LEXINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) — Police are looking for four men involved in a violent break-in in Lexington.

Police say the four armed men broke into a house on Lovell Road and pistol-whipped one of the people inside before running off.

That person was treated for minor injuries.

Police aren’t sure if they stole anything.

If you saw anything suspicious, call the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office at 763-323-5000.

Comments (7)
  1. steve says:

    Police aren’t sure if they stole anything? Huh? Multiple people in the house, so there are witnesses, because it must have been loud — but nobody knows whether anything was stolen? And the victim claims he doesn’t know the four men?

    I see somerthing suspicious – the whole story. Should I contact the Anoka County Sheriff?

  2. you know its true says:

    ….Sounds like a trailer for the upcoming episode of “Gurs-Gone-Wild”

  3. NavyVet says:

    Sounds like they tried to rob a drug house!

  4. fedup says:

    Navyvet, you are correct, that is one of the problem houses in this neighborhood and the other is a block away from this one.

  5. Concerned says:

    @fedup, so you don’t believe it was random?

  6. Charles W says:

    All I can say is that this is a very very sad story. I was the the victim of the robbers, and it was the night of my 21st birthday. I am in the mindset to go out and just have a good ADULT time with a few of my family members. So I arrive at my younger brothers house at 9:00pm or so to pick him up to go bowling. I am at his house for about 5 minutes give or take, waiting for my brother to arrive, when one of his roommates shouts ”I think were about to get robbed!” as she’s running into the house franctically from outside smoking a ciggarette. I foolishly think that this is a joke or someone is trying to just pull a prank for some reason being it my 21st birthday, so, as i’m in the kitchen waiting to see who it is, they break right through the window with a gun pointed straight at my face. I stood still for 3 seconds contemplating if everything that was happening was real. I kept replaying it in my mind a million times over in only a split second, they really broke through the door, they really have a gun, they’re really pointing it at me. So I turn around and run to an open room across from my brothers roommates room to try and call 911. The robbers quickly caught up to me and pistol whipped the back of my head, and kicked me in the face a few times to show they were serious. It was the typical armed robbery scenerio you see in the movies. ”Get on the ground, empty your pockets, give us all your cash!” They stole everything I had, most importantly of all my identity. To this day from the robbery, I still haven’t been able to sleep well knowing someone out there, that I don’t know, has my identity, and could possibly use it at some time. Truth is, there was no party, there were no drugs, it was just a home where a few friends lived that maybe got a little too loud here and there like everyone does from time to time. But worst of all, they ruined an innocent mans 21st birthday with no care in the world of who he was, what his intentions were, or why he was even there. This is the story from the pistol whipped man. =(

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