Gallery: Penthouse At The Ivy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — WCCO is ‘Unlocking the Twin Cities’ and going behind the scene to see some cool luxury places in Minnesota.

Most people have driven past the Hotel Ivy, but have you ever seen its most expensive guest room? Angela Davis got a chance to take us inside this penthouse suite where some big-time celebs have stayed.

Your first impression might be that it looks like someone’s very tidy home.

“This is the living room, we have a leather sofa, TV and wet bar over there,” pointed out Hotel Ivy manager Patrick Algyer.

Managers at the Hotel Ivy say many of the people who stay in the penthouse suite are business travelers and other people who are on the road a lot. That homey, comfy feeling you get here is intentional.

“Luxury is all about having everything at your fingertips, the bathrobe, slippers, bed, rose petals,” said Algyer. “Everything you have right here, without having to ask for it.”

When you’re done lounging and are ready to work, just head up to the second level of this suite. There you’ll find a desk, a sofa and another chair to relax on.

“This is the top floor of the tower, so technically we are on floor 10, rather than floor 9,” said Algyer.

In the last year, managers say several celebrities have stayed here, such as comedian Jerry Seinfeld and music superstars Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Sade.

And if an overnight stay at the hotel is not enough, you have an option on the condo side of the Ivy. Once it’s finished, the 4,000 square foot penthouse condo — with plenty of windows and amazing views of downtown — will be for sale. It will sell for about $3 million.

The penthouse suite at the Hotel Ivy goes for about $3,000 a night.

Comments (6)
  1. Citizen says:

    Why, when so many people are struggling with unemployment, hunger, and homelessness, is ‘CCO doing this type of story? Who cares about this luxury? ‘CCO are you promoting this hotel suite with freebie marketing? I read your website and comment less and less because it is becoming all too obvious how this station panders to corporation sponsors and the politically powerful. Journalism taken to a new low.

    1. gimme break says:

      The winners tell jokes and the losers say shut up and deal.

  2. PS says:

    Greed is: A $3,000/night to stay in a hotel.

    Find true happiness by spending your money on things that really matter; pay your employees more money so they can send their children to college, so they can pay for their out rages medical expenses, and absorb their cost of living. Find a good organization to help families find affordable health care and tuition help.

  3. Kevin says:

    Ocupy Mpls should head there…..this makes me sick….$3000 a night? Reall?

    1. Schenectady says:

      Dunno about the rose petals part, but you do get free magic fingers and cable TV.

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