Ever wondered about weather? Meteorologists Lauren Casey and Matt Brickman are here to answer your weather questions on Fridays.

This week’s question relates to this mild winter weather, many are asking if it will then mean a colder spring.

Check out the video above for the answer.

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Comments (5)
  1. Tom says:

    If they couldn’t predict the winter weather, how can they predict the spring weather? ( or global warming) ????????

    1. markH says:

      @Tom- First of all, despite a well-funded PR campaign to refute Global Warming, the evidence is overwhelming that our planet is in fact experiencing a warming trend and that it will continue to worsen. What is disputed by intelligent (those without a conspiracy bent) people is to what extent (if any) does human activity play a role in the trent.

      Secondly, the idea that we have to have a miserable spring in order to experience a mild winter is a non sequitur; the conclusion does not follow the premise. Weather doesn’t know (much less care) what it did yesterday or last week. If we are to have a mild and pleasant spring or a wet and cool one has very little to do with current winter weather.

  2. Donald Wake says:

    I have robins in my yard,in Remer, temp is 35 at noon under bright sunshine. Should have 2 to 3 feet of snow, instead we have bare ground and robins looking for food. Talk about crazy Minnesota weather.

  3. cold says:

    All that snow that usually comes every winter usually makes it colder so it cools off the air, cold air makes snow stick around longer. Maybe a blizzard between now and mid-Feb could mean a normal to cold spring. After mid-Fed could mean a normal to warmer spring.

  4. Curt says:

    We are warming globally, the problem is the science community has it all wrong. Speaking in regards to Minnesota, the moisture we have had since August 17th is the lowest amount of moisture since recording began in 1891, as of January 19th, this came to only 2.57 inches, nearly 1″ below the next lowest amount, and over 7 inches is normal. Our seasonal length has increased nearly 6 weeks, primarily in the fall since the 50’s thru the 80’s. CO2 is a warming agent, but a by-product of the source. In order for global warming to occur, the ground must heat, the air temperature is an indication of the heat that had already taken place..

    Global warming also has a seasonal high that can be registered, and this is highest in May. How I would love to bring the science community outside in May with a thermometer and stun them all with the evidence that is so obvious that they won’t be able to refute it.

    As much as I would love to get into it with everybody, it requires time and more space than this blog allows, and I would love to speak to one of these weather people, but to date not one has returned my call.

    I have informed NASA and it appears their ego’s may be too fragile and too much money and power has gone into something that will not alter our course. In fact, 2 months after I sent my data and told them we would heat through 2013 they published these results, but claimed it to be from a cosmic dust cloud entering our galaxy that will warm us for the next 1000 years. It sounded like a legal way of exempting themselves from liability. I also informed that last year was going to be a return to the era of the great dust bowl, and this year will be so much worse. Expect to loose Texas, Oklahoma, Eastern Colorado, West Nebraska and Kansas. This is not to say there will not be problems in other states, but when I say to count them out, I mean there ability to supply food.

    NOAA indicated that we would experience above level moisture and lower than normal temperatures in our area. I said it would be delayed winter with mild season followed by extensive heat. Because I used my data that includes the Pacific and many other factors added in, they were wrong. Expect temperatures this year to near 110 degrees, its gonna be a hot one as the sun continues to heat up.

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