MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Money-transfer businesses that cater to Somali immigrants in Minnesota have stopped accepting money bound for the East African country, a day before a key bank was due to stop processing the transactions.

Hinda Ali, a spokeswoman for the Somali-American Money Services Association in Minneapolis, says 15 money-transfer businesses stopped taking the money because of the decision of Sunrise Community Banks.

The bank announced previously that it would stop processing the transactions on Dec. 30 because it feared it could risk violating government rules intended to fight the financing of terror groups.

On Thursday, the bank released a statement saying it wouldn’t process the transactions without a waiver from the government. It said it would continue to seek one.

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Comments (74)
  1. Hank says:

    This should get about as much support as Occupy /Wallstreet did.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      I’ve dated many Somali men & have found them to be virile,romantic & very easy to partner with..When same sex marriage is enacted into law, I’m pursuing a Somali mate for life!

  2. rw says:

    Put an end to emigration.

    1. jackactionhero says:


      Is that really what you meant to type there – emigration?

      If so, are you aware what emigration IS?

      1. desert eagle .50 says:

        So what exactly IS emigration? Please be specific.

        1. I'm just saying... says:

          .50 – please tell us you are joking. Are you really as dumb as the original poster? Or maybe you’re one and the same? If the poster wants to get rid of emigration, they are wanting to abolish the very solution he/she wants.

      2. sad but true says:

        Arch….I’ve noticed the Mr. 50 cal has called you out a few times on various threads. Put him in his place already!!!!

        1. jackactionhero says:

          His place is right where he is now…

          Barking and running desperately in circles at my heels trying to get my attention.


          1. desert eagle .50 says:

            As I have, Arch. What are you planning to do about it? Please be specific. I think Wal-Mart has Kleenex on sale. Sad to hear you are gay, though. Well, there’s no accounting for tastes. As I said previously, I hope your kids find there father someday. Please be specific! Please be specific.

  3. much love says:

    Get your signs ready, the only people showing up to support you is the media.

    @ rw What is emigration?

    1. cheddarwurst says:

      Definition of EMIGRATE

      intransitive verb
      : to leave one’s place of residence or country to live elsewhere

  4. Brett says:

    How about spending ‘your’ money HERE in Minnesota, instead of transferring it out of the country to a place where THUGS rule? Start supporting the country that supports YOU.

    1. sue says:

      I agree 100% with every anti-somali comment. The only people who are at all supportive of their being here in AMERICA are folks who have never had to deal with them. Never had them move into their neighborhood. They’re used to living in a tent!! You sure don’t want them anywhere nearby. They have no respect for AMERICAN values and they have no morals other than to their allah who tells them to kill the infidels. And WE AMERICANs are viewed as their infidels. What does that tell you, people? They’re not here to make nice and become AMERICANS. They have an agenda. And sending money back to other terrorist organizations is all part of that agenda. Shipping all of them back to somalia would be our best precaution. And would certainly improve the safety of our light rail system, the airport, as well as the quality of life in south Minneapolis and everywhere else they squat.

  5. Sam I am says:

    Of course they will protest – Al Shabab needs the money to blow up more things.

    Go back to your precious homeland, you are not wanted here. You certainly don’t contribute to society.

    Suggestion: Moneygrams or Western Union. Everyone else gets by with them.

  6. NICK says:


  7. See Ya says:

    Why has it gone on for this long? It’s about time we stop this craziness. These freeloaders have been getting by with too much for too long. I’m sick of these rude idiot’s and I think they should all be shipped out of our great country. Sending money is to support terrorism and we are nuts if we let it continue. Not if but when they attack us it is the fault of our own crazy laws and rules. Put them all on an inter tube, give them a paddle and say “bye-bye”

  8. TL says:

    A protest to get other somolians to behave themselves so that the rest of you CAN do what you need to do here so that you can get money to your country would probably be more beneficial. Stop blaming the U.S. for your problems and start looking in the mirror to begin solving them. The U.S. has their own law abiding people to protect – whether they’re from here or not. If youre not on board with that, you probably shouldnt be here in the first place.

  9. buggy says:

    Too Bad – So Sad (laughing all the way down the street I am!)

  10. Sam says:

    Ditto to all above!

  11. God says:

    Well folks, hate to bust up your hate party but not all Somali’s send money back to their homeland and believe it or not, a number of them go to and from work every day just like you…shocking you may say.
    These Somalis are not protesting because they love living in America, just like you. They bring their kids to swim practice, soccer etc….just like you.
    But they are not just like you, as a whole they are better because they respect other cultures. They are not not fat a$$ people sitting on computers belittling other people just so they can feel better about their sorry a$$’s.

    I really think your afraid of ‘em aren’t ya…well, don’t worry, they aint gonna getchya.

    Ok boyz and girlz, time to take a break and go lay down by your dish now.

    1. josie says:

      I would second that, Sam. The people who are allowing Immigrants in our Country live far removed from the Main Streets so they never have to deal with them.

    2. God 2.0 says:

      Deal with a few of them on a personal level … as in provide them services. Then come back and tell us how they “respect” other cultures. Disgusting people they are.

