or twice a year so that our kids can go to the nickelodian park, we live about 1hr plus from the cities and were just there over thanksgiving weekend. I am amazed at how many kids I have seen running around with no supervision or responsible adult with them. My oldest children are 15 and 11 and I don’t even let them walk around our local mall by themselves, there is no way I would even consider letting them walk around a mall that big by themselves. The mall needs to do something about this problem of having unsupervised kids hanging out there and these kids’ parents need to step up and start parenting and not allow their kids to hang out in a mall when they have no reason being there. It is funny because my family will walk around the mall and my kids will comment about the behavior, the way they dress, and how these kids are rude and disrespectful and in my head I am once again thankful we live in a small community and don’t have to encounter this type of behavior on a daily basis.

  145. WilliamPenn says:

    These entitlement, parasite-class, Section 8 diversity mobs are encouraged every day by Barrack’s incessant talk of wealth re-distribution, class warfare, and his demonization of success.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Please link me to an Obama speech discussing the redistribution of wealth. Thanks.

  146. Cens ors are s cared little tools says:



  147. Kim Glass says:

    It’s nice to see the enthusiasm from these fine youths over the Job Fair that as taking place…..er… not a job fair? Carry on.

  148. Todd says:

    I always hear the same excuses from liberals and black alike: “oh, what a racist generalization.” Well, here’s the truth: it’s not a generalization at this point. Every single violent flash mob attack and/or group melee like this has been 100% black. Every. Single. One. You can criticize me for noticing this. Go ahead. I just don’t care anymore. It is just not safe to be around large groups of blacks. And it’s not because “most of them don’t behave,” it’s because it seems to be impossible to get more than 20 urban blacks together without some sort of asinine behavior. And I will not get caught up in it. Call me a racist. I don’t give a ****.

    1. Superchik1017 says:

      From the sounds of it, your $hit must be white.

      1. Evening the Playing Field says:

        How dare you call him “white”. Let’s be politically correct here and call him, “Color Impared”. lol

  149. Superchik1017 says:

    If it’s not our broken sports complex or downed bridges, it’s a brawl that gets us into national headlines. C’mon Minnesota! We have an award winning Medical University, a booming theatre industry and one of the most educated populations in the nation. We can do better than this.

  150. TL the alligator says:

    on the contrary….if you go to the southside of chicago you’ll find many many good civilized respectable black people, so many that it makes us here in Mpls wonder why we have such a problem with so many. Our problems here stem more from our lawmakers, judges, and politically correct idiots in positions of authority who FAIL to hold these degenerates accountable and enable them by supporting thru welfare the dysfunctional lazy able bodied parents who continue to have children they cant support nor were ever able to support….until these people are cutoff and made to make their own way via working the problems will persist and worsen…….giving them welfare beyong 6 months is a huge mistake and doing that perpetuates the incentive for the chronically lazy to exist as so and these kinds of people who are involved in the chaos are the result.

  151. Mr T says:

    Obama has to be so proud. he has done nothng for no one! What a puke!

  152. LittleMac says:

    If they had the will, this problem could easily be solved.
    Simply change the bus schedule so the last bus out leaves Mall Of America at 4:30 PM each day. Riff-raff has to go, people with their own money and cars can stay.

  153. ED357 says:

    Per MSM policy the story didn’t say……

    but was this a BLACK disturbance again?

  154. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

    This relaxation of the rules and slack law enforcement is more affirmative action, more bigotry of lowered expectations. And with the Obama administration, I think it is a component of premeditated reparations.

  155. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

    It is the bogotry of lowered expectations. Conventional wisdom is that this is the best we should hope for from these young folks based on the excuses afforded them and the ineffective punishment meted out for the serious violations of the rights, freedom, liberty, and security of others these cultural clones commit.

    And in the end, isn’t the tolerance of this behavior a form of reparations, an assuagment of guilt, a never-ending retribution?

