GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — The Green Bay Packers have sold nearly 250,000 shares of stock in the team and will offer 30,000 more shares.

Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy says support for the sale has been “outstanding.” The NFL’s only publicly owned team is selling shares for $250 each, with a $25 handling fee, which means the team has raised about $62 million. Proceeds will go toward a $143 million expansion of Lambeau Field.

The team put the shares on sale on Dec. 6 at Buyers can call themselves NFL owners, though the stock value will not go up and there are no dividends.

Stockholders do get voting rights. And they can attend annual meetings, where they can meet Packers executives and tour the Packers Hall of Fame.

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Comments (7)
  1. Boy George says:

    I just love the Packers. That Clay Matthews is just so dreamy with his Pert Plus hair and that million dollar smile that Aaron Rodgers has. I get moist just thinking of them playing every Sunday.

  2. Pundit says:

    Maybe some of the Vikings should buy shares so they know what it’s like to be involved with a winning team….

    …and a non-sleazy owner.

  3. Mayhem says:

    Why would anyone buy completely worthless “stocks?”

    Unless one is a completely moronic and gullible fudge-packer fan….

    guess I answered my own question….nevemind….

  4. G Dog says:

    $250 for a piece of paper that has no transfer value, no possibility of profit and little in the way of perks sells out AND they put up another 30,000 for suckers to purchase. No wonder the cheeseheads elected Walker as governor.

    PT Barnum is giggling in his grave.

    1. Billy Bob says:

      At least THEY are deciding how to waste their own money and not having the government waste it.

    2. Steve N. says:

      1 billion in taxes for a billionaires new stadium for a bunch of loser. NO new taxes No new stadium No to Ziggy

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