MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The family of a Minnesota couple missing after a cruise ship capsized off the coast of Italy say they have received no word on the couple.

The death toll from the Costa Concordia disaster rose to 11 on Tuesday when five bodies — four men and one woman — were recovered from the submerged portion of the ship.

But the family of Jerry and Barbara Heil of White Bear Lake, Minn., say in a blog posting they have nothing to report.

The family says it will await word from the U.S. Embassy and Italian authorities on the newly discovered passengers. And they ask people to continue praying for the other passengers and the safety of the rescuers.

Rescuers continue to search the ship for about two dozen people still missing.

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Comments (5)
  1. Jimmy says:

    Gos bless these folks and their family’s in this hard time and to everlasting hell for the coward ship captain who bailed on everyone.

  2. Bruce Wayne says:

    I’m certainly no expert, but one would think there could be air pockets and places one could survive for awhile right? Let’s hope so!!!

  3. Angel Xyra says:

    “In God’s love and light, we know that no one and nothing is lost. In our hearts, we know that the Heil family is safe and is in God’s hands. Please, in the Light and Love of all that is good, bring closure to this situation, with the best possible outcome. We call upon Archangel Raphael, healer of humans and guardian of travelers, Archangel Michael, the most powerful archangel of protection, and Archangel Chamuel who finds what appears lost and brings it or evidence of it to us. Nothing and no one is lost! We call to those seemed missing, asking that they successfully communicate their whereabouts to us, now. In the perfect light of Christ, in divine love, in the guidance and protection of Mother Mary, queen of all angels, and in concert with the nature spirits of the universe ~ thank you for giving us news, that we may find peace. Amen.”

    1. Jeb says:

      Wow sounds like someone had way too many drugs

    2. MN mom says:

      OMG are you kidding!! sick people out there Angel fly away home…

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