By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Three-year-old Terrell Mayes, Jr. was inside his house when the bullet came through the wall and hit him in the head. Nearly two weeks after a Minneapolis boy was killed by a stray bullet, his killer remains on the loose.

An entire community felt the pain associated with the loss of three year old Terrell Mayes, Jr. People gathered for a prayer vigil outside his home and even more attended his funeral.

Now, his family hopes the community comes together once again, to help boost the money offered for information leading to his killer. Right now, there is a $1,000 reward to help police find the shooter.

“A thousand dollars for a 3-year-old’s life. Is that all my grandchild was worth is a thousand dollars? When I found out that’s all, it was a hurt to me,” said Jacqueline Mayes, Terrell’s grandmother.

Mayes says she can feel the outrage in the community behind her grandson’s murder, and hopes more money will entice someone to tell police what they know.

Crime Stoppers says calls from the community prompted them to try and get others involved in raising funds for the reward.

“Mad Dads in Minneapolis contacted us and said we’re getting calls saying ‘how can we raise that reward,’ so they wanted us to be a partner with them to essentially put forth this effort,” said Bob Dennistoun of Crime stoppers.

Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. The money used for rewards is donated.

All crime stopper rewards begin with the $1,000. If there is an increase, it’s because people donate money.

“Whatever funds come in through this special link will be added to that thousand dollars and our offer will be then be up to whatever that dollar amount may be,” Dennistoun said.

Right now, police continue to look for little Mayes’ killer.

If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Comments (99)
  1. Serpico says:

    $1,000 is insulting.

    1. Really? says:

      “Right now, police continue to look for little Mayes’ killer.”

    2. Trev says:

      Yeah? Start writing a check.

    3. Bullchat says:

      If we need to toss $$$$ to even get a person in a community to turn in slime — that right THERE is the problem. Simple as that

    4. Keep It Real says:

      So hear we go. Three stories of tragic death or injury. Police officer…expecting thousands from across the country at his funeral; Injured hockey player, having money raised by private schools; 3-year old in North Mpls killed by stray bullet and family insulted that the Crime Stopper reward is only $1,000. WHY WOULD THE MEDIA REPORT STORIES IN THIS MANNER? WHY IS THE GOOD SIDE OF THE STORY REPORT FOR THE WHITE PEOPLE? WHY IS THE BAD SIDE OF THE STORY PORTRAYED FOR THE BLACK PEOPLE? COULDN’T WCCO FIND AND REPORT STORIES OF SUPPORT FOR THIS POOR MOTHER IN NORTH MINNEAPOLIS?

      1. Rena Mayes says:

        We are not saying that the family hasn’t been supported!!!! We are merleu saying that we need to come togeter as a COMMUNITY and raise this reward higher rather it is a black child or not people need to look at it as though it was your child wouldn’t you want to do more?????????????? $1,000 my step son deserves JUSTICE and if we as a FAMILY have to pull together to make a way for that reward amount to skyrocket we will do just that!!!! Cause the next little kid can be any race and i personally would want to do the same!!!!!

    5. TL the alligator says:

      its insulting?…no its not….its $1000 more than what most victims get …..get over it.

    6. Betsy says:

      I am appalled by the media coverage of this very sad story in comparison to the very sad story of the BSM hockey player. Last night is seemed over half of the 10 o’clock news was devoted to the hockey player coverage, and why can’t the same number of people know the name of the beautiful little boy who died from another act of violence? Where are the car washes for his family, where are the signs over the freeways? What role does media have in this?

  2. stung4ever says:

    “A thousand dollars for a 3-year-old’s life. Is that all my grandchild was worth is a thousand dollars? When I found out that’s all, it was a hurt to me,” said Jacqueline Mayes, Terrell’s grandmother.

    Considering she’s not putting up the reward, I’d say she’s being very generous with other people’s money.

  3. Hmmm says:

    I doubt they accept food stamps…That could be a good cash in

    1. Michele Harris says:

      I guess so that means they will not accept yours.

      1. Lee Ford says:

        Bad parenting is what failed this child…as usual.

        1. bigcatmpls says:

          At kid get’s shot while in his house by a stray bullet that came from outside the house and you’re blaming the parents? You wouldn’t be saying that if it was a white child.

