STILLWATER (WCCO) — Now that Rep. Michele Bachmann is out of the Presidential race, it’s not really certain if she will decide to run for re-election in the 6th Congressional District or run for another office.

After announcing her withdrawal from the Presidential race Wednesday, Bachmann didn’t take any questions and her campaign released no statements on her future political plans. The deadline for filing to run for Congress is June 5, 2012, so she does have time.

The fact that her district boundaries will change is one of the difficulties she faces.

Currently, the 6th congressional district stretches all the way from St. Cloud to Stillwater. When new Congressional district boundaries are announced next month, the boundaries of her district and every other district in Minnesota will change because of population shifts. In one of the revised plans, Stillwater would become part of the 4th district of St. Paul.

That means Bachmann would have to run against Congresswoman Betty McCollum in a district that has a lot more Democrats.

Fundraising and paying off bills from the Presidential race is another potential problem for Bachmann.

“It’s going to be difficult for her to tell people give money to run for Congress when, at the same time, she has to pay of her presidential debts,” said Professor David Schultz of Hamline University.

Another difficulty is the months of campaigning, mostly in Iowa. On the campaign trail she often referred to the Hawkeye state as her home state. Wednesday’s speech where she bowed out did not contain a single reference to Minnesota. To her passionate supporters in the 6th district, however, none of that matters.

“I would like to see her run again,” Lauren Richter said.

But Bachmann will be under pressure to make a decision relatively soon, so that if she doesn’t run for reelection, other candidates can begin fundraising.

The most prominent Republican waiting in the wings is former gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, who has said he would be interested in running if Bachmann does not seek reelection.

Comments (44)
  1. JL says:

    I’m sure her future in Minnesota is bright after mentioning that she’s the ‘REAL Iowan in the presidential race’. Casey Anthony would make a better rep. of Bachmann’s ‘trailer park land’.

    1. We Love You, Michele says:

      Thank you, Michele, for running for President. We truly appreciate your efforts.

      1. red says:

        Gag- I have had enough of this ranting brod

  2. angus says:

    Maybe she will crawl under a rock with her T-Party cohorts. We don’t need her kind of hate disguised as a “Good Christian” and “A True American”.

    1. rottdogge says:

      typical liberal….whatever you don’t understand is “hate” Then you, being so consistent in your ethical and moral judgement, spew the same thing you accuse Bachmann of. Is there any liberal out there that isn’t a hypocrite?

      1. @rottdogge says:

        Yep there rottdogge …. about 90% of us.
        A wee bit better than the 50-50 blend of the righty wackys. But heck, you already knew that now didn’t ya. 😉

  3. Sunny Margie says:

    Maybe we will get lucky and she will move to Iowa.

  4. rottdogge says:

    Funny to see how threatened the left is by this woman. Especially the posts on the Strib….all of the drooliing leftist hate-sheep get the chance to display their usual venom for someone that is above them……and there is nothing else they can do about it. I sure hope that the man that is going to kick Barry out of the White House is smart enough to pick this woman as his running mate.

    1. rottmutt says:

      poor lil’ rottdogge …. you feelin’ some pain huh
      Well, cheer up. You can go to Iowa and help her clean up her mess there instead of her leaving it behind like she does in MN, Maybe even sleep with the devil itself if ya want. Thin’ Marcus likes boys so the need be there

      1. Brent says:

        Marcus saw a K-Mart ad that read “Little boys pants half off” he was there in a flash but was disappointed when he found out it was just a clothing sale.

    2. My goodness says:

      I’m an independant, but quite frankly, she scares me. The things she says, truly scares me.

      Extremists need to be avoided at all costs.

    3. Exp says:

      I like how you called liberals venomous hate-sheep, while calling the President a name. I assume you know the definition of hypocrite don’t you? Thought not.

      So far I’ve found religious extremest nuts like her to be far more dangerous than the leftist liberals who you decry, and I consider myself independent. No other group I have seen goes so far the claim “Good Christian Ideals” all the while practicing anything but. Pray gay away? How about the tolerance that is preached? Again, hypocrites.

    4. Jim says:

      I admit I’m scared of her. She’s a religious nut who the people of this state have misguidedly given a lot of power to. What’s not to be scared of?

