Man Gets 10 Years For Being ‘Danger To Public Safety’

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 34-year-old Minneapolis man faces a 10-year prison sentence after a jury found him to be a danger to public safety.

On Wednesday, Darryl Donail Walker was sentenced in the Hennepin County District Court. His sentence is about double what he would have received for a felon in possession of a firearm and fifth-degree drug possession, for which he was convicted.

According to authorities, in May, police were sent to execute a drug search warrant at Walker’s North Minneapolis. When they arrived, they saw him toss something out of a window, which was later identified as a handgun.

  • Dave

    Good work Hennepin County District Court, keep it coming.

    • mary

      I agree. 10 years sounds good.

  • TL the alligator

    i’d have given him 16, that way he’d have to serve at least 12 before being considered for release…, make that twenty with no parole…..i’d like to see a picture of what this loser looks like, i’ll bet he’s a norwegian.

  • Kevin

    Aint Michelle Bachmann great

    • URATurd

      You commenting on the wrong story or you just a fkn moron?

  • Darren

    I agree Kevin. Michelle Bachmann is great.

    • Dave

      Michele is great. Why doesn’t she run for some type of office?

  • Mike

    Why don’t you finish your lesson Kevin and tells us how minorities also make up a large segment of the poor and are unemployed or have overwhelming challenges living with overt racism and bigotry?
    Not everyone can has the convenience of being able to hire expensive attorneys like Amy Sensor who left the scene of a murder she is responsible for and has served less than 4 hours in jail. The problem with crime and your statistical analysis is that you always sees to forgo the responsibility that bigotry, racism, poverty and hatred for others unlike yourself play into the equation.

    • Norman Rockwell

      Hows that white guilt liberal coat fittin ya Mikey? Your embrace of all things Knee-Grow & Culturally diverse shows just how naive & clueless you really are..

    • Kevin

      Darwins law dipchit

    • don't diss me

      Your’e a funny one Mike.

    • blackie

      well said mike

  • Jeff

    @Mike- call a spade a spade you moron….

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