      2. @ michelle from Norf Mpls says:

        that was weak.

  4. Jeanie says:

    I am surprised at the wording that is used as far as the award goes. It should be the honorable/honest think to do would be to report what you know about the crime. You should need money to do it and it shouldn’t matter what the sum is. If you are reporting information about a crime, it should be because you are an honorable/honest human being and the “award” is that you did the “right” thing and the money is just a bonus. There is no amount of money that can replace a human beings life. If you think that $1,000.00 dollars is small, then you are trying to place a value on the life and that life is only worth money . It is no wonder that our society has become so “money” conscious.

  5. Jeanie says:

    Correction to my comments: It should of read: I am surprised at the wording that is used as far as the award goes. The honorable/honest thing to do would be to report what you know about the crime. You shouldn’t need money to do it and it shouldn’t matter what the sum is. If you are reporting informatin about the crime, it should be because you are an honorable/honet human being and the “award” is that you did the “right” thing and the money is just a bonus. There is no amount of money that can replace a human beings life. If you think that $1,000.00 dollars is small, than you are trying to place a value on the life and that life is only worth money. It is no wonder that our society has become so “money” conscious.

  6. KARLA says:


  7. Brett says:

    Not only is $1,000 not enough, it’s an INSULT to offer such a pittance to find the killer of a young and innocent child. So that is what a child’s life is worth, in MINNEAPOLIS? LIsten up, people. For someone to come forward, that means that they may be putting their life on the line against a vicious and heartless gang —
    for $1000?? Make it at least $10,000, then, MAYBE, the tipster has a chance of getting out of that hellhole. Yes, in a perfect world, no reward should have to be offered, but in this case, a whistleblower may be risking their life. Consider the savings in costs for a lengthy investigation. This crime NEEDS to be solved, and soon, and if the killer is ever prosecuted, “sentancing guidelines” need to be thrown out of the window.

    1. GH says:

      Crime stoppers can only offer rewards on donations so unless you plan on putting up some of your own money I think you should shut it! These people are helping the bast way they can with what they have. Maybe the family and friends of this poor little boy should pitch in a little.

      1. Brett says:

        Hey, settle down. I’m not slamming Crime Stoppers, I was hoping maybe that one of the “1%” might be generous enough to pony up some cash to find this KILLER.

      2. Rena Mayes says:

        We are doing all we can! You are on the outside looking in and unless you have ever experienced anything this tragic you wouldn’t feel the way we do at this time!!!!

    2. TL the alligator says:

      BS….unless YOUR willing to make it $10,000 with YOUR money….fools think money grows on trees. Unless there is a source for this money all you spouting fools should shut up…..if the parent(s) had secured a means to provide for these kids BEFORE they had them they would be living in a safer area without the fears and realities that come with living in that area….my guess is the mother is unemployed and living on welfare with multiple kids and has always been on welfare.

      1. Northsider4Life says:

        Maybe you should stop guessing about the situation of this family, and quit judging an entire community based on the heinous actions of a few. You don’t know and I don’t know and IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER! This neighborhood is plenty safe as evidenced by the fact that this isn’t happening every day, or even every week!

  8. Brett says:

    Geez, so where are all of the compliments NOW, der lieberals?? Silence is golden, fo sho.

    1. @Brett says:

      Your an odd and ugly bastid Brett. I’m a liberal and read my top post-$$$$ should not even be required.
      The difference between a liberal and a bleeding heart libber is vast.
      Not that different between a righty and a far righty wearing the white of the KKK.
      Yer teeny brain big enough to get that?

      1. hunnybear18 says:

        Read up on the party affiliation of those who actually started that horrible organization. They did not have “R” behind their name. Check your facts before pointing fingers at others.

        1. for hunnyhole says:

          hey hunnybear – matters not who started what = its who’s acting and doing what in todays society. Not gonna find a lib and a noose …. well, maybe if so if ya wanna come over to my place in Mound. I got a nice tree over-looking the lake and you can show me how to tie a knot eh!

          1. hunnybear18 says:

            See you memorized the DFL memo. Please name me a specific incident of racism by the right. Other than them disagreeing with Obama, which is just a convenient excuse when nothing else remains. What’s more racist is keeping people believing their only option is depending on the government for a living. Telling people we will provide because you are incapable of doing so yourself, and oh yeah, it’s because everyone picks on you. And speaking of nooses, that brings to mind the hundreds of times President Bush was hung in effigy by the left. Hmmm.

