New MN Laws Rolling Out For 2012

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — A number of new laws go into effect on Sunday as Minnesota enters a new year.

One will require those getting driver’s licenses to test for their awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning. Signs have already been posted and information included in driver’s manuals in connection with “Tyler’s Law,” which resulted after a University of Minnesota student accidentally died while installing speakers inside an open garage. The cold air led to heightened levels of carbon monoxide output.

Another new law will update consumer insurance claims statutes regarding cell phones and other portable electronic devices. The law will allow supervised claims processors and non-licensed insurance adjusters to use a computerized claims adjustment system for data collection, calculation and resolution.

Two new laws regarding health and human services also go into effect with the arrival of 2012. One changes state statues on nursing home reimbursement rates to meet new federal requirements. The other will ask those applying for driver’s licenses or state ID cards if they would like to contribute $2 to an organ donor awareness campaign.

  • Plain Truth

    One of the new laws is that Rep. Albers of Anoka, wants to and has cut the pay of relatives caring for vulnerable adults and children. He feels that they should be cared for by total strangers and pedophiles for full pay, of course they will not be able to tell anyone, as they are vulnerable, and many canot speak. Thank you Republicans for this change.

    • In the know

      You certainly are being extreme with your accusations. First, employed caregivers require a cleared background study and 30+ hours of training prior to their first hour of direct care service. Second, family members can provide care, but at a reduced rate (as it should be since these daily rates are on avg. $140/day). Lastly, not everyone is a pedophile or predatory of the vulnerable. I agree with Anita… family is family and should be provided funds to assist to the disabled relative but not to profit from them.

    • Anita handout

      The state is paying people to watch over their own family? What a scam! it used to be that family did that for one another just because.

      Thanks democrats for creating such a selfish entitlement crazed society that pathetically thinks they are owed something for caring for their own family.

      • Citizen

        When someone gives up a job or career to care for a vulnerable member of their family, they should be paid. They have sacrificed income and a career to see that a relative is cared for. If we can pay strangers, we can pay relatives. The only selfishness I see right now, is your post!

        • Anita handout

          Right, so a mother with a few young children that decides to quit her job to stay at home and care for them deserves the money of a stranger that decides to work for a living.

          Welfare is awesome! Free money, Free money, Free money!!!!

          Maybe if she has a couple of more kids while staying home we should take even more money from the working to give to her, then things would be even more fair!

          • Oh yeah!!

            I disagree with Anita handout on this one. You get such HUGE money on welfare, everyone should quit working and go on the dole.

            Why you can get almost $550.00 of free money a month. Only catch is you have to support two kids on that, but hey, they don’t eat much. Besides, you can get almost $200.00 of food stamps each and every month for groceries.

            With what’s left over, just think of all the stuff you could buy!!

            • Jason

              @ oh yeah,also dont forget sec 8 housing.

              • Jason

                @ oh yeah, health care paid as well

                • Occupy Libera

                  Where do I sign up to get free money?

      • No free lunch

        Dear Anita: please think before you open your gapping mouth. I do not believe it is selfish or pathetic when everyone agrees that it’s ok to pay a pedophile or predator as Mr. Abler thinks we should, But when the parents of a vulnerable, speechless adult decide to take care of him themselves, this is just family taking care of family. You are a criminal.

        What rediculous radio show is telling you this!!!

  • zee the reporter

    minnesota the land of 10000 laws!

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  • Blah

    We should have a law where we can investigate all electronic communications of insurance companies. They are more likely to be corrupt than normal citizens

  • Plain truth

    Would you leave your loved one for 10 hours alone in your home with someone that you know is a recent suicide, how about a recent crack addict, or a prostitution convistion, domestic abuse conviction….How about putting them on a bus with a person their teachers say is drunk…and the state makes laws about privacy preventing parents from searching backgrounds of these bus drivers….and gives waivers to these same people to work in home care?? How about if they are totally vulnerable, can’t speak etc.

  • All the Facts

    Hey Anita,

    How many times a day do you feed your totally vulnerable son, or how many times do you change their diapers, or how many times do you do their wet bedding everyday…I suppose your talk show forgot to mention this!! You seem to think these payments are for totally “normal” kids. This is not the case or did you forget? Cost for normal kids = $0. Check the facts.

    • Jason

      your kids your problem. my kids my problem. simple.

      • All the facts

        Who says kids? Maybe this is an adult. maybe I was making waaaaaay more money before I decided it was just tooo dangerous to send my vulnerable adult to daycare, although I was eligible. This is very profitable…losing money.

      • Republican way

        Maybe I should be responsible for just the pavement in front of my house? Maybe some are responsible and some are not. Oh well.

  • Best left alone

    Watch out what you ask for!! Remember things were so good last century, and the early part of this century. Except for the huge swings in the economy, things were great right!! Except for those on the poor farms etc…

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