Warning this is a disturbing video of US soliders disgracing the bodies of Taliban soliders

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  1. Shelley says:

    Leave the brave Marines alone! I have a picture that would curl your toes from WWII that my Father had. Please don’t tell me that my tax dollars will go into an investigation of these good men . You mention the Geneva Convention, right. I am sure as they torture our men that is first in their minds

  2. Jarad says:

    I sat in my car and listened to comments made on this issue for 30 minutes. I am not one to comment on issues of this sort, but I sat and listened to the comments that were made and looked at it from both angles.

    I don’t believe any military person goes into these war torn areas with the intent of urinating or cutting off ears or anything of that sort. I believe that you need to be in a different state of mind all together to even be in the position to kill. I think one loses a sense of reality and humanity when they are put in this position and also when they have been away from reality for extended periods of time.

    Is it right? No, but look at the big picture. These are young men, in difficult situations, giving their lives so you can sit in your padded chair, in your warm studio, and go home and sleep in your warm bed, and get up on Saturday morning and play with your kids.

    Some one commented on “Daniel Pearls” beheading. Do 2 wrongs make a right? NO. But those involved in that situation planned that brutal act. They did not act on the emotions of the moment, but plan, televised, and beheaded a man that they knew had a wife and I think kids. Different………I think so.

    No, I am not military. However, I come from a Grandfather who served in WWII, A father who served in Vietnam and multiple cousins, uncles that served and currently serve. Thanks to them I can write this to you!

  3. Even Better says:

    Should have dropped a duce on the dead muzzie pile

  4. Carrie says:

    I agree with Jarad. I listened to this program and found it upsetting that Esme interrupted and squelched the opinions of those that disagreed with her. Esme tried to make this situation too black and white. What the soldiers did was wrong. However, Esme- what type of mentality would you need to enter into in order to kill? I am not in the military and don’t have close family that are either. I don’t think you (Esme) should be so judgmental when you have not been put into a situation where you have to kill others and fight to keep yourself alive. I also would like you to replay your discussion with the marine expert that you interviewed at the beginning of your program. You referenced him in support of your views numerous times, but you need to listen again to your interview with him. He stated toward the end, “I understand…” He does not look at this situation as black and white as you (Esme) do. The next time I am tuned into WCCO radio and Esme is filling in, I will change to a different station. Esme did not moderate the discussion today, she condemned those that disagreed with her narrow viewpoint.

  5. SSGT (Ret.) says:

    What would they do if it were them and it was dead marines?? They would have dis-membered the US troops. They would have had a live feed so every one could watch. Not saying this was right and as far as I can tell maybe was staged and not actually real. So they ‘think” they know who the marines are. They don’t even know for sure the last I read.
    I put in over twenty years and would never would have thought to do something like this and if there ever was a chance would have made sure there was no one with a camera making a video or taking pictures. The towel heads got what they deserved. All is fair in love and war. Now judge me with a narrow view point. Till you have served you just don’t know and don’t understand. Semper FI

  6. Shelley says:

    Agreed and said very well, also Jared’s comments are very well written. Before my Father died, he finally shared what it was like going into Toykyo to release POWs. He spoke for 8 hours before dying. I have two sons and my heart breaks for each parent burying their son or daughter. All I can say is “We owe these soldiers, families, and parents dearly”. I am proud to be a patriot, and yes war changes anyone involved. My first husband was In Country in Nam.

  7. John Kingrey says:

    I agree that young kids do stupid things, but they violated the Law of War. I am a retired 30 year JAG officer. All soldiers going into combat are briefed on the LOW. It is a violation to desicrate a dead body, just like it is a violation to shhot POWs, blow up churches, booby trap childrend’s toys or dead bodies. As crazy as it may seem there are rules in war.

    1. Taylor J says:

      First off, thanks for your services, and given me this freedom to write my opinion.

      I do agree with you John, but the question is, are they playing fair? Are they not shooting our POW? or beheading them? and are they not targeting innocent people (World Trade Center), and so on. I know two wrongs don’t make it right. So how far are we going to go before they have pushed our button?

      Even here in the states, it harder for someone to own a gun to defend their families versus some criminals who has one during a robbery attempt. I may sound like a broken record, but i feel that justice is never on our side, and always against us.

      Like Jarad said, I believe these guys “loses a sense of reality and humanity ”
      I’m no soldier, so I can’t relate.

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