LAKE ELMO, Minn. (WCCO) — A junior high school in Lake Elmo was placed on lockdown Wednesday morning after a snowmobile theft nearby.

According to officials, the lockdown affected students at Oak-Land Junior High. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office said all students were safe. The lockdown was lifted later in the morning.

According to the sheriff’s office, two of three people believed involved in the theft were apprehended, but a third got away.

Officials said the possibility that the third suspect may be armed led to the lockdown.

A sheriff’s deputy has been dispatched to the school as a precaution.

Comments (26)
  1. Greg says:

    Are you kidding me a lockdown based on a snowmobile theft?

    1. Sal-E says:

      It’s not the snowmobile theft that led to the lock down. If you read the article it clearly states that “the possibility that the third suspect may be armed led to the lockdown”. Would you like your children to be learning in the same general area where there is a criminal with a gun running around?

      1. The new normal says:

        The “General Area” you describe is the entire Twin Cities Metro Area.

        1. Sal-E says:

          No. The general area that I describe is the area very near to a junior high school in Lake Elmo. Sorry if I wasn’t specific enough for you. The article was about a junior high school being on lockdown, not the entire Twin Cities Metro Area.

          1. The new normal says:

            By your criteria, every school in the metro area should be on lockdown

            1. Sal-E says:

              No. Just the one where there was a man very close by that is believed to be armed.

              Argue just for recreational purposes much?

              1. dont be stupid says:

                The robery happened within a 1 mile radius of the school and the suspect was considered armed and dangerous. I attend that school and personally I think what they did was good. There are some pretty messed up people in this world and whos to say that he wouldn’t think about going by the school. If he is stupid enough to try and steel a snowmobile when there currently isn’t snow he is obviously stupid enough to go near a school with a weapon. It wasn’t about the robbery at all. It was the fact that his location was unknown and he was thought to have a weapon near a school of over 1,000 teenagers.

                1. @dont be stupid says:

                  Yes, you, please don’t be stupid. And please stay in school. Honestly – you need some development in logical arguments. Every day, all around the Metro and elsewhere, there are armed individuals a lot closer than a mile from schools. That is the point to which “the new normal” was eluding.

                  As far as stealing a snowmobile when there wasn’t any snow, that’s not about intelligence. Dollars to donuts, I bet he wasn’t stealing it to RIDE. My guess, too, is there was a bit more panic than warranted based on certain demographic conditions of Oak-Land (none of which is published on, mind you, but is extremely obvious from, the website.) Additionally, this article failed to mention the additional robbery call was before 6:00 a.m. and I seriously doubt Mr. Robber was waiting around to hang with 7-8-9th graders.

      2. The Infidel says:

        With that logic, Minneapolis North should be under lockdown every day. Sheesh….

        1. Sal-E says:

          Just because there are criminals with guns everywhere does not mean that authorities know of it. I’m sure if they sighted a man with a gun near Minneapolis North during school hours it would be on lockdown, in fact it has happened before. What do you people have against taking necessary precaution to ensure that children are safe?

          1. The Infidel says:

            “What do you people have against taking necessary precaution to ensure that children are safe?”

            Ever heard about the boy who cried wolf? Eventually, people stop paying attention because the veiw it as much ado about nothing.

            1. You are an infidel says:

              Yes you’re right, “because the view it as much ado about nothing” (nice grammar). People probably should just ignore it all together when there is a man believed to be armed near a large group of children as they are probably just being way too paranoid and they wouldn’t want to be ignored (due to crying wolf) if something really serious were to go down in the near future.

              1. The Infidel says:

                Oooohhh, I dropped a “y” by accident and you caught it. I’m so proud of you. And you should be too!! Good Job!!!

                How many times have the tornado sirens gone off and nothing has come of it? People will eventually start ignoring them after a while. While I would hate to see it, it could very well begin to happen here too.

                Still, overreaction IMO.

          2. whocares says:

            Because they are the ones with the guns and don’t care about life.

  2. G Dog says:


    Obviously you’ve never seen Die Hard 2″!

    1. Bruce Wayne says:

      good one…zing

  3. Kevin says:

    In other news a White Bear Lake School was placed on lockdown after a stanger was see walking in the vacinity…..the man described as a white male was walking a black poodle….school officials stated that poodle dung is considered to be a hazardous material and HazMat crews were responding.

  4. Larry says:

    Lake Elmo Lock down, sounds like a country song.

  5. G says:

    I live by the area and they were looking for someone around 4 p.m yesterday by the school so if they were that concearned they should have warned parents before school even started.

    1. dont be stupid says:

      The initial robbery call was between 530 and 6 a.m. Likely they were still looking for evidence (perhaps the gun). If there was a lock down that early in the morning and they were that afraid, don’t you think the busses would have dropped the lilies somewhere else instead of taking them into the Danger Zone.

  6. Big Sexy says:

    A snowmobile what…. No Snow

  7. June says:

    Most police have the emotional maturity of 10 year old boys. By pretending there is “dire danger” they can pretend to be the heroes.

    1. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

      Good point June…so when your getting rapped and the cops show up….will they have the emotional maturity of a 10 year old boy (i guess there are no female cops)…and pretend that your in dire danger…I hope they just leave you and go get a burger…..

      1. stubby says:

        Leave June Cleaver alone!!!!!

      2. dont be stupid says:

        what does it mean to get “rapped”? I mean, why would officers respond to a call for musicians?

  8. konjokris says:

    You guys are a riot.

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