You Go Girl!

Check out this little one’s rant.  She gets it.

  • Ross G Kiihn

    John, About music: It must have been a much easier job to be a radio personality back when there was some consensus as to what was desirable music. Back in the late ’50s I’d listen to Franklin Hobbs on WCCO, along with others. They could maintain a discussion on topics when they felt like it, but mainly they were disc jockeys. They could relax while a record was on. Even then there was disagreement about music, but enough agreed to listen to Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis, etc, so that they could hold their listeners. Personally, I can’t stand most of what purports to be music now. To me, it is drug-induced noise: ‘if you can’t sing well, sign loud.’ But I know that I’m of a different generation. That makes the difference, it always has. Good listening to you.

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