Officials To Increase Reward For Info. In Toddler’s Death

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minneapolis Police Department and Crime Stoppers are teaming up to increase the reward for information regarding a 3-year-old’s death.

Police say with no leads, they will increase efforts to find the gunman responsible for Terrell Mayes’ death. Mayes was killed by a stray bullet while inside his home on the day after Christmas.

Crime Stoppers has already offered $1,000 for information in this case, but additionally private citizens have donated more than $5,000, which will be added to the total reward.

Police believe the bullet, which was fired outside the home, was not intended for Mayes or his family.

At noon on Friday, community members, Crime Stopper’s and city officials will hold a brief press conference to discuss an increased reward in the case.

After the press conference, police will distribute fliers to the neighborhood, asking for help. If you would like to volunteer to help pass out fliers, please arrive at Farview Park by noon on Friday.

If you know anything in this case, contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, text TIP674 plus your information to 274637 (CRIMES) or go to the Crime Stoppers website at All callers are given a unique identifier and no names are used.

  • penny pincher

    …..I’ll throw in my 2 cents

  • Lisa Ragnauth

    Let’s hope they catch the thugs who did this; someone is going to crack eventually…their greed will kick in. As for you “Penny Pincher” I’m sure your two cents won’t help, other than help your meth addiction – Have a NICE day : )

    • Realist

      I guess class is not a prereq for PR work.

  • Chris

    Will they risk life and limb for the $5K?

    • jean

      lets hope so! :)

  • Richard Cheese

    Snitches get Stitches

  • Mohamed

    Its simple. Shut off the EBT system. Notify all of MN that the system will be turned on again when the killer is found. In 15 minutes he will be in police custody. Murder solved.

    • Kevin

      The truth will set you free casterated liberal POS…

  • Ashley

    “Lisa” you are a vile excuse for a human being. You’re disgusting. Someday you will stand before God and answer for things like this. Promise.

    • Realist

      *sigh* What if she doesn’t believe in your God?

    • @Ashley the Teen

      Your naive,liberal,unrealistic view of the world & your lack of life experience is so obvious..You are the disgusting one!

    • DARREN

      I agree with Lisa to an extent. Where is the father of this boy that died? I haven’t heard one mention of him? Is there a father? The young boy that died was a Jr. So where is Sr? Why isn’t he putting up any money? Why is it just the officials?

  • Ace

    WCCO did it again. I am not allowed to comment for some unknown reason

  • Minnesota Nice

    I know it’s easy to take “that” road… With the EBT/welfare jokes and such… But the truth is that we don’t know this family, and regardless of anything no 3 year old deserves to die.

    Rest in peace Terrell and my condolences to the family through this sad time.

    • Realist

      My sentiments exactly!

    • Non humans

      The mother admitted to not having any of her 3 kids fathers in their lives, I think we know welfare and EBT run their show.

      • Realist

        So the fact a young child died means nothing to you?

      • DARREN

        3 different fathers?

  • Cheers

    Im sorry the young boy lost his life, but again today im at Cub and theres 4-5 young to mid 20’s blacks yelling and making fools of themselves while the rest of us human beings stare at them shaking our heads, How hard is it to act like a human being? This was in a suburb, I only ask that you stay in the inner city, and let us people live normal lives our children still have a future.

  • Crosby

    I’m sure this “momma” needs more chips and pop cause this diet of her’s is more important than raising your child. This attitude of “me” first with “mothers” like this proves that filling her belly is higher on the priority list than actually being a “mother”. When this ugliness is addressed the killer will turn himself in… which is to say never

  • Gang-Free zones PLEASE?

    Lots of mean people here.

    IMO, the city should setup gang-free zones similar to what they do for schools. Police should be able to profile and stpp anyone that even looks like a gang banger. If they find a gun, prosecute them under the RICO act.

    This gang stuff has got to stop!

    • mom

      and who is going to pay for the police to stop anyone that looks like a gang banger, the city claims they have no money to staff the officers they have now. 2nd you will have so many of these civil leaders crying racial profiling that it will never be allowed to happen and 3rdly when I went to denver when I was young and stupid, in college, my friend and I ended up in the “projects” of the inner city and saw many signs that were posted saying no drugs or guns allowed and there were gang free zones and guess what we still saw drug dealers on the street corners and pretty sure they had guns and or belonged to a gang. The fact that a little boy lost his life is just so sad, I feel for his mother, and I just want someone that lives in this neighborhood to step up and take your community back. If there are so many good people that live there they should be able to ban together with the help from the police and city officials to take back their neighborhood. I just can’t understand living in a neighborhood where my kids have to be taught that if they hear gun fire they are to run to the closet. As a mother if I did live in that situation I would do everything in my power to make sure I bettered myself so that my kids and I didn’t have to live in this environment long enough to have to be taught to hide when they hear gun shots. And shame on all these “good” people who have an idea of who could have done this and still won’t step forward, as far as I know you don’t have to hold a news conference to say who killed this little boy and the public never has to know that you turned the people responsible for this in

      • nice going mom

        Agree with you both, mom and hunnybear.

      • hunnybear18

        Exactly. As far as gun and gang free zones, how well has a handgun ban worked for Chicago other than disarming the honest people?

        Too often we see comments saying that people from outside of the neighborhood need to do something to change this. And yet, if someone did, it would be quickly thrown in their face that they are not from that neighborhood. It does need to come from the neighborhood itself. The “Stop Snitching” culture perpetuates these situations. Stop Snitching sounds like a noble principle until it’s someone you love that loses his life to someone and nobody has the courage to bring the perpetrators to justice. Then it’s just another slap in the face that people are more worried about prison statistics than bringing this person who took so much from you to justice.

  • RIII

    What lessons are parents teaching their kids these days? Hold out for $10,000? Disgusting.

  • makes me sad

    There were 3 different fathers? What kind of life is ahead for the remaining children?

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