      2. Brett says:

        I don’t wear white, I’m not slamming the mother, and $1000 isn’t enough to catch this KILLER. You wish you HAD a brain.

        1. Lester says:

          1,0000.00 to catch killers. NO THAT’S NOT ENOUGH.
          And all I see is poor people blaming poor people. I am poor am I am going to donate. I cant believe where some of US go in the light of pain and tragedy and loss. I think I am hearing that there are some that feel that this family got what they deserved. THEY DESERVED? Come on. This is a real life and a REAL child. I would of thought there would be support for the family and HATE for the killers. I would have HOPED more from our readers in support. And remember the hate mail comes from men. Thats a statement in itself.
          Rock on MOTHERS!! Lets get together and fight this war of poverty and lack of education, hope and future goals OF PEOPLE LIKE THE HATERS AND THE KILLERS. They one in the same.Get together ladies and don’t read anything if it is from haters. No matter what COLOR THEY ARE.

  9. joe says:

    Why does’t she raise the money and quit compaining about how much money other people are willing to put up.

  10. joe says:

    She acts like having a reward is her right. It is something someone else is nice enough to do for her and she complains about it. She is a piece of trash and ungratful.

    1. Elizabeth Troester says:

      What a hero Joe is! Attacking a grieving grandmother and doing it anonymously. What a guy.

    2. Rena Mayes says:


  11. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

    Looks like all of the racist bigots are up and awake today. Concerning the reward, I see no mention of who is putting up the money. Is this money from the MPD’s operating budget? A private donor? The reward is not a reflection of the ‘worth of a 3 year old child’, it is the amount of money that was available, nothing more. The community at large could set up a reward fund at a local bank and ask for contributions, this approach has been done before. My condolences to the familly, the loss of a child is extremely difficult, I know, been there done that, it sucks…..

    1. The Infidel says:

      “Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. The money used for rewards is donated.”

  12. Al says:

    I feel for a grandmother grieving. To you bigots that have commented I feel sorry for you. Evidently you have never had anyone close to you taken away suddenly and for no reason or you would understand her pleading for help.

  13. Elizabeth Troester says:

    Oh, oh, oh. Some of these comments make me actually sick to my stomach. Come on, people. If you want to try to be shocking, couldn’t you do it someplace else. Anyone who doesn’t feel the depth of this families sadness is not a human, in my book.

  14. Elizabeth Troester says:

    My heart goes out to the family of this poor little boy. I am willing to make a donation toward the reward. I don’t have a lot of money, but if every concerned person gives what they can, be it a dollar, or 10 dollars, or more, the reward will grow. Is there someplace I can send some money in honor of this innocent child’s life???

  15. Elizabeth Troester says:

    Connie Reed, neither you or I know anything about the family, so your generalizations are simply a reflection of your own lack of compassion and reflect on your upbringing, which shaped you into the negative and disgusting individual you represent yourself to be. Oh, and have a nice day 🙂

    1. Trisha S. says:

      If this was Facebook I would have selected “like” 🙂

    2. nasty lizzie says:

      Down Lizzie. Down girl. Ms. Troesters undies are in a bunch.

  16. Elizabeth Troester says:

    Umm, ok. This is an article about a dead child and trying to find the killer. Why don’t you take your hate and share it elsewhere, with other losers who feel a little better everytime they find another hater to make themselves feel a little more powerful. Only frightened, weak people need to spread hate. Just saying 🙂

  17. Elizabeth Troester says:

    Thank you for the political science lesson this morning. I’m guessing you must be a scholar to have such knowledge. Even including statistics, e.g. 100% blind to reality! Next time you plan to post, give me advance warning so I can be ready to take notes.

    1. Lester says:

      Elizabeth has a brain.

      1. Dumbarse says:

        …in her arse!

      2. Northsider4Life says:

        And she knows how to use it. Apparently others here (see below) don’t.