    1. pthesmith says:

      Give me a break. You clearly have an agenda that you’re trying to find data to fit. Teenagers are mischievous and rowdy. It’s no grand conspiracy.

      1. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

        The demographic favoritists in power are counting on the public’s naivete and guilt over history to allow this movement to punish the disfavored demographics to come to fruition. You are making excuses for youself and Obama and the products of Obama’s culture.

      2. porchhound says:

        Teenagers are mischievous and rowdy?…What ghetto do YOU live in? I don’t see this kind of behavior from anglo kids or Asian kids or ,usually, Hispanic kids..so lets call it what it is: a product of a welfare system that requires zero accountability and produces ghettothugs who produce more ghettothugs.

  156. mufasa says:

    Solution – charge a $1.00 fee for entrance to the mall – food stamps, government funds not accepted.

  157. Think says:

    So, I do not understand. Because a person is black, they are prone to violence? All black people, or just some? White people are not prone to violence? or just some? And because black people who get government assistance don’t really need it, but the white people who receive government assistance do really need it?

    And, what do the statistics tell us about what happened last night? What does history tell us?

  158. Bruce says:

    Why do they always refer to a pack of wild blacks as a “group of teens”?

    1. me says:

      Because zoo’s have made objections to calling them animals

  159. Bignified says:

    You may be thinking because you read something or saw a news story that you are immediately predisposed as an expert on the subject matter. There are over 350 comments here, and most of which are unfortunately continuing the chain of hatred toward minorities. Yet statistically, at least half of the people commenting must be related to a minority or have a family member who is currently in a relationship with a minority. International terrorism may be the least of our problems, when all we know how to do is hate. And while I am sure this statement will most likely prompt more hatred, I can only hope that the youth may learn from our mistakes. Otherwise, I fear the damages may be final.

    1. SCD says:

      This country has some serious social problems which which in fact do follow racial boundaries. To be blind to those boundaries is to misdirect attention away from those who need it most, and thereby, to perpetuate the problems.

      THAT is one of our biggest mistakes, ignoring the racial boundaries of social problems in the name of political correctness. Being PC may selfishly make us feel better about ourselves, but it actually harms the people in question.

      It’s time to get beyond PC. It is childish and counterproductive.

  160. Jack Kennedy says:

    thomass berry ……………. just out of jail? or are you “not proud of America” michelle trying to excuse your bad behavior and damage to America

    just say Thank You to a real American for all the advantages that OUR fathers/grandfathers provided for your to live your entitled poverty of cell phones/flat screens/$200 jordan shoes/cars/free housing/4 million hawaii vacation

    just say THANK YOU to America

  161. LEO says:

    poverty has nothing to do with this behavior. if that were the case no one would’ve survived the Great Depression. NOBODY! the people shown are absolutely irresponsible human beings plain and simple. losers!

  162. jesse says:

    Many many black s are so stupid they listen to Sharpton , Jackson and those like them that LIVE on racism . There are REAL black leaders but so many ignore them and favor the clowns that pretend to care about their own.
    Many still live in the “poor us we been put down ” mentality and go no where. They are their own worse enemy. Democrat policies just keep the ball rolling . Look at cities where 40 years of Democrat entitlement programs have been imposed. NOTHING HAS CHAGED ..Anyone figure that out yet ? NOTHING has changed. Welfare and food stamps and free whatever just hold the slaves as slaves to the government . The DEMOCRAT PArty loves this as it guarantees votes. No one votes themselves out of a free lunch right ? Meanwhile is the black community helped in the LONG RUN ? NO

  163. Jack White says:

    Damn those 1%ers!!!!

