ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota’s political parties will argue for their plans to redraw the state’s political boundaries before a panel of the Minnesota Supreme Court.

The Special Redistricting Panel meets Wednesday in St. Paul. Its members will hear arguments from attorneys for Democrats and Republicans, who have offered conflicting proposals for the once-per-decade process of adjusting congressional and legislative districts to reflect population changes.

The Minnesota GOP plan would keep all eight of Minnesota’s members of Congress in their current districts. But the DFL’s plan would make significant changes. Most controversially, it would put Minnesota’s only two female representatives — Michele Bachmann and Betty McCollum — in the same district.

A McCollum aide criticized that proposal as “bizarre.”

The redistricting panel is expected to release its own plan by the end of February.

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  1. middle of the road says:

    Interesting how we have evolved over the years. Frist it was the party in power made the decision. Then there was compromise, and now before the party in power can even try to draw a line, the minority party files a law suit and a judge decides. Whatever happened between seperation between the three branches of government? It appears the legal system is controlling everything now and those with the most money get the best lawyers and win.

  2. Enough says:

    No one local is to be trusted. Perhaps someone from outside the country (Canada or England) could be contracted to do it.

    Here is a example of what happens when the politicians do it:


    The map is a perversion.

  3. dan says:

    Go figure, Minnesota votes Republican once in how many years and the Liberals are up in arms. We need to change the districts to favor us again!

  4. Alex V says:

    The “party in power” did pass a plan out of the legislature. However, their “plan” included zero competitive congressional districts and was gerrymandered beyond belief, so the Governor rightly vetoed it. It now goes to the courts to decide, and they will publish the new map on Feb 21. Like or it not, that’s the process in Minnesota.

  5. Swamp Fox says:

    Sorry to sound like I am picking a verbal fight with with you but when was the last time you read the Constitution and related Federal Statutes regarding redistricting? It’s there right in front of us that redistricting occurs every 10 years after the Census is taken.

    Most states deal with redistricting, or, gerrymandering with machine like precision or let the courts deal with it when necessary. That’s the way it should be but in Minnesota’s case it becomes a major political snafu that creates a larger mess every 10 years that gets everybody riled up.

    Yes, the redistricting process is political but the Constitution’s authors didn’t want any one faction to rule dictatorially or be monarchist. It’s a crazy balance of power, that since the Constitution was ratified in 1789, has, to the amazement of all concerned, worked well for all to see. This is one of the beauties, albeit messy at times, of the American system of governance.

    The balance of the three branches of government do have their separation of powers as defined by the Constitution. It’s the, mostly ignorant, participants in each of the three that sometimes forget that balance and cause some Constitutional issues to surface that need to be rectified and brought back to Constitutional standards. Fortunately or unfortunately that process falls on the judicial system to sort out the troubling questions and all.

    Funny thing is, the American people seem to have forgotten how the system works at times and what being an American with a voice and responsibility for their government is all about. This is evident by blaming government for our life’s disqualities and an non-participatory attitude of let’s do nothing or wait-&-see what happens next.

    Also, we get who we vote for. Many of our elected officials are more concerned with their own personal agendas, self-enticements, and gains than constituent issues or needs. These same politicians are so set in their “…It’s my way or the highway!…” attitudes that they forget why they got elected in the first place.

    The old axiom; ‘Power corrupts absolutely.” was never more true today as one looks at the political gridlock in Washington, St.Paul, local governments, and in other states. Everyone is angry at everything in government but why can’t folks sit down and iron-out their problems in a civilized way like the Americans we are? Sorry folks we only have ourselves to blame. Think about this fact when we angrily, the next time, blame someone or some political entity for the wrongs that plague us. What have we, as Americans, done to make things better for all of us today? Redistricting could be part of that solution we seek.

  6. See BS says:

    It reads pretty clear in both the Federal and Minnesota Constitution. The Judicial Branch has no business drawing any map they want.

    It’s one thing to tweak population issues between the districts made by the entire State of Minnesota Legislative Branch — but to use this as an opportunity to draw any kind of map they want is wrong or even worse use it as an opportunity to make a political attack on Michelle Bachmanns district.

    The State of Minnesota Legislative Branch reflects the will of the people more than anyone and it shouldn’t be dismissed outright.

    1. Swamp Fox says:

      You didn’t read my previous comments! The Judicial Branch can NOT just draw the redistricting maps according tot their whims or biases. The judges are bound by precedences, the Census data, and the Constitution.

      The MN Legislature, at present, is in political and ideological deadlock over the redistricting. So far the only thing the Legislative branch has done with a consensus is decide on the expenditures for the Capitol restrooms. If the present legislators had to decide on a toilet paper brand for the restrooms it would take a biennium of hearings, debates, and ubiquitous studies to reach a further deadlock on the brand issue. The same problem is blatantly apparent with the MN redistricting process.

      Thus, BS, you see why the courts have to intervene here and soon. There are a few states that have this same gerrymandering problem(s) but the courts have quickly and judiciously rectified those problems. Why does Minnesota have to wait to the last minute to get their redistricting accomplished? One word–Legislative Gridlock! Thus, the courts await to do their Constitutional duties to alleviate the mess at hand. If you can see that!

      Too bad the Legislature can’t get this issue right. We get who we vote for and the present legislators aren’t doing their jobs or representing the will of their constituents. Otherwise, it’s politics as usual in Minnesota and the redistricting still needs to be done. Now do you see why the courts have to step in???

      I rest my case……………..

      1. See BS says:

        Article 3 in the Minnesota State Constitution says the Judical Branch is not suppose to be acting as the legislative branch.

        Judges have no constitutional duty to draw election maps — the constitution says it belongs to the State Legislature.

        And if the map made by the Legislative branch is equal in population sizes — the Judges have no grounds to make any map they want.

        1. Murph says:

          So they must pick one or the other instead of trying to do something more fair.That sounds like political handcuffing to me! The GOP keep SAYING they are the protectors of the Constitution.At the same time that they are TRYING to rewrite it to better fit the needs of the 1 percenters!We were all taught about the Constitution in grade school. We don’t need cry baby kindergarteners of the GOP changing it one bit.Tell them to shovel something that helps Americans ,like snow not the other S stuff that they wallow in!

  7. jamiedentims says:

    hello there – re your ” sailer post” on the 18 /03 send me an email and we will definatley get back to you there a bit expensive but good
    jamie d

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