  18. frankie says:

    I am by no means a bleed heart liberal, BUT, I do have to say that a majority of the comments here are repulsive. Very repulsive. The minute this story broke, which was about a week ago, I offered way more than I can afford to ad to the pot. If you would not make the comments you make if this was your child and your situation, then do not make them. Show some dignity, some grace, and above all some semblance of reason.

    1. Dead on frankie says:

      Ditto to every word said by frankie
      We have some mighty sick lil’ minds in MN. Doubt even the deep south can outdo some of this bs said

  19. fred says:

    maybe the cops know that when one of these thugs get in some sort of trouble, they will be snitchin everybody out.

  20. Not without guilt says:

    I would be willing to match whatever the father is giving.

    1. Rena Mayes says:

      well isince you must know the father has m,ade his donation and he is not an absent father so you can either make a donation or don’t!!! This is one of the many forms of ignorance!!!

  21. Bob says:

    Why doesn’t the family pony up, just another case of entitlement. You owe me for ???

    1. Trisha S. says:

      And how do you if the family contributed or not to the $1,000?? You don’t so stop assuming Bob.

  22. Lester says:

    I feel that there are more than just a few guilty of these past child killings. Their protective secretive society is what we as parents need to get into. Talk to the kids and fallow the leads. And donate to this family!!
    And Joe, are you carrying around a gun in North? You sound vaguely suspicious….. at the very least a hater.

  23. Aretha Peterson says:

    Because of the gun culture in North Minneapolis I never drive on Olson Memorial Highway after noon. That seems to be when the gangstas get up for the day. So, when Terrell’s mother was on camera saying that she had left her home after dark to go to a store for something as trivial as “buying chips and cookies for Terrell” it put me into an immediate “what’s wrong with this picture” mind-set. Someone shot at the house while the mother was out in the community. The first time that the mother was interviewed on camera after the death she seemed high—Not like a grieving parent. I’m sorry for the grandmother and the other children in the home, but I can’t get over the feeling that there is something about Terrell’s mother’s activities that may be the key to finding his killer.

    1. Lester says:

      Please don’t blame the mothers of any of these kids that have been killed. I actually called Tribune and they said the killers are young thugs, and ,that the under belly has concerns of gang activity. I think the 3 year olds death was a stray bullet but, the other 3 kids were initiation killings. I have paid close attentions to all this because I lived in NE> I moved right after x-mas because I was afraid of being hurt, randomly. Truly. Its a scarey place especially at night.

  24. Alberto says:

    And where’s the child’s father when all this is going on? No, let me guess. SHE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO”S THE FATHER, that one-man-a-night woman!!!!! One thing you can be sure, you bleeding heart Minnesotans. He must be a yard-monkey, or a drug dealer, or user, or maybe he’s reading all of this while in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lester says:

      The father was at work and the parents don’t live together. I, like most families, raised my children as a single parent. Unfortunately, our society is so broken that it takes a mother to raise her children, and not necessarily 2 parents. Alberto, sre you blaming the father and mother for their 3 year old boy getting killed? Are you still drunk?

      1. What Next? says:

        “I, like MOST families, raised my children as single parent”…REALLY? The statement speaks volumes to a lot of other societal concerns

        1. Lester says:

          The statistics are what they are. Some men have children that they abandon, some mothers have children out of wedlock.. But, mostly the men in America think its ok to have the mothers raise the children without a father in their lives. I know this is touchy, but, the fact is that most children in America are raised in a single parent household. Would that baby be anymore alive if his dad was in the living room, the basement or across town? PLEASE DONATE TO THIS FAMILY FOR THEIR SUPPORT DURING THIS TIME OF GRIEF AND TO FIND THE MURDERERS!!!!!!!
          Quit making this a BLACK thing. Its turning out to be a white thing on this page. And look who is the worst of the worst replying… Its white fat men. The most engaging and politically correct comments are coming from women and socially conscious MEN.