  12. buggy says:

    Okay Mr/Mrs Bleeding Heart — you’re probably on the public dole as well — easy for you to relate — you love getting something for nothing — go fiill your bowl again with your food stamps

  13. DO says:

    Whom ever put the post about somali’s respecting other cultures etc must live in a shell, everyone I’ve come across has an attitude and onlly cares about themselves. They can’t run their own country so they had to run. Grow some balls go back and straighten out your own country cause we don’t need anymore whiners.

  14. Mother Jones says:

    I hope I and many other “white” friends can join the protest. I know I will contact my Senators and Rep to ask the Treasury Dept to make it so that Somalis can send their money through secure channels to their family members.
    I do this because I know my ansestors at one time were considered ‘enemies” and worked to send money back home so their brothers/sister/parents/cousins could survived and not starve to death.

    1. josie says:

      Different times, back then we had enough room for Immigrants, not any more. We cannot afford to keep allowing everyone in this Country.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        So your attitude is based on how much “room” there is in this country?

        What statistical evidence are you basing that on, josie?

        1. josie says:

          Look around Jack, we have no money and no jobs. If we keep bringing people here, we will be the same as China. Get real!

    2. Kevin says:

      Your a freakin moron….

  15. Mother Jones says:

    I am sicken by all the racist, bigoted hateful comments made in response to the article. But we know through history that there has always been hate and violence towards new immigrants so this country. It is shameful how those who are decended from immigrants spew the same hate their forebears had to endure.
    I also think it is shameful that CBS news would leave these hateful and racists posts up. It does nothing but create hate.

    1. mohammad says:

      You are a good little infidel Mother Jones, we shall come for you last

    2. Tracer says:

      Then power off your computer and don’t read them idiot

  16. Kelly K says:

    You must be part of the Lutheran Church group that brings them all here. If so, you support them

  17. Old Saying says:

    Give a man a fish and he eats for a day ….

    Give a somalian a fish … he build fish bomb

  18. Buggy says:

    You must be a big fan of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory show cuz I don’t know where you are getting your facts — from the liberal media machine????

  19. On my break from actually working says:



  20. sam says:

    this just boils down to the fact that it was the Somalians who did this to themselves. Some of them had to ruin it for the rest of them. They should be protesting their own people not the bank. If their own people didn’t funnel money to the terrorists, they would still be able to send money to their loved ones.

  21. Common Cents says:

    If they don’t like it here, they can leave. If they don’t like it there, well, they can leave there just as well. Nobody is forcing you to live where you do, that is a choice.If is sux, move!

    We as a country need to help ourselves before we can help others.

    1. our country! says:

      Sam~ I totally agree with your comment. They ruined it for themselves and we need to protect our country here in the USA!

  22. Citizen says:

    Our Senators and Reps govern in the USA not Somalia. Their responsibilities are to the US citizens, not to the citizens of Somalia.

  23. josie says:

    PROPAGANDA……………………………..be careful of what you write Mother, you may have to back it up.

  24. stubby says:

    Tell you what Mother Jones, empty your bank account , get a passport and so us all a favor and move to that wonderful country. Let them all starve, they have done nothing to further world peace.

    1. stubby says:

      should have been “do us all a favor”

  25. josie says:

    Enough is enough Mother, do your ranting some place else. You must be high on something because you are unaware that everyone is tired of your rants. Put all this energy in something worthwhile like Salvation Army bell ringing! Or go to Somalia and ‘help out”.

  26. See Ya says:

    Maybe they should start sending some birth control over to their poor little country. That is what they need to start sending their families. Why do they keep breeding like rabbits if they can not feed their offspring? It’s a no brainer. Don’t bring babies into this world if you need to count on others to feed them. To ALL the free loaders out there, GET A JOB.. . . Or at least make an attempt to take care of yourselves instead of expecting us hard working people to supper your lazy ass.

  27. sam says:

    Mother Jones – all you are doing is cutting and pasting some jibberish you found someplace on the internet. You probably didn’t do any fact-checking.

  28. MARKIE says:

    I do not like somalian & Ethophian either as they are dirty smells bad they do not clean themself. Im glad that governement or bank ended transfer money to another country. I do not know where they got the money from here in US either they got job or our tax payer (welfare). They do not deserve welfare money as they are not US citizen.

    1. I'm just saying... says:

      and you are, Markie?? Please tell us where you really learned English because it isn’t very fluent.

      1. MARKIE says:

        Dear Im just saying,

        Please go out in the field and sit on it Hmm!!!

  29. Cameron Mckelroy says:

    All I see here is a lot of of people blaming their problems on minorities. Here’s a clue: you’re not unemployed because a Somali took your job. You’re unemployed because you’re an antisocial jerk who couldn’t work with someone who didn’t look like you, and on top of that you can’t take responsibility for yourself!

    Tell you what: if you don’t like living in a melting pot, YOU are perfectly entitled to leave! You do not own this country, you’re not any more entitled to it than anyone else, even though you seem to think you are owed something by virtue of your race and country of origin.

