MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A record-high temperature for January was set early Tuesday afternoon as we hit 50 degrees across the Twin Cities metro area.

Several cities across the metro are also reporting temperatures above the 50 degree mark, breaking the old record of 49 degrees that was set back in 1990. Whatever snow that’s still left is quickly melting, and there was even one metro elementary school where kids were playing football outside during their lunch recess without jackets on.

The calendar says it’s Jan. 10, but it feels more like early April. The average high for this time of year is 23 degrees, while the average low is nine degrees. WCCO-TV Meteorologist Mike Augustyniak said it’s possible some spots around the metro could hit 60 on Tuesday.

warm weather photo Twin Cities Hits A Record 50 Degrees

(credit: Brian in Canby)

Enjoy it while you can, because changes are in store. The low tonight will get to just above freezing, and temperatures will be in the teens by Thursday. There’s also a chance for some snow on Wednesday. Augustyniak said it’s likely to not be more than an inch or two.

Stay with wcco.com for all the latest weather updates.

Comments (5)
  1. nme says:

    If Minnesota stayed like this in the winter time, I’d never want to move away from it. I used to curse my ancestors for picking Minnesota to settle in but this year, I dont’ mind. If only it could stay like this!

  2. mn says:

    NME THEN LEAVE- winter is a great time of year, sure it gets a little cold- but only for a week or two. get out and enjoy it walk ski skate / just like the commerical says. hey I say we have 12- seasons here in minnesota every month is a little but different than the other- try texas sure it may be nice now but wait til june when it gets 100 for 100 days in a row- now that sucks. I like the heat too but not every day.

    1. Research says:

      For some reason, that week or two feels more like 7,8, or 9 weeks. Unless your days consist of 96 hrs.

  3. mn says:

    I know- the worst thing about winter for me is the inbetween time from being able to skate or ski and play golf or whatever- it seems like march is a never ending winter that wont quit or warm up.

  4. See BS says:

    I remember these potheads at my last job talking about HAARP from Art Bell on AM radio like the Government has the ability to manipulate the jet stream and the weather.

    Imagine how much money and energy we are saving, every week that goes by without snow and below zero temps.

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