  5. TL the alligator says:

    wow….i think she’d crack and go into a deep depreesion if she ran for office again and was defeated….she and her kind, the religious wackos, should never be in elected office making important decisions that affect lives and livelihoods….they are just too mentally unstable and have warped perpesctives often heavily influenced by their own religious beliefs……there IS A REASON there needs to be a seperation of church and state…..and whats up with that husband of hers thats odd like a three dollar bill with all his shades of pink.?

    1. Johnny says:

      sounds like a few hours in church won’t hurt you. and what have you accomplished so far in life, top score in guitar hero?

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Why would it not hurt him? I think it harms everyone who attends.

  6. Murph says:

    After the vote,Iowa might be ahead of Iran on her list! I truthfully hope she takes some time to get help for her mental and /or drug use issues.Absolutely nobody can be so dumb as to actually say and do the things she does without one or both of those monkeys on her back.Also the God told me stuff is either infantile or brain damage left overs so getting a scan might reveal something their.Marcus obviouly does not have the chestnuts to seek help for her! We had a lot of fun with her goonie antics.But the girl ain’t right! Seek help Michele!

  7. King says:

    LOL , these are all good and true.,

  8. William says:

    Hopefully she gets Ordained and “ministers” to her flock.

  9. Cindy Van Ryn says:

    What does her future hold? Hopefully retirement.

  10. Mary N says:

    Thank goodness we not longer have to tolerate her face all over CCO’s news page. Really got sick of her rantings and better than thou attitude.

  11. No votes for her says:

    I voted for her in 2010, but there’s no way I’ll ever vote for her again. Turning her back on her job within weeks of winning the election so that she can campaign for another job is a slap in the face to ALL voters in her district. If she had no intentions of going to Washington and doing her job, why did she run for the House in the first place? We don’t need self-centered egomaniacs like her in politics.

    1. Jack says:

      Ya right, you voted for her in 2010.

  12. See BS says:

    What ever — when Hillary ran for office all the comedy show writers went on strike.

    Joe Biden asks a guy in a Wheelchair to stand up so everyone can see him, but you only see skits about Michelle Bachmann on SNL for some reason.

    1. Mary says:

      I love that clip, “stand up Chuck”. The guy is an absolute bafoon.

      1. Jim says:

        This story is about Michelle Bachmann. Did you two read the story above the comments?

        1. See BS says:

          GE gets TARP from Nancy Pelosi — is that why SNL does so many comedy bits on Michelle Bachmann?

          I bet they will do something this weekend about Michelle. You know how they like to make fun of our Minnesota Fargo movie accent.

  13. j speedbag 64 says:

    bachmann gets taken to the corn crib and emmers is waiting in the wings….hahahahahahahaha…emmers got floored by a cream puff named mark dayton..stay home emmers

    1. Julie says:

      Emmer currently has the highest listener local radio talk show in Minnesota. He is good and loaded with common sense. cco is sick of it. If Emmer decides to run, the cco followers won’t have hate blog DTs for long. cco will turn from Michelle to Tom.

  14. Paula says:

    I just don’t understand why a bunch of half-wits and hulagans are so threatened by this woman. She loves her country, cares about her family, and stands up for her beliefs. You may not, and obviously don’t, agree with her but why the childish comments? I doubt anyone from this crowd will ever accomplish half of what she has. She is a true patriot.

    1. My goodness says:

      She’s a politician,

      That means she changes her mind to suite her political needs and ambitions. All politicians should expect to be ridiculled. They’re the ultimate hippocrit. They have other people write political propoganda to say nice things about them. They’re trying to get elected (aka; keep their job).

      And to expect people with opposing views to not say anything negative about her….well it’s a little naive.
      As I once heard many years ago,”the American people have a funny way of deciding for themselves what is and is not their business”. Something called the Bill of Rights tells us we can speak without fear of censorship. Just like you can about a politician. Unfortunetly, that means politicians are especailly vulnerable to verbal oppinions.

      Cheer up, unless your her or a person closely affiliated with her, it should be easier to understand this, and not get emotionally distraught.

