MN Woman In Island Litter Case Agrees To Pay $325

MARQUETTE, Mich. (AP) — A Minnesota woman who repeatedly failed to appear in a Michigan court for littering at a national park has agreed to pay $325 to close the case.

Ginger Postells acknowledged that she’s in contempt of court for missing her last hearing in federal court in Marquette, her third no-show at the Upper Peninsula courthouse.

The Braham, Minn., woman was accused of littering at Isle Royale National Park during a visit in July 2010. In a court filing last week, she agreed to pay $225 for the littering ticket and $100 for contempt of court. U.S. Magistrate Judge Timothy Greeley hasn’t responded.

Isle Royale is a national park in the northwest corner of Lake Superior.

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  • Swamp Rat

    Why hasn’t this woman who littered Isle Royale been sentenced to community service punishment like cleaning up the park for thirty(30) days or face jail time cleaning up her local county jail or local parks near her home? Also, why hasn’t she paid hefty fines for her offenses and court contempt charges?

    This case sets a bad precedent for others littering our beautiful parks’ systems. Why didn’t she show up in court in the first place?

    • Cash

      Umm maybe because she doesn’t live there. She probably was on vacation and got the ticket and didn’t want to travel back for the case – it’s quite a drive. And really, they don’t give CS to someone out of state, do they?

      • Swamp Rat

        You’re probably correct about the drive and all but the Michigan courts; which handle these minor Federal charges, Isle Royale is a US National Park; should have handed off the issue to US District Courts in MN or a MN US Federal Magistrate.

        This story lacks further details but in other National Park venues littering is a serious matter. Punishments/Sentences vary along with the fines but this woman got off easy for not correcting the situation when ticketed. She should have known better.

    • em0886

      lol ur kidding right?! If she can’t even show up for court, what in the hell makes you think she will show up for community service?! I don’t agree with what she’s done but just pay the fine and keep it moving!

  • insignificant

    some people need to learn that wilderness areas look much better without trash being tossed about .eh?…and those ignorant ones tossin’ their bait containers in the weeds along shore lines o’ lakes…C”MON!…toss it at home

    • Swamp Rat

      “Stupid is as Stupid does!”—Forrest Gump

  • Roy

    And this is news-worthy because…………?

    • em0886


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  • jean

    this is news worthy because some people need to learn that wilderness areas look much better without trash being tossed about ,to bad more city folk can’t seam to remember what a trash can is used for, have you seen our streets, if the city crews didn’t sweep our streets and kind hearted people didn’t pick-up trash on ours sidewalks and streets can you imagine what it would look like? fine them all :)

  • Littering/Trash. | Two Boot

    […] be a little much for me. Why I am bringing this up is, I read an article that a woman was actually fined for littering in a National park. The stunning part about this to me is that to be caught littering you would need to throw trash […]

  • Roy

    Oh – I totally agree they should not be littering, and they all should be fined for doing so. I’d just rather be informed of the more important things in life.

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