The Effects Of Warm Weather On Winter Farming

HUGO, Minn. (WCCO) — The last three months of last year tied for the second-warmest on record in the Twin Cities, with an average temperature of nearly 41 degrees. Pair that with the lack of snow we’ve seen this season — we’re more than a foot behind average — and that makes for some happy farmers.

WCCO’s Matt Brickman traveled to Hugo today and spoke with a dairy farmer whose cows love the warmer weather.

Watch the report above!

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  • Fact Boy

    This isn’t news, during the warming in the 14th century, farmers and civilizations flourished.

    • Exp

      @FactBoy… Except that your facts are wrong, it was still cooler than today.

      • Fact Boy

        Isn’t that the data that was manipulated by the Climate-Gate scientists?.

        And when they were asked to show the data and algorithms they used, they couldn’t find them.

        Instead of posting lying links from a left-wing-nut-job site, try some from NASA, MIT or the Wall street journal.

        Then I’ll talk to you. Good luck.

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