Groups Hold Anti-Gun Vigils In Mpls., Duluth

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Community groups in Minneapolis and Duluth are holding events Sunday to call for an end to gun violence.

The events mark the one-year anniversary of the Arizona shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords.

In Minneapolis, several anti-gun violence groups including Project Minnesota are coming together at 3 p.m. at the Church of the Ascension in North Minneapolis. As part of a memorial, those who lost loved ones to gun violence are asked to bring a photo to place on a remembrance tree.

In Duluth, various groups are holding a candlelight vigil and bell ringing starting at 4 p.m. on the corner of Lake Avenue and Superior Street. Organizers will light LED candles in honor of those who die in the U.S. each day from gun violence.

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  • Grover

    Anti-gun violence (as the article reads), I don’t have a problem with. Anti-gun (as the title reads)… over my dead body.

    • ez

      Agreed, cco never gets anything right.

  • pizzedoff

    Why not take those vigils and stand in front of gang bangers houses to stop gun violence? If you don’t help police get these criminals out of your neighborhoods and make the liberal courts stop slapping them on the hand, you’re always going to have gun violence. Anti gun people always want to punish law abiding citizens who legally own guns.

    • Bud

      Absolutely correct!!!!!!! Cnn reported the number 1 purchase at Christmas was a handgun for protection… I bought one too…. The jerk that breaks into my house and threatens me will be takin a dirt nap!!!!!!

      • jackactionhero

        So you keep your handgun loaded and in your hand when you’re in your home? That is the ONLY way you’ll ever get to give anybody a “dirt nap” sir.

  • DougT

    Really – I feel for anyone that has lost a loved one in such a manner – but its the animals that pull the trigger – not the guns – that are the problem. These gatherings are empty gestures aimed in the wrong direction.

    If not guns, then knives….

    If not knives then sticks and rocks….

    Its the intent that is the problem not the device.


    • Bob

      Doug you are absolutely correct…..It’s the people…..

    • marge

      The major difference between guns and knives/sticks/rocks is that someone wielding a gun is much more likely to succeed in killing somebody. I’m not against allowing responsible law-abiding citizens to own guns, but the intent AND the device are both important.

  • sensible laws now

    Can’t do much about somebody with mental illness… BUT a good deal of gun violence occurs over the culture created by Prohibition.

    Sensible Drug Laws + No profit from the black market = Less death.

  • Enforce The Laws

    Put the people behind bars who commit the crimes, not a slap on the wrist!

  • Kevin

    Guns don’t kill people, bullets do.

    • Wayne

      Kevin, stop being a smartass.

      • Red Neck Purist

        He’s right Kevin, guns don’t kill people. I kill people with my guns.

        • jackactionhero

          LOL yeah right. How many are you up to, tough guy?

  • ray

    guns don’t kill people do,lets ban poeple,that way nothing will die.if you could kill with a tooth pic someone would do it. Ive lived with guns all my life and never been shot at by them being in my home. lets face it humans are killers, we need to learn not to fast,before its to says love one other some 75 times in the bible and yet we do not

  • RIII

    I have never seen a violent gun, they are rather inanimate.

  • RIII

    I have never seen a violent gun, they are rather inanimate…

  • Al

    These groups just can’t wait for something bad to happen so they can mobilize.

  • The Crux of the Biscuit

    Better ban spoons since they cause obesity and obesity kills many people each year. And motorized vehicles, they kill way more than guns do.

    A report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that there were 41,057 motor vehicle related deaths in 2007.

    In 2007, there were 31,224 gun deaths in the U.S.

    I would be considered a liberal but I do own guns, and I know how to use them, and you can’t have them, ever.

    • The Crux of the Buscuit

      And over half were suicides…..

  • stung4ever

    How about an anti-thug rally?

  • Brett

    Too bad that they aren’t protesting FOR a death penalty in Minn., or at least much longer sentances, especially for murder and thugs carrying a gun with NO permit.

  • Mai Johns

    Wow, what a bunch of ignorant comments. No wonder the United States is rapidly becoming a third world country – people don’t want to face facts or accept the truth. Which is that our country is overrun with guns and stupid people who think that violence is the solution to every problem.

    • Brett

      Fight fire with fire, worked in two world wars, worked when that good samaritan took out that pistol whipping thug a couple of months ago. Or maybe, you want to disarm everybody, including the cops?

    • CF

      No….its stupid people having stupid, meaningless rally’s. If you’re so certain being unarmed is the way to achieve Nirvana, the carry a sign on your person & place one on your house & your car stating “I’M UNARMED”.

    • Taxpayer

      And the young mother who shot and killed an intruder is characterized, by you (Mai Johns), as stupid?? YOU’RE IGNORANT!! If guns weren’t for sale, people would make them for their own protection. Have you visited a third world country??

  • Bubba

    Only in America and third world countries are guns so prevalent. Gee, I wonder how the civilized world manages so well without all these guns. We become a violent society, and the easy availability of guns only compounds the problem.

    • Brett

      Every home in Switzerland has a gun. They haven’t been invaded in a long time, and I don’t hear much about ANY kind of gun violence there. Are you saying that Switzerland is a third world country?

  • Julie

    If one commits a crime with a gun, you put them in jail for years, not months, like Amy did. CBS fails to report.

  • Mark

    I’m going to get my conceal and carry just to protect myself from all of the gun-lovin’ hicks on here who have theirs. Although studies show 90% of people who brag about their gun ownership fail to work it properly in emergency situations. They just kind of forget that they have one, wuss out, and can’t figure out what to do next.

    • jackactionhero

      Please give me the statistics on the legal conceal/carry gun owners who have shot somebody.

      Are there any?

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