        2. Disagree says:

          Hot dam it there “What Next” …. I was born in 1954, Parents split in ’59 and our Mom raised 3 of us.
          Most of my friends were raised in single parent homes too .
          This single parent thing dates way back. Funny one uses the
          this speaks ” comment ” – actually everyone I grew up with is/was very successfull in life. Society issues are not necessarily about the single parent matter but rathe rhow THAT single parent raised one and did the “parenting”.
          Now another sid eto this is those I knew who grew up in 2 parent families – not all were so happy. Alcoholism common in my parents era, cheating openly on a spouse sadly was something I saw often. Personally I think a single parent…. dedicated single parent …. sometimes was the better of the 2 options.
          That stated – my Mom busted her rump working a fulltime and part time job to make it. That is something I do not often see today – way to many, white-black-yellow are dependent om the system for it all. That is pure BS

      2. AP says:

        “like most families”


  25. Jason says:

    God bless this little boys soul. What is meant by $ 1,000 not enough? What is enough? I know if 1 of my boys were murdered I would not be quoted saying $1,000 is not enough money. Such a shame. DO THE RIGHT THING PEOPLE.

  26. Just continues in MPLS says:

    The systemic violence just continues on and on and on. The mother is exactly the reason her boy is dead. She is part of the cycle. Cute at 3, murderer at 16.

  27. hunnybear18 says:

    “Stop Snitching” keeps this poor baby’s killer on the streets. You shouldn’t need a monetary reward to do the right thing. Folks are fond of telling others they are part of the problem because they are not trying to find a solution. Look no further for the solution than the problem itself, created by the glorification of gang lifestyle and silence that protects it. Open your mouth and put these criminals away!

  28. Lester says:

    Just a few bucks, it all helps. Good bye for the day to my loving spiritual friends. I personally will do what I can to help. Remember I am a single mother of two. I am willing to go the extra mile. Can you?

  29. Dave Johnston says:

    Of course it isn’t enough! All these people want is more and more of our hard earned money. Now that the kid is gone, no more payouts on our behalf. These people make me sick.

    1. Northsider4Life says:

      The money is not going to the family. It’s going to a reward fund to entice someone with knowledge to come forward. Remember all those stories we’ve heard about gangsters in the 40’s when the snitch was killed. It’s possible this money would make it work the risk for someone to come forward since it’s likely they’ll be targeted by the shooter, or someone associated with him/her.

  30. Jamaal Tyreke Washington says:

    A thousand dollars is a figure grandmammy can understand. Dat be’s what da little 3 years old darling earned herself from EBT, Welfare Cash, Foo Stams, Wic, etc each and ebbry mumf. Grandmammy should make some profit on dis deal.

    1. Quantainium Jones says:

      Fo Shizzle…

  31. Debb S says:

    Very sad for the innocent little boy whose life was taken. May he rest in peace.

    The grandmothers comment about the $1,000 not being enough is embarrassing. If you can’t come up with the money yourself, you shouldn’t be complaining about what an agency has put up for you. Last time I checked $1,000 is better than nothing, but like so many ghetto-welfare folks they always want more, more, more!

    RIP to the little boy.

    Such a sad story.

    1. Northsider4Life says:

      Who said the family was on welfare? You are making assumptions based on your small minded bigotry. I feel sorry for you and the ignorant life you must lead.

      1. martin says:

        assumptions based on a lifetime of verification

  32. TL the alligator says:


    1. Lester says:

      Thats the stats babe. Whether you like it or not. I certainly don’t. I am white and 52. Struggle everyday to make ends meet. And you? And my Kid have the same father, I am not on well fare. He is a !@#$%^&*( up that I will not allow around my kids)Are you going to cut me and all my girls down because we do what men cant or insult me again? How big are your balls anyway?

      1. Aretha Peterson says:

        The best thing that you can do for your girls is to teach them to be dignified young ladies with self-respect so that others will treat them well and good people will want to be around them. They won’t be able to do that if they are using the kind of coarse language that you are posting here—I know life can be frustrating. Just believe in yourself and try to be the best person that you can be. Ignore people who put you down.

  33. Jay says:

    A $1000 reward IS an insult only because NO amount of money in this world will bring this child back, nor anyone else. Money doesnt always talk, nor cause those with information to come forward. What it takes is a person that KNOWS the difference between right, and wrong to come forward. This tragic young life that was stolen all too soon, is much more valuable, and the person with info evidently doesnt have a heart, nor feels the moral obligation to rectify this wrong doing. He/they are no better than the person who caused this death!

  34. CJ says:

    I’ve given enough to this family against my will in the form of taxes. NOT about to offer any more than that. Crime as a whole is a problem for the public. Don’t break it down to a case by case basis and ask for any more than is due with a shroud of guilt because I just don’t care. Take care of your own and leave the rest of us alone. It’s high time these families look in the mirror for the answers they need.