  164. Tonepv says:

    You people are terrible. Lemmings. Comments on the internet, wow, how am I taking part in this ignorance festival? Maybe to connect with that one soul out there who grew up with good parents and explored the world a little bit. Yeah, yeah, I get it, it’s so fun to be anonymous on the internet and spout off your deepest prejudices and insecurities. I know, it’s fun poking at people’s tempers to feel better about yourselves. Right. Black people fighting in a mall, white people fighting on the internet… perfect, isn’t it? This had nothing to do with rap music, fools. We all (should) know the media serves one thing: itself. They want good headlines, they want to “make sense” of things that can’t be explained in one paragraph or 2 minutes of your live television, so of course why not throw in some relation of “violent-rap-artists-that-make-black-people-fight-in-public”. You are silly, rock and roll was the exact same thing to the media and older generations for decades (it made white children evil, remember?). It will be something else in 20 years. Scapegoats. You think this is a place to bring in political beliefs? Tisk tisk, looks like your children have a dull future. Your busy arguing which wing you sit on when the bird isn’t even flying. This is simple, people got in a fight. Happens all over the world every day, from all races (gasp!). Is there always a real story, or reason, behind everything? Yes, but you won’t get it here. Dig deeper.

  165. Humpy J. Brown says:

    Move along. Nothing to see here, folks. Just your everyday rampaging gorillas. Paul Blart, Mall Cop, will protect you.

  166. Voice says:

    Stories like this make Me all warm and fuzzy. I am so glad I don’t have to be bothered with these sub-humans.

  167. Edward Boothe says:

    Is it going to take a Military Dictator to restore law and order in this country, and in the Congress and White House?

  168. For Pete's sake says:

    Anyone ever watch a European soccer game?

    1. jackactionhero says:

      All the time. I watched Manchester United shut out Wigan Athletic 5-0 two days ago. I didn’t see any fighting. I watch 2 games per week, minimum. So what are you talking about?

  169. clav vlice says:


      1. Planet Of Apes says:

        That makes you colored.

    1. Rick Fernandez says:

      For sure NOT the human race!!!

      1. ol' cracker says:

        Science is finding out what has been known through the past centuries.

    2. toothball says:

      Does this question seriously need to be asked?

  170. jessestone says:

    Racists are so ignorant. they accomplish nothing nor contribute anything to society. Miserable losers who have to demonize another group to make up for their own shortcomings. On college campuses, these things happen all the time. Look at Penn State and Oklahoma State in the last two months. Over 100 arrests(nearly all were white) for rioting, disorderly conduct etc. But the racist losers conveniently leave out those facts.

  171. @Yo says:

    I ax you wus lil wayne thre where he be nex

    1. Rimale says:

      yo man , kan he just rive wear we kind r we wate four the man yo no we whit i means man we be wateing – be waring our ghetto ass kiks whiles we wate. We is reddy four sum aktion we reely is

  172. glenp says:

    I am SHOCKED that it would be our law abiding pillars of community “african amerikan” brothers and sister would do this Why I’ve never heard of such a thing from thes people

  173. BigBoa says:

    Ignore the mighty Boa if you wish. You do so to your own detriment. Like it or not, eradication is the only answer. They are running wild everywhere, now with reports of stabbings, slashings, etc. Fight them in their neighborhoods, or you’ll be doing it in your own. They obviously are not very bright. Considering that they are outnumbered roughly ten to one, if the white population was to wake up and say enough is enough, the blacks would find themselves in danger of extinction in this country. But most likely, they’ll continue to do little to nothing. Don’t wait for YOUR wife, YOUR mother, YOUR child, husband or father to fall victim!

  174. Kevin says:

    There are now over 390,000 immigrants in the twin cities. That is greater than the population of St Paul. There are 27 languages spoken in the St Cloud School District. There are over 50 languages spoken in the Fargo School District. St Paul housing prices have dorped neary 40%, while the property tax in St Paul is nearly 100% higher in some cases. At some point the 52% of MN who pay for the 47% (who do nothing) will revolt like a black youth mob at the Mall Of America……..

