Allen, Dziedzic Win Legislative Special Elections

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Voters in south Minneapolis have elected DFL endorsee Susan Allen as the Minnesota Legislature’s first American Indian female member.

Unofficial returns Tuesday show Allen, an attorney, defeated independent candidate Nathan Blumenshine.

The two left-leaning candidates were vying for a House seat left open when then-Rep. Jeff Hayden claimed the Senate seat vacated by Linda Berglin.

In another special election Tuesday, unofficial returns show Democrat Kari Dziedzic defeated Republican Ben Schwanke for a state Senate seat on Minneapolis’ eastern side, which includes the University of Minnesota. Dziedzic replaces former Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller, who left the Senate to serve in the Dayton administration.

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  • Murph

    No GOP victory dance there either? Romney’s second win tonite seems to prove that the GOP wingnuts have acted so nutty this year that even GOP voters can’t stand them anymore! So ol’ Lefty Mitt beats the tar out of God’s greatest gifts to billionaires , psycho racists and slave labor advocates. Not a bad night for Obama and 99 percenters!. Somewhere Herman Cain is shouting nine,nine,nine and Newt is sobbing nein,nein,nein and eating the refridgerator!!

  • Sven

    Left leaning candidates?

    Try socialist/Marxists. Reporters are supposed to report the truth.

  • Citizen

    I am so very, very tired of the name calling and labeling by the deflection tactics of the GOP apologists. The article SHOULD have read DFL candidates defeat GOP and independent candidates. Why does ‘CCO feel the need to stir the pot with labeling candidates with “left?” Without back up facts to support a “lefty” label, ‘CCO is violating a lot of journalistic integrity–certainly no surprise fomented by corporate-owned media.

    • mpls sinkhole

      Mpls sinks lower into the lefty abyss. Enjoy your city, glitter tossers!

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