2 Arrested, None Injured In Officer-Involved Shooting

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – Two men were arrested in Wednesday afternoon after one brandished a handgun at a St. Paul Police officer, authorities said.

The incident happened just after noon on the 1800 block of Stillwater Avenue. Police, working on an ongoing investigation in the area, got a tip that a group of men in the area might have a weapon. When they arrived and encountered the group, a suspect was seen with a gun and refused an officer’s demands to drop it.

That prompted the officer to fire his weapon. The suspect fled the scene and was arrested a short time later. None of the suspects was shot in the incident.

Two guns were recovered by officers at the scene, prompting two arrests. Deandre Traville Parker Thomas and Quincy Morrow, both 23 of St. Paul, were booked into the Ramsey County Jail on suspicion of an ineligible person in possession of a firearm.

The officer involved in the incident is being placed on a three-day administrative leave, which is normal procedure for this incident.

  • here we go again

    Doggone white chaps at it again. Why they always were that shoe polish on their faces?

    • Chris Craft

      Coons & Guns…Guns & Coons..

  • Kevin

    Did you know that 4% of MN is black…..while 40% of MN prison inmates are black??? Its a wonderful life….

    • I get it

      I realize that myself….guess it dawned on me again when I saw Lily white Amy Senser driving down the road. She a minority of any color she’s already serving 2-5.Rich and white = free ride usually.
      ain’t America grand !

      • justsayin

        I think its just the Poor and the Rich – not so much the race

  • Larry F.

    Wake up jody, you’re missing a big chance for your zinger!

    • Dave

      There it is,… the ‘ol stand by. One hit wonder there Jody? You should collaborate with Kevin and make some kind of awesome power duo post, you’d be AwEsOmE.

      • Kevin

        No one hit wonder here davie….I just state the facts…..any time that you would like to see my sources let me know…..you salad tossing little castarated liaberal…

        • @Kevin

          ‘The facts according to Kevin’…ain’t life grand?…..YOU are a racist, narrow minded individual…please put down your periscope Kevin, which will really broaden your horizons.

  • Sam I am

    And they were just turning their lives around.

  • Billy

    “arrested in Wednesday afternoon” Don’t you mean, “on wednesday afternoon”.

    I swear, the WCCO editor of this website must have a third grade education.

    I have caughtt soo many errors and mistakes the editor has made, I am surprised he still has a job..

    • @ Billy

      Bet you could have ‘caughtt soo’ many more errors, IF ONLY YOU knew how to spell as well…too bad for you…bummer!

    • Masters maybe?

      Highly educated white folk at it again….
      ain’t America grand !

  • mom g

    My Lord is anyone else getting sick of this? Thank God violent crime is down in the cities……MPR would not lie to us would they?

  • chinwhiskers

    Oh, quit knocking the races, whatever they are.
    If the cop shot and the “suspect” fled, maybe the cop should spend his administrative leave at the target range.

  • gimme my drugs and welfare

    @jody. Funny how they all come here from Chicago.

  • tom

    That officer needs to go back to the range to learn how to shoot

  • KegHead

    Coke heads? Meth heads?

    • ...


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