  175. glenp says:

    NOTICE the new MEDIA TACTIC of interviewing blonde bimbos when it is involving the lawless BLACK COMMUNITY to distract viewers from the ACTUAL TRUTH

  176. reed richards says:

    planet of the apes!

  177. Lester says:

    gpogle The Thug Report

  178. glenp says:

    C’mon they were celebrating KWAANZA!!! it was KWAANZA KLAUZ who arrives with a DRIVE BY then STEALS ALL THE PRESENTS from under the tree!!

  179. Chicagoan says:

    Hmmm – Rap C rap causing more violence.
    This some of the downfall of this country.

  180. just saying says:

    Anyone ever watch European soccer games?

    1. jackactionhero says:

      All the time. Several per week. I never see any 50 person brawls. Never. You?

  181. jackactionhero says:

    There was never a Jesus, except ones who pronounce it HaySeuss.

  182. Ryan Mouk says:

    What a gaggle of moronic wastes of life. These useless teenagers decided to turn ignorant just because some rappers were rumored to be in the mall. I hope each one of these teenage “pinnacles of society” realizes just how useless and asinine they really are. Maybe if they had that much drive to get a job and pull up their pants our country would be in a better place.

  183. just saying says:

    Ever seen a European soccer match gone bad?

  184. pthesmith says:

    By the looks of this thread, the clan is in full force in MN. Teenagers are mischievous and rowdy. It’s no grand conspiracy. People from all levels of socioeconomic strata engage in criminal activity. Some just wear ties and button-down shirts when they do it. You ignore the fact that it’s criminal (and is a lack of respect for other people, lacks morals, lacks personal responsibility, and relies on bailouts) because they’re not arrested or prosecuted, and they live in gated communities.

    1. just saying says:

      Exactly. Are people afraid to go to a soccer game or a hockey game or a western bar? Seen plenty brawls there.

  185. Marlin Perkins says:

    Chimpage occurs when rumors of low brow hominids who gibber for a living are going to turn up. This in turn causes the low hanging fruit of the hominid tree to turn up in droves where they shake trees, bare their fangs and make mock charges at observers. This could have been prevented had the mall had the foresight to keep a bag of shiny washers and flashy baubles to throw into the pack to control their Wild Kingdom

  186. rosietheterrorist says:

    There’s always fights any time a rapper is present, something about “their culture”. But mostly cuz theys always hoodlums, in the ‘hood, uh huh, ye-ah.

  187. just saying says:

    We all now soccer white soccer fans fight on now and then. We know black teens fight now and then. We know white teens fight now and then.

    You watched soccer two days ago without incidents.

    I went to the mall two days ago without incidents.

    You would think by reading the posts that black teems fight all the time and all black fight.

    Incredible. Why aren’t they afraid of soccer fans.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Your argument falls flat. These are not relevant comparisons and you know it. Or at least you should…

  188. bill says:

    The U.S. is a sorry excuse for a civilized nation.

  189. bigbiz2 says:

    Quit calling them “Teens” Asian, White ,Hispanic and Indian teens don’t act that way.
    Call them what they are “knee grows”

  190. Perpetual Black Rage says:

    How did all those colored kids get to Minneapolis from Mississippi? Welcome to the national black problem, Minneapolis!

  191. Air Jordan lover says:

    Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo I got me some Air Jordans, yo!

  192. Ruth Taylor says:

    Save me a nicka………

  193. Kingfish says:

    WOW, i thought it was the trailer for the new “planet of the apes movie”

  194. Wow Ridiculous! says:

    This is ridiculous! These kids need to grow up! Also I know that the mall makes kids under certain age after 6pm needs to be with an adult. But after this they need to make it that they need to be with an adult at all times when they go to the mall.

  195. Aaron Jabbar says:

    I don’t care what their ethnicity is, these kids are savage animals and should be arrested and punished to the fullest extent of the law. This is why I NEVER hire anyone who has been arrested!