      1. Paula says:

        And your an idiot if you think these comments are normal political ridicule. If people unleashed this kind of hatred toward Obama and his wife they would be tagged racist.

        1. Jim says:

          People “unleash” this kind of hatred toward the Obamas every minute of every day on the internet, Paula. If you think otherwise, you’re either hopelessly partisan or this is your first day on the internet.

        2. Julie says:

          Paula, I agree with you 100%. You will get no where on with this crowd. It’s a core of 38 people who feed on hate.

  15. james2 says:

    When a politician talks about freedom and liberty, but works to deny that to a demographic of fellow citizens, then the feedback is deserved.

    I hope the issues that Michele works on, are her own. I do hope we are done with her, but I think not, for the limelight is addictive.

    The sad part, is that there are many who don’t understand that ALL of us are the government. Some of them are running for POTUS.

  16. G Dog says:

    Macy’s need help in the cosmetics department.

  17. barrister says:

    She has delusions of grandeur, a mental disorder

  18. Murph says:

    I wonder if Marcus has tried to pray her sane? Try,try again Marcus! A few die hard fans of hers still refuse to face the reality of things.The girl ain’t right in her head.Or else she’s been growing some mighty powerful stuff out there on her welfare farm!

  19. Jennifer says:

    Her supporters can’t see what a cartoon she is. She can’t seem to help making a fool of herself. And the sad part is that she seems totally unaware of the fact she has to be mentally unstable to behave/speak as she does.

    Kline and Paulson are conservatives, but they don’t embarrass themselves by their behavior/speech. Ron Paul is also on the fringe, but he does not embarrass himself. MB does it to herself and is an easy target.

    1. dhillips says:

      Cartoon is right! She sounds like Rockt the flying squirrel!

    2. middle of the road says:

      And the Democrats have such high flying examples of brain power and proper behavior in the likes of Al Franken, Barnie Frank, Nancy Pelosi, . . . ? What about our POTUS that gives tapes of his speeches to the Queen or who bows to the Saudi king? As you can tell, stupidity reins on both sides of the isle?

  20. Raoul Duc says:

    “Tomorrow night we are going to see a miracle because we know the one who gives miracles. We can’t wait for tomorrow night. It’s going to be exciting.” – MB,

    “DES MOINES, Iowa — Michele Bachmann finished dead last among GOP candidates competing in Iowa’s caucuses but said Tuesday night that she won’t drop out.”

    Hmmmmm . . . .

  21. john says:

    There is confusion what she will do next? Like Palin she will stop being a politician (like she ever started) and make a ton of money being a talking head and accomplishing nothing. Run on a ticket of anti-gov., anti-big interest, anti-waste, and make your fame and money off the fact these things exist and you can rant and rave about them. What she accomplished as a tax lawyer-little to nothing. What she accomplished in the MN State House-little to nothing. What she accomplished in Washington-little to nothing. What she accomplished running for president-little to nothing. What she will accomplish ripping all that she hates and is scared of-little to nothing. I am not scared of her, or don’t believe she can’t live and think how she wants, what is a concern is she, like most extreme social conservatives, feels she knows best and her way of life should be the way of the land and codified into law and government. Ironic, a way of thinking that professes liberty, independence, the constitution, is just as intrusive and over bearing as any liberal tax policy. In fact, if I had to choose I would rather have government looking at my paycheck than in my house, bedroom, and personal life. At least I could pay them off and they would go away, instead of having a constant obsession on anyone doing anything they don’t believe in. If government does not know how to spend my money better than I do, why do they know better when it comes to social issues? Why so fixated on what other individuals decide to do and not do in their private lives and relationships? And then on top of it, such as Amy Koch, are often to be found out to be a hypocrite and violate the same principles you want to shove on everyone by the means of our government. At least if you are going to claim you know the best way to live behave that way to prove it or you lack any credibility at all. If you truly want government small, out of our lives, and kept to the very minimum of order and protection you can’t pick and choose. If you do you are just like any other politician, they all want to tax and spend, they just differ on what groups they want to tax and who to spend it on and they all want to regulate, they just differ on who to impose it against. I will get out of your face and let you be if you do the same. That would be a form of compromise, which currently does not exist with anyone that has power.

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