ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Department of Education is holding a first-ever American Indian Education Summit aimed at reducing barriers facing the state’s Indian students.

Gov. Mark Dayton is scheduled to deliver opening remarks at Monday’s all-day conference. The event features keynote speeches from Denise Juneau, the superintendent of public instruction in Montana, and Kevin Lindsey, the commissioner of Minnesota’s Department of Human Rights.

Participating will be state and tribal education officials. The event came about after Minnesota Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius held a listening session last fall on the state of Indian education in Minnesota. Participants identified a need for a deeper dialogue on ways to develop more effective policies and strategies for Indian students.

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  1. Citizen says:

    One nation under God . . . Unless of course you are an indian.

  2. indain joe says:

    are we really “indains” ? This was never india ! Columbus was lost and taken in by respectfull people …… We deserve our one nation ! Our blood is running thin, but we got our one nation ~ one love good day my fellow vistors!

  3. Common_Cents says:

    >>Unless of course you are an indian.

    Nope, I know many American Indians that don’t qualify for any subsidized schooling or any other government help. And they live among us just the same.
    The government recognized indian tribes won’t accept their OWN BLOOD brothers and sisters into their tribes. Thats the sad secret Indians dont want you to know about. Should they have their own nations? YES, and what you don’t know is you too can be Sovereign, you just arent privy to that knowledge.

  4. common sense 101 says:

    Nice how they reached out to the tribes, but not the hundreds of Indians struggling everyday off of the reservations. They can get a list of Indians from the federal government, but of course that would mean they are inclusive of all indians and not just the ones that live where the government told them to live, on the reservations.

    No mention of where either, I guess they do not want drop ins to show up and get some of this gerat advice they have to share….

  5. Baily says:

    At least $50,000 a month to Mystic lake tribe members… what are they doing about this… maybe giving pennies compared to their life time income from the Casino. Why din Dayton make this my problem?

    1. Susie Jacobs says:

      Maybe you should have paid more attention in school yourself Baily. There are more tribes in Minnesota than the Mdewankaton Sioux. And yes, they probably do have educational programs within thier tribe to help thier children. But there is a Native American achievement gap in this state. And yes, that is a problem. And it is a statewide educational problem. And the education of Minnesotan children is the problem of all Minnesotans.

      1. Baily says:

        I said…At least $50,000 a month to Mystic lake tribe members… what are they doing about this? SO SINCE THEY HAVE SO MUCH MONEY WHAT ARE THEY DOING ABOUT HELPING OTHER TRIBES? They are doing NOTHING!!!! SO this is not my really my problem to solve with my tax money… get it?

        1. Ali says:

          You are correct. They can have Casinos but asked to help other tribes and it is no we can’t do that …me…me .me ism.

      2. Kevin says:

        And the education of Minnesotan children is the problem of all Minnesotans.
        Really? The hel* you say. Not to break the news to you liberal dip shi*…but the education of your kids or anyone eles kids….is not my problem! I could care less. You have the kids, you pay for them! Why should I have to? Liberal bs….I am so sick of MN casterated liberals sucking money of my pocket! I am sick of every free load sucking immrgrant moving to Mpls (380,000 in the twin citeis now)! Turn off the faucet and they will all go away to free load off some other state! Flipping morons….

  6. Just Sayin says:

    Yeah because if you’re a responsible citizen I’m sure it’s legal to discriminate agianst Native americans… oh wait it isnt’. The Native American’s plight runs a similar path to the African-American’s as the accountability within the community is non-exsistant. When these communities stop searching and pointing their fingers to find the ones causing the problem maybe they will finally look in the mirror.

  7. Shakopee says:

    Hey Baily – are other non-Indian casino owners in Las Vegas and Atlantic City expected to help other non-Indian people with their education? Before you are running your big mouth about the Mdewankaton Tribe and what they should be doing with their profits, get your facts straight. Let me help you out a little bit…they helped fund the TCF Stadium for the UofM. But you wouldn’t know that now, would you.

    1. Citizen says:

      “Other non-indian” casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City” provide significant revenue to the corresponding state in the form of taxes. So not only are these casinos helping other non-indian people with their education, they’re helping a lot. How much taxes are the indian casinos paying the state of MN?

  8. Kevin says:

    Dayton + Teacher Union = The sucking sound of money being pulled out of my wallet! Do liberals ever stop trying to spend my money?????

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