    1. Northsider4Life says:

      Again, who said this family is on welfare? Not everyone on the Northside gets public assistance. Matter of fact, MOST Don’t! Look it up!

  35. Northsider4Life says:

    Wow. I’m not surprised because every time I read comments anywhere about something happening in my neighborhood, it’s all a bunch of anonymous ass hats who make a lot of assumptions and draw conclusions based on a picture of the boy and his family.

    No where does it say they’re on welfare. No where does it say there are multiple kids from multiple fathers. No where does it say the family will be given any money.

    The money comes from a Crime Stoppers fund from donations. Obviously donations from people with a heart and soul. Not like a lot of the people commenting here.

    I personally think the people behind these hateful and bigoted statements are a bigger problem in society than families on public assistance. Just sayin ….

    1. cry me a river says:

      Get over it Northsider.

  36. Northsider4Life says:

    I guess I’m not surprised either by the lack of proper spelling and grammar from those making such bigoted comments. Your ignorance is showing.

  37. GETTO !!! says:

    HOOD RATS!!!

  38. Aretha Peterson says:

    There are very good people who live in North who try hard to make a decent life there. There is a very rough crowd who came into Minneapolis and St. Paul from Gary, Indiana and South Chicago in 1990-1992. They brought in low behavioral standards and a drug trade that were not typical of North before that. Unfortunately, when people expressed concern, both blacks and whites, they were called racists or Uncle Toms. Now look what a mess we have. North isn’t safe and Mayor Rybak and the City Council need to step up and increase the enforcement budget for the MPD. Too much has been spent on bike trails and “artsy” things at the expense of public safety. To those who live North just know that you have prayers coming your way—Never give up.

    1. stuff it Rybak says:

      You are so right Aretha. My cousins live in Chicago and they are so happy Mn. has great welfare and easy judges. I would spend summers there as a kid and we could not go anywhere cause of drive by shootings. The word is out in Chicago to come here. This has been going on for 20 years and nobody paid attention or cared to stop it. This won’t be the last little kid killed.

      1. Okay=I play says:

        LMFAO – wearing the white hood again tonight is we ;0-)

        1. okay-play with yourself says:

          Wow, now thats a new line. What an original thought you have. Boy, you have all the answers.

  39. devel says:

    I to will match the reward $$$ that mom and dad put in…. Let me see if i can remember where i put that loose change……..

  40. DaTruf Hurtz says:

    I think that $1,000.00 is more than enough for some lobster, knowadisayin?!?!?

  41. Rick Miller says:

    Why should I bother to donate to find the killer, I have been donating to support the whole fambly already from my taxes. The nest thing they will be asking for is to donate the money to bury the little sprog. When does it stop? I will however donate to a sterilization and repatriation program. Read that again I DID NOT SAY reparation.

  42. Axel says:

    You mean the “Black Community” isn’t coughing up millions? I’m shocked!

  43. peoplestillsuck says:

    And how much did the family contribute (or their freinds, relatives, etc). Shouldn’t have to offer any money to bring the killer to justice, should just be “the right thing to do”. Of course the “community” won’t do the right thing unless it means some green in their pocket.

  44. RENA MAYES says:


    1. Aretha Peterson says:

      Ms. Mayes—No one is taking your step-son’s death lightly. What is being pointed out to you is that the black community in Minneapolis is a source of a culture where deaths like this child’s are happening too frequently. No one, black or white, wants this to continue to happen in Minneapolis. Maybe you and your husband can start a discussion through churches, or other organizations, that takes a look at attitudes that exist in North that give support to the kinds of criminal behavior that takes place there among young people. It isn’t anything that whites can fix for you or that piles of money will fix. Also, please make sure that any other children in JuJu’s home are safe. You sound like a good-hearted, responsible person. Prayers are with you and your husband.

  45. MichaelA says: much money is enough?

    1. lester says:

      Doesn’t anyone realize that the cash goes for a reward? Not to the family. Ask John Walsh on Americas Most Wanted how much is enough? He will be more than happy to tell you. HMMMMMM. Anyone consider contacting him to do a show on this case ? DUH??????

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