EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) — Zygi Wilf says Minnesota Vikings ownership met with state Sens. Julie Rosen and Dave Senjem and feels a stadium “is going to be in the works shortly.”

Wilf met with the legislative leaders on Tuesday morning to discuss the progress the team has made on compiling a package to send to the Legislature for approval. Wilf says both Rosen and Senjem “are very encouraged on the progress we’re making.”

Rosen says they talked about moving the stadium issue forward.

Wilf says the team is still hoping to build the new stadium in the St. Paul suburb of Arden Hills. There has been a push at the Capitol to consider downtown Minneapolis. Wilf says Arden Hills remains his Plan A, but they are considering all options to get a deal done.

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Comments (32)
  1. Mike says:

    Plan A should be winning some games…..

  2. Zippy Wilt says:

    GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR MONEY NOW (except rich effers, I only demand it from all the poor and middle class) OR I WILL HAVE A TAMTRUM AND GO TO L A AND BUY A TRILLION DOLLAR CONDO IN N Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. A vikes fan who wants a new stadium says:

    I am stupid.

    1. Perry says:

      Tell us something we don’t know.

  4. MIKA says:

    Minnesota government borrowed 640 million to make budget.
    Is this what we spend borrowed money on?

  5. Sandy says:

    Love how it is referred to as the Ziggy Wilf (wolf) deal. How about if he pays for his own deal? We all pay for our own “deals”, unles Ziggy wants to pay for ours too?

  6. Paul Bunyan says:


    1. Guy says:

      Better news – have the moving vans show up; pack ’em all up & hall all the thugs, wife abusers, drunken drivers; maniac drivers & general loosers (ie the entire viqueens team) off to LA

      1. PLATOON says:

        Check out the big brain on GUY!!!Yeah,your posting makes you look like the drunk loser at 12:11 on a Tuesday night,have another one Gal.

  7. Ziggy fill my pants wilf says:

    No thanks ziggy. The deal’s going nowhere.

  8. DBowie says:

    Ziggy played guitar…wrong Ziggy, then f Zygi.

    1. Sandy says:

      And was a fictional cartoon character – let him pay for Ziggy Land.

  9. Ace says:

    We don’t seem to have enough money to take care of the ice on the roads so how are we going to pay for some losers to feel good about themselves? And by the way, why should we?

  10. walnut says:

    Obviously some certain idiots think money grows on trees like there is no tomorrow.

  11. Vikings da Bomb says:

    Its only money. Good grief, the money will be rolling in once this is built. The Vikings will be winning games in a new facility. They will be winning superbowls and the stadium will bring us much glory and fame.
    Now cough up that little dab o money and just build the silly thing. It is cheap at twice the price.

    1. Truth says:

      There are no economic benefits to taxpayer subsidized stadiums. Anyone who tells you different is lying.


      1. Vikings da Bomb says:

        pppppfffffffffttttttttt. Its only money, Good grief, people are as tight as tree bark when it comes to funding these win win deals. Just open up that steamy wallet and give some to them Vikings. They deserve this and will be better off once it is built. The state will be reaping the benefits in only a few short years. Build the silly thing now.

        1. walter says:

          When the owners and players live elsewhere, hence spend there money elsewhere With Ziggy needing more profit, the less there will be for people to spend locally. So what benefit is there to a stadium?

  12. xxx says:

    The U builds a new stadium and the gophers lose.
    The Twins build a new stadium and the Twins lose.
    The Vikings put a new roof on the stadium and the Vikings lose.

    Sounds like a trend here.

    1. yyy says:

      Maybe the Vikings should play where the Lynx play.

  13. b says:

    the u never should of got its own stadium the money should of spent on one facilty the vikings and gophers can play at

  14. Walter says:

    State of California is not going to pay for a stadium, they are broke. City of LA is not much better. If the climate for football was so great in LA why did football teams leave there? LA follows when you win, ignores you when you lose. The private stadium people in LA will not buy this busted piece of junk from the Wilfs unless they have a lot of money to lose.

  15. Brad says:

    Let’s get this done, keep the Vikings in Minnesota where they belong, and move on with life.

  16. manix67 says:

    The Vikings, Twins, and the Gophers all used to play in the same facility. Now the Vikings want their very own new stadium for just 8 home games a year? There’s no way to justify this … not unless they pay for it themselves. Yup, with the new roof and new turf at the Metrodome the Vikes are doing fine right were they are.

  17. Rick James says:


    8 games doesn’t seem like much, but what you don’t realize is that those 8 games bring in 25 Million per year! Say the taxpayers pay 400 million of that stadium. It would take 15 years to pay that off and that doesn’t even include a SuperBowl, Final four and other HUGE events that bring in money! A Superbowl itself will bring in 100+Million. Either way we will be stuck with paying for it and it will be built! So you mine as well put you r tail between your legs and buck up because the stadium WILL be built!

    1. well says:

      People will spend their disposable income at other establishments around the state.

      1. Season ticket holder says:

        Rick James has it right. Plus the vikings play 10 games a year at home 2 preseason and 8 regular season. Also, you can host other events at the stadium, it doesn’t have to be just football. Concerts and other sporting events can be entertained.

        The stadium will be built whether you like it or not so get over it! You can complain that tax dollars are being spent the wrong way by funding a stadium, but did they also fund the rebuilt 35W bridge? Or the guthrie? Light rail? Think about it!

        Education doesn’t need taxpayer dollars, the Teachers Union takes enough money from state employees already. Also, healthcare is doing just fine! They make enough for bogus costs to people who don’t have insurance and rip people off who have insurance.

  18. The Analyst says:

    The people of Hennepin County were too stupid and clueless to control their politicians (the four Hennepin County commissioners who took away their right to vote and stuck them with a tax that will cost each person around $1,000).

    Hopefully the people of Minnesota have a little more on the ball.

    Call or email your representative now.


  19. well says:

    Why aren’t the taxpayers being updated on the progress other than saying, “We are getting close”?

  20. Zip for Zippy says:

    The King of Beggars can pack up his losing team and leave the great state of Minnesota.

    Unless he’s willing to pay his own way like everybody else he can take his greed elsewhere.

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