  196. Whitey Aint RIghty says:

    Stupid violent whites… everywhere you look, whitey is shooting, stabbing, and rioting over rappers, basketball shoes, and crack pipes.

  197. Surprise says:

    We need to get the Amish people under control. They leave the homestead and don’t know how to behave…Shame on them

  198. Craig Eliot says:

    “Teeeeens” ….

  199. Big Bear says:

    A generation raised on Rap (aka hate speech). What can you expect.

    I’m thankful I live in a city which is 99% white.

  200. Wow says:

    This is ridiculous! The mall need to change the hours were now that teens need to be with an adult at all times.

  201. Bugs says:

    Wait until the Red Chinese take over and the blacks find out how they’re going to be treated by the new owners. It’s going to be a very rude awakening.

  202. Bugs says:

    Wait until the blacks find out how the Red Chinese are going to treat them after the takeover. Oh mamma! No more stealing, fighting, drugs, murders, etc. A whole new way of life.

  203. Bugs says:

    Ebonic gibberish indeed. Worse than the monkey house at Como.

  204. Moogle says:

    I didn’t know you have black people in Minnesota…

  205. Eric P Turner says:

    thier parents must be so proud that they have raised a bunch of dirty criminal animals that have not one ounce of humanity in them at all i say deport them and their welfare moms straight outa this country like to the north pole and let the starving polar bears have a feast.

  206. Godhelpus says:

    The future of commerce will be all on-line. Malls will be few and far between, going the way of drive-ins and other cultural relics.

    UPS and Fed Ex will move to armored cars since the human-garbage raveging our malls won’t have malls to ravage anymore — they’ll take to attempting to intercepting deliveries.

    This is what happens when we allow the PC-thugs to errode social standards.

  207. Nazi Pelosi says:

    Whether it was here or the stabbings in England or the violence for the Air Jordan sneakers , or violence anywhere in the U.S. or overseas its always N*GGERS . No matter how the liberal white media try so hard to keep race out of it the facts are so clear its always N*GGERS !

  208. Ken Drift says:

    Black culture = Epic failure

    The saddest part about it is that it is accepted behavior by the parents and community leaders.

    Maybe lil wayne could come out and lecture these kids however that would hurt his “street cred”..back to “black culture.


  209. hd says:

    From reading the article above, the riots started when it was rumored that two idoit rappers, Lil’ Wayne & Drake were visiting the mall.

    Could someone please explain the realtionship betwen the rappers showing up and why people would riot because of their visit? Am I to understand that when rappers show up that their fans will riot?

    I am afraid that the IQ of 20 per rap fan is the reason for the riots, but if there is an explanation for why they riot I would be interested in hearing it.

  210. Jeffery Topps says:

    Just Boyz being Boyz. Thanks to all theose fatherless beasts out there.

  211. jason3 says:

    jes niguz being niguz an sit.

  212. Nazi Pelosi says:

    It will never change they will always be N I G G E R S.
    I have heard it all its society and poverty and racism which I used to buy into …20 YEARS AGO ! Now its just the fact that they are a bunch of N*ggers . It is the same in Canada, England and other European countries that have black populations. You have to know the nature of the animal. And when you add a complete lack of accountability in the so called black leadership and the cowarice of the liberal white media it means the problem never ends .

  213. Daniel Plautz says:

    here’s another important fact: In today’s society the recognition of certain facts, in some people’s eyes, makes you a racist.

  214. Michael says:

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you that diverse members of this fine community would do such a thing.

  215. Floyd Pinkfan says:

    Everyone knows this was a hoax. 2 Rappers would never appear together because one would shoot the other.

  216. Willy Brown says:

    They’re Ghetto Rats nothing more.

  217. Monkey Mania says:

    Another day, another chimpout from the worthless subhumans. They don’t belong in a civilized country. They should be rounded up by force and returned to their ancestral homelands … the sooner the better. I’m sick of them.

Comments are closed.

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