Locked-Out Crystal Workers Claim Cars Bumped Them

MOORHEAD, Minn. (AP) — No charges are expected after locked-out American Crystal Sugar workers say vehicles bumped into them on a Moorhead picket line.

Moorhead Police Lt. Tory Jacobson tells KFGO-AM that in two separate incidents Friday, locked-out workers claim they were intentionally bumped by vehicles crossing the picket line.

Up to 25 pickets were walking near a gate when the incidents happened.

Jacobson says police have been speaking with locked-out workers and Crystal officials to ensure everyone’s safety.

Union workers at Crystal have been locked out since Aug. 1.

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  • john

    How about you get out of the way of the cars so that no one gets hit. People are just trying to get to work and you have to step in front of the car. Idiots!

  • Ronski

    Anything to drum up attention and possibly pity for the poor locked out union workers. Wake up folks! Time to negotiate or accept the offers on the table, you will be permanently out of a job pretty darn soon.

  • Winning

    When you stand in the way u will get bumped, hows the union treating you guys? I’m so happy you mutts lost your jobs for voting no to a hefty pay increase and increased health costs, like every single person in the world has to deal with, good call tree stumps.

  • as i'd expect

    Typical liberals, just make it up as you go. Maybe they’ll use the race card next. When will Unions get it through their heads that there is no free lunch.

  • angus

    Whoopps got censored again. Must be Tea Party member site only. If you stand up for the underdog you don’t belong here. Rich people only allowed to make comments

    • Serious

      I’m with angus, how much does one have to make to get comment posted around here? I stand with Crystal Sugar who have been bullied by rich unions to long.

    • brian

      Blame the rich! i hope your lazy self starts working and quits blaming people that work hard for your problems.

      • billy tough as nails

        You can work your ass off and still get nowhere dumb ass…rich control everything even this website and TV station

  • Take the deal it isn't getting any better

    I cant believe they hit me with a car! I was just standing in the road blocking people out and they were driving down a legal thoroughfare and had to get by me… how could they do that… A strike is where you stop working not work at trying to keep others out of a company.

  • G Dog

    Corporate hired thugs. You might be next.

  • Mark

    I was driving to work and some Crystal worker bumped my car!

    I’m going to sue the jack-booted thug!

    • G Dog

      Go ahead and file a police report, Mark.

      It’s a gross misdemeanor to do so if it is false, so enjoy your cellmate!!

  • Help Wanted

    Owners of large vehicles preferred.

  • RIII

    The Union officials don’t care how long the strike goes on as they still get a paycheck. The amount of money the striking workers have lost in wages during the strike will never be made back by them. If these union workers had marketable skills they could get a job elsewhere that paid more instead of trying to extort more money from their employer with a strike.

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