MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We all want our kids to do good in school. Now, a new study shows If you want your child to get better grades you may want to make sure they’re getting physically active.

Researchers in the Netherlands analyzed 14 studies from the United States, Canada and South Africa and found strong evidence of a relationship between physical activity and academic performance.

“Increased circulation to the brain, it may have some positive effects in terms of the neurotransmitters, the chemicals that are responsible for behavior and learning and even in terms of attention span,” said Dr. Andrew Adesman.

Most of the studies focused on the physical activity kids got at school, from gym class to sports clubs. But many school systems are cutting sports and physical education programs to save money.

Pediatricians hope these new findings will put an emphasis back on exercise.

“What we can’t do is continue to cut physical activity from the schedule of children in grade school with the thought that it’s going to improve their academics. In fact it may work against us,” Adesman said.

Comments (7)
  1. on knees says:

    ….Maybe Michelle can pray for better grades.

  2. Brett says:

    Gee, REALLY??? It took until 2012 before ANYBODY could make that discovery, with all of the PhDs and Masters Degrees out there?? Hmmm….”Would it be better for a child to be physically and MENTALLY fit, or would it be better for the kid to be FAT and STUPID, because all they did was eat junk food and sit on the couch playing video games all day?” Oh, but PUHLEEZE, let’s not violate ANYBODY’S “privacy” and investigate the families of those children who are obese and doing poorly in school, to see if they are living in a ‘nurturing’ environment. THAT would violate SOMEBODY’S ‘rights’, especially if they were receiving any ‘entitlements’.

    1. mediadumbsdown says:

      agree,and parents,you have to get your little ones off from in front of the various screens and get outdoors more often

  3. Vivek says:

    Your Information is so Informative.

  4. keel says:

    Another study conducted in the UK found that children who did poorly in school also lacked structure in their home lives. Most reported that they did not have set times for bed or meals. So…after all these years of experimentation in education, we find out that the way things were done 50 years ago in this country, were correct…at least as far as providing children with the basic necessities for learning, health and growth as a human being. My parents weren’t being mean when they made me go to bed at a certain time…or sit down for meals…or get off my butt and go outside to play with the neighborhood kids. Evidently our teachers who took us outside to play 3 times a day, and taught us the rules of games and behavior were correct as well. Apparently our position as the leading country in education, manufacturing, finance, military…and all the rest came, at least in part, from leading disciplined lives. Growth comes through meeting challenges and attaining goals…sometimes difficult ones. Simply amazing.

    1. @keel says:

      keel…good post…truth

  5. tan pup says:

    Hungry kids – tired kids – scared kids – all play a part in learning – What a stupid study – due to the obvijous – but worth it if it gets kids outside and schools start recess again for those who need a piece of paper by “experts”. Being active helps EVEYONE! This weekend I took a 7 mile walk and when I got home, not tired, I actually got a lot done – I felt so good! I thought I would be tired, but it was like getting all the pent up energy out and I felt refreshed! I can’t wait till I can get out again! Kids should have that feeling – plus keeping active helps teens with their “moods”.

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