MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — I have been talking about our big chill for the past several days. We will feel the coldest air so far this season, and we might even fall below zero for the first time.

It will also look more like winter with three shots at snow over the next four days. The first shot will be overnight into early Tuesday morning. It’s not a big storm that will require a few rounds of shoveling. In fact, the snow total range will be anywhere from a dusting to maybe an inch or two.

The timing is the bad quality with this system. It will be just enough snow at the wrong time to possibly extend your morning commute a bit.

Your drive home Tuesday will be much quicker with a few breaks in the clouds. Wednesday’s snow looks to mainly affect the northern half of Minnesota with more widespread snow on Friday.

This week, it will actually look and feel like winter.

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  1. Chump says:

    Another fine job predicting a messy commute as I drove 70 all the way to work, and got there 30 mins early thanks for nothing Mr. accurate.

    1. Amrik says:

      I live in an area that’s hlrotsicaily cold and wintery (upstate NY) but there hasn’t been *real* winter in a while. We’ve only lived here 5 years, but of those 6 winters, only one (the first, of course) was bad enough that it seemed worse than the southern ohio/central illinois winters I was used to. It seems, though, that winter is back. Which is good, because we live in a house with a wood foundation and the climate here has always been marginal for the house – and downright bad for it the past few years (most wood foundations are in places with permafrost, or at least frozen ground 6 months of the year). People who have lived here 30+ years remember ice skating on our (large and deep) lake. Now, there’s No Way you could do that, except at the very edges or on the inlet. I swim across (1.25 miles) each summer as part of a fundraiser, and it always alarms me how warm a 650+ foot deep lake this far north is (almost 80 usually). Many people I know don’t get snow tires – people who have lived here for 5-10 years – it’s never even occurred to them. (we have them). The return of winter weather has been coupled with the economic downturn to mean very poor road conditions since they aren’t plowing/salting as much. I think a lot of people will be caught unprepared this winter.I celebrated by buying a pair of Arctic Sport knee-high Muck Boots. Looks like i’ll finally need ’em.

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