    1. Whitey Fjord says:

      Except this isn’t a melting pot anymore. A better analogy is a salad bowl. When MY parents immigrated, they left the old country behind and became AMERICAN. They assimilated into American society. Unlike most of these individuals who want to stay Somalian yet take anything and everything this country will give them. People would be more tolerant if these people assimilated into society, hence the melting pot analogy. Trust me; there are plenty of liberal sponsored programs to help them do that.

      1. Cameron Mckelroy says:

        Your ancestors assimilated? I bet you all the Lutheran churches and lutefisk in the state that that is not true.

        The first European immigrants displaced and killed the Americans that were already here. The second wave–the Germans and Scandinavians that I belong to and I assume from the handle that you do as well–completely dismantled America’s British and Anglican/Catholic roots and plugged in their own cultures, lifestyles and religions.

        Given America’s track record with white Europeans refusing to assimilate, I’d say we’re getting off easy with the Somalians. There are simply a lot of people who think that when I do it, it’s a celebration of my heritage, but when you do it, it’s a failure to “Americanize” yourself.

        1. josie says:

          I sure do not hear Swedish and Norwegian spoken in stores as I hear Spanish and “Gibberish”. Who hasn’t assimilated, Cameron? I see people from other Countries holding up their flags, go home and salute your flag. When you are in America, respect us and keep your flag at home and speak English. I work with Somalian men and they talk about their “second and third” wives. Assimilation, I doubt it. Look around, Cameron and look at the real world.

          1. blue says:

            I agree Josie. At my house we remember and celebrate our German ancestors, but we are first and foremost American. We don’t expect the rest of the country to change into Germany for us and we only fly the American flag.

  30. Cameron Mckelroy says:

    When you think about it, American conservatives actually have a perfectly good reason for hating Somalia: as the most limited government and the least taxed country in the world, Somalia is proof that conservative policies don’t work!

    1. cindy says:

      So North korea is utopia for you?

  31. Cameron Mckelroy says:

    When you think about it, American conservatives actually have a perfectly good reason for hating Somalia: as the most limited government and the least taxed country in the world, Somalia is proof that the entire conservative platform doesn’t work!

    1. ramdt says:

      So North korea is utopia for you?

      1. Cameron Mckelroy says:

        Know how I know that you’re posting under multiple names to create the illusion of legitimacy for your views?

        1. Ha! says:

          Know how I know your AKAs?? Just use your real handle. Everyone knows.

  32. jackactionhero says:

    That’s the story you were told.

    Maybe that’s even the story they were told.

  33. jackactionhero says:

    It is not in the best interest of the security of this nation to allow it. Period.

    1. desert eagle .50 says:

      How is “it” not in the best interest of the security of the nation? Please be specific.

  34. See ya says:

    Hey Mother Jones, Do you pay taxes? If so, do you like paying for lazy people that hate you and all of us Americans? Are you that stupid that you are not aware of what these mean, evil terrorists are doing with our hard earned money? They live to take advantage of American’s and it is only a matter of time before they strike again. If you don’t pay taxes then I understand why you side with them. You may also be a free loader and take advantage of us hard working tax payers. Solution to over populated country that can’t feed their families: Birth control.

  35. NormanNormal says:

    Somalia culture is to lie cheat steal lie some more etc There is no honesty in their culture. Their culture is just wrong. It is a very bad culture and should be wiped out.

  36. TL the alligator says:

    none of these somalians should even be here nor are they wanted here….let them whine and cry all they want, NONE of them speak out against terrorism and yet they think we’ll just coddle them a little more. If it was up to me i’d send 80% of them back for failing or refusing to assimilate or because of criminal activity……..i hope no more money is able to be sent over there.

  37. GH says:

    I worked with these people first hand and they treated me like dirt because I was a white woman! Don’t tell me they respect other cultures unless you actually know them. After my experience with these people, I hope to never speak to or even look at another simali again!

  38. Jessica says:

    Here is something for all of you to think about. In Minnesota we take all the somali’s and support them for 7 years! Do you all have any idea how much the state of Minnesota is giving these people to live here. I believe I heard it is $2500 per person per month!!!!! So what do they do? They keep having kids!!! This is crazy!!! Then they send the money back to their country and we are funding the terror groups. Minnesota needs to wake up and stop wasting my hard earned taxpayer money on these good for nothing immigrants that want nothing but a hand out. I know a labor and delivery nurse at Fairview hospital in burnsville and most of the women giving birth there are somali’s. They are also very demanding and rude. We are paying for all of this. Wake up!!!

  39. Pirate killer says:

    Guess what? Mother Jones is really Mutha Omar Jamal, the biggest Somali pimp in America.

  40. Kevin says:

    A little more showering a little less protesting….

  41. not a good life says:

    Your’e looney Mother Jones. I worked for a govt. agency that employed many Somalis. Talk to the women.Ask them how they are treated at home.

  42. somali-amercian dude says:

    What advance world are we living in our government can’t even allowed bunches of villages people have couple hundred dollar’s month to sustained their lives!

    Tried to relate the strangers to what was familiar in their world

  43. Tom says:

    send the stinking pigs home, they smell like s–t don’t they ever take a bath ??

  44. Tom says:

    send the stinking pigs home, they all stink don’t they ever take a bath ??

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