MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The hockey community is coming together, praying a young player can recover from a serious injury he suffered Friday on the ice.

Jack Jablonski is a sophomore at Benilde-St. Margaret, and he got checked into the boards from behind during a tournament, his coach said.

Doctors say the incident likely severely bruised his spinal cord. He’s been in the hospital since.

According to his Caring Bridge site, doctors will have to wait until the swelling goes down to know how to best treat him.

Comments (3)
  1. ELIMINATE CHECKING (and fighting!!)! says:

    #1 (and most importantly) here’s hoping this young man make a good/complete recovery! 🙂
    #2 hockey needs to become more of a finesse sport, relying on out-skating, out- thinking, out-quicking your opponents. There is no reason to check to the point of injury…..and the pros fighting….what a nice example for the youth…NOT. 😦
    `A hockey fan & parent~

  2. Hockey Fan says:

    Best wishes!

  3. rayjay says:

    Any checking from behind should result with 1 year suspension. Of course will the refs call it then? God bless this young man and best wishes for a full recovery. I have 5 grand kiks playing at every amateur level. Scary sport because of the violence. Clean it up.

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