MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Three sisters from Plymouth, Minn., have raised nearly $4,000 for the homeless by sleeping outside in a box since November, their mother said.

Carrie Sewald-Hester wrote on her Facebook page Friday that her girls (11-year-old Debra, 9-year-old Danielle and 3-year-old Savanah) raised $3,985 and donated the money to Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners, an organization that helps 1,500 families in the Twin Cities.

The sisters slept in a cardboard box on the back deck of their family’s home from early November to Christmas Eve. The girl’s mother wrote daily updates on her girls’ condition, and they girls received donations from as far away as the Virgin Islands.

Comments (11)
  1. American Citizen says:

    Way to go kids!! People helping people is what makes a good society.

  2. Bad parenting says:

    Bad bad bad parenting… If something were to happen to these LITTLE girls we wouldn’t be praising them. Too cold for these girls to be allowed to do this

  3. me says:

    Regardless of what negative comments you all have made regarding parenting skills. There are MANY..and I REPEAT Many homeless children in his country that do not have the luxery of anything but a box…so before you go judging these girls, and their parents…maybe you yourselfs should donate to those homeless children…better to help than to judge…

    1. You says:

      “…Many homeless children in his country that do not have the luxery of anything but a box”

      BS – oh the drama!

  4. Sam says:

    These girls are camping outdoors in the winter. Did it as a kid in the scouts, and on colder nights than we’ve seen here. They get warm food, and they have a parent nearby who can say “it’s too cold/windy/snowy for this tonight.” The box they are sleeping in is insulated, they’re wearing good winter clothing, and they presumably have sleeping bags. They’re in far less danger than the people who have to live outdoors, and they’re _doing_ something, rather than being comfortable in their homes while others suffer.
    Good for you, girls!

  5. mike kiley says:

    bad parenting…have you visited the home and witnessed the box in which they are living?Are they underdressed.The weather so far has been rather mild so far,which helps them.instead of the negativity,how about keeping your nose to yourself.Better yet,make a donation…

  6. self made victims says:

    Awesome girls! Awesome mom! So nice to see people doing something instead of just complaining.

    1. stopit says:

      who and what is awesome ,when the cause got forgotten.

  7. Rufus Larkin says:

    The cardboard box thing is just a Charlie Chan stereotype.


    this story is so overdone ,when you had many people in that area that slept out .and made no big deal out of it,and some of these people have done this every year. and they are not on TV ,everyday,face book everyday.saying look at me. when you put your family ,and children out there ,then all of the attention that you wanted ,you got it,good or bad.and when you really look at this mother this had nothing to do with the real reason about raising money .i feel sorry for those children who were made to ,do this all for the mother,to say look at me.and who knows if the kids really slept out each and every night.so this woman says she home-schools ,and makes it seems like she has the fa-bolus life ,why not just write a check and donate,,because this story is some ”BULL.COM”

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