For many people, the New Year brings yet another attempt to change up one’s diet or exercise routine. It also brings with it the realization that doing so isn’t so easy.

But two Minnesota women were able to both shed the pounds and keep them off for years with the help they got from the Weight Watchers program. To see how they did it, watch the video above.

  1. vesta44 says:

    It’s not a “lifestyle change”, it’s a DIET, and it’s one they’re going to have to follow for the rest of their lives if they want to keep that 25 lbs and 40 lbs off for the rest of their lives. I’m betting that they’ve also added about an hour a day of exercise into their lives and they’re obsessive about watching every calorie they eat. And How many years have they kept the weight off? 5 years is the gold standard for successful weight loss, and Weight Watchers record on that front isn’t so good – only 2% of the people who join manage to keep the weight they lost off for that long. Most regain what they lost and have to come back again and again and again. Why do you think the weight loss industry makes $60 billion a year in this country? If diets worked for long-term weight loss, there wouldn’t be any fat people and the weight loss industry would go broke.

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