PLYMOUTH, Minn. (WCCO) — Allina Hospitals and Clinics plans to open up a new emergency room at its West Health Facility.

The hospital is located at Interstate 494 and Highway 55 in Plymouth.

The 18,000 square-foot building is expected to cost between $5 million and $8 million.

It will be staffed 24 hours a day with ER doctors and nurses from Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

Allina hopes to break ground in February and have the ER done by the end of 2012.

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  1. isn't it a clinic setting? says:

    Since when is West Health a HOSPITAL? Urgent care makes sense, but an ER? Where will they admit people – ambulance costs will skyrocket!

    1. Courtenay says:

      AMEN TO THAT!!!! It’s a building full of clinic. This will be nothing but a glorified Urgent Care. God forbid someone should have a real medical emergency requiring them to actually be admitted. The EMS people will be loving this, though. Just like the Urgency Room in Woodbury. Dumb.

  2. It's not a hospital says:

    I was coming to say the exact same thing. I think some fact-checkers are on vacation . I’ve never considered WestHealth a hospital.

  3. old nurse says:

    To be able to stabilize a person in an acute medical crisis is much easier to do in an emergency room than out in the field. The outcomes are going to be much better. Too bad there are so many posters who have no clue. No doubt Allina did a cost benefit analysis and came up with a workable plan.

    1. Courtenay says:

      You’re right. I work in nursing, so clearly I “don’t have a clue.” There are 3 other hospitals with full emergency rooms, (Methodist, Maple Grove, and North Memorial – Level I trauma center) all within a 10-mile radius of West Health (which is not a hospital). If a patient is critically ill, I would think they’d rather be transported or go to an actual HOSPITAL where they can receive full-on care. I’m sure Allina did come up with a benefit analysis so they can use their own transportation company to transport these patients to real hospitals and get $$$ that way as well. With 3 perfectly capable EDs all within that area, there is not point to building this and having it attached to a medical office building.

      1. Old nurse says:

        Ah the business side to which you are clueless, Methodist, Maple Grov (which sends anything acute straight to North)e and North are not alligned with Allina. . Therefore they charge Allina patients far more. If indeed you are in nursing you should understand that.
        Perhaps you have not figured out in an emergency room they can do anything they can do in the hospital except trauma.

        1. Courtenay says:

          Do you see the comment below? Labeled “You know its true?” THAT is my point.

          1. old nurse says:

            Yes I know that is your point. Nowdays it is called managed care. Corporations want total control. If you were involved in healthcare you would have noticed that trend with your patients, especially if you had ever dealt with Allina

            1. Courtenay says:

              Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with Allina and I don’t work for them.

  4. you know its true says:

    Here’s the real situation. Westhealth used to be owned by North Memorial and Allina. North sold their 50% position last August for $54 million. They didn’t need it anymore with the addition of Maple Grove Hospital which is 70% North owned and 30% Fairview owned with both parties having a 50/50 share in business decisions for the first 5 years of opening, after that, it’s 100% decision making by North. Allina is just trying to get some market share of the N.W. corridor, which is dominated by North Memorial. This is just postering by Allina, it won’t help them in anyway other than trying to stabilize and transport to the nearest Allina facilitie

    1. old nurse says:

      Yes you are correct that in the northwest North Memorial is a force. Allina wants their patients to go to their facilities. It is protecting their bottom line. Allina has numerous small hospitals in the metro area to feed into Abbot and United. The northwest metro area has a hole in their coverage.The cost of treating patient’s under their health plans at non Allina facilities under emergency situations must be great enough that it is worth their while to set this up. It is servicing their patient in the most economical manner. Your last line is the point of it for Allina

  5. It's not a hospital says:

    I have no problem with them building the facility. What’s odd is that they’re implying it’s currently a hosptial. It’s not. It’s a building that houses many different medical clinics. As far as I know, and I could be wrong but don’t think I am, there are no beds there for overnight stays. It’s the wording of the headline that I take issue with.

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