Judge Orders Arrest In Anti-Catholic Court Filings

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A judge has ordered the arrest of a Minnesota attorney who has made repeated anti-Catholic slurs in court filings.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Nancy Dreher held Naomi Isaacson in contempt for failing to appear at a hearing Wednesday in Minneapolis about whether Issacson should be sanctioned for the filings.

The judge also ordered Issacson and fellow attorney Rebekah Nett to pay $5,000 apiece in penalties for what she called “unsupported and outrageous allegations of bigotry, deceit, conspiracy and scandalous statements against this court.”

The filing came in November in a long-running bankruptcy case involving a subsidiary of a Shawano, Wis.-based religious group, the Dr. R.C. Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology.

The two women represent the group and their filings seem to reflect the group’s anti-Catholic views.

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  • DAK

    Are you nuts?

    • but of course

      If you’re referring to the boy about you, oh yes.

  • jackactionhero

    A bankruptcy judge? Good grief. She doesn’t even preside over criminal court.

    Getting a little big for your britches there, Nancy, don’t you think?

    • Country Girl

      Exactly what kind of court do you preside over DUMB A**!

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