Minneapolis Cabbies Will Now Have To Accept Credit Cards

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — You hail a taxi in Minneapolis and the cabbie won’t take a credit card. That won’t happen in the future following action by the Minneapolis City Council.

Councilman Gary Schiff pushed an ordinance after hearing complaints about customers needing a taxi but being told the cabbie wanted only cash.

Now the council has passed a measure requiring drivers to accept credit cards whether they want to or not.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

“This rule today puts us on par with other cities across the country and lets the driver know they cannot turn down a paying passenger just because they want to pay with plastic,” said Schiff.

Cabs in the city and at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport will now have to accept credit cards. The new requirement goes into effect June 1.

  • Swamp Fox

    It’s about time the cabbies have to take plastic. It’s not only for safety sake but for legal reasons also. In this way a taxi driver won’t be a target for thieves and the passengers get a receipt for their fares.

    Also, it prevents cabbies from short-cashing the cab companies and keeps a better records of fare activities. Depending on the systems the the cab rider has to sign for and acknowledge the fare by getting a receipt. It also means improvement of cab services and/or tips. Besides how many business travelers or cab riders carry a pocket full of cash these days? It’s about time the cabs take plastic.

  • Mark

    I agree that this is much needed. There needs to be consistency with payment options on taxis. My biggest cab pet peeve is when I hand the cabbie my credit card, and they ask if I have cash instead as they try to hand me back my card. Maybe I have cash or maybe I don’t, but when you ask for cash, I am still paying with credit card AND your tip just got downgraded buddy. I don’t trust the cabs to adequately report their revenue to their companies, nor to adequately pay their income taxes when they get cash.

  • Just sayin'

    Does this mean if Somalis can’t afford the Credit Card machine that they can’t be a cabbie anymore, and have to go home? Let’s hope so…

  • earlybird

    Now, this is something to really to laugh about. It’s a little to late now, isn’t it, especially in the wrong city! I really needed a cab early one morning, cabbie didn’t accept a credit card, I went to a cash machine, withdrew sixty dollars, (five went to ATM fee), and the rest went to the cabbie, I remember 29.80 for cab fare, 15.20 change, and 5 ATM fee (some take the fee out of the cash at the time of withdrawal. You guessed it, 5 + 29.8 + 15.2 = 60. Another morning the SAME cabbie buy to pick me up, I had 40 to give him and I was accused of giving counterfeit 20s, lost my job, lost my credit, lost my home, and lost my car!

    • Matt

      ummm yea theres more to that “story” you don’t get fired from a job for missing one day of work. I am gonna guess you just got out of the drunk tank and lost your car because you got too many DWIs

      • Daisy

        It’s always a relief when someone with ovobuis expertise answers. Thanks!

    • Lost

      At what point did you lose your mind?

  • nobody carries cas anymore

    I was happy when NY finally required their cabs to have the card readers but have you ever tried to catch a cab in DC without cash. It is difficult to say the least.

  • I'll Pay Cash

    A cab driver is the LAST person I’d let touch my credit card!

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  • tire

    Cabs are in a variety of colors nowdays.

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