FARGO, N.D. (WCCO) — A black Labrador was rescued in Fargo after getting stuck on the edge of a slab of ice along the Red River.

The Fargo Fire Department responded to the scene near El Zagal Golf Course Tuesday afternoon.

As a video from the department’s helmet camera shows, the Labrador was stuck on the edge of the ice and was attempting to get back to shore.

The dog had apparently gotten away from its home after the owner’s invisible fence equipment stopped working.

Firefighters were able to retrieve the dog while wearing water rescue suits. No one was injured and the dog was returned to its owner.

Comments (8)
  1. Ain't got time to be searched says:

    Slow news day? 🙂

    1. kuyy says:

      For you maybe, most people will enjoy this story. Get a life.

      1. Ain't got time to be searched says:

        Not saying it’s a bad story, just not something you normally see here on ‘CCO. They must not have been able to find enough blood and gore today, so they slipped this in. Why so touchy?? 😉

  2. Ace says:

    After so much bad news, this story helps restore my faith in humanity.

  3. Delly says:

    I can see how a dog can venture out onto the ice. But stupid fishermans Really

  4. Michelle says:

    Just one more reason for people to avoid those shock collar fences. They DO NOT work. Glad the dog was rescued. I hope the owners think twice about their “fence.”

    1. olaf says:

      We have an invisible fence and they DO WORK. We’ve had it for years. Our dog is loose only when we are home. We also check the collar periodically to be sure it is working. There is plenty of warning before the dog is shocked. Much better than locking up the dog in the kennel where he gets no excercise.

    2. E says:

      Totally agree Michelle! Not to mention even if they don’t fail many dogs run through the fence anyway, and then refuse to re-enter. Get a real fence or a zip line!

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