ST. PAUL (WCCO) — A St. Paul woman reached a major milestone for helping others: 100 gallons of donated blood.

On Tuesday, the American Red Cross honored Dolly Ruark for her enormous contribution.

Ruark first started donating in college in the 1960s.

She says donating blood is her way of paying rent for living on Earth and she’s proud to have helped save hundreds of lives.

Red Cross workers say Ruark feels like a member of the family and that she always brightens people’s days when she comes in.

Comments (15)
  1. Reality says:

    We need to tax STUPID Commenter’s!!!!!

    1. RealityCheck says:

      “Commenters” is plural; “commenter’s” meas belonging to the commenter.

      People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  2. Shelly Michels says:

    Congratulations for a very admirable task!!

  3. Dana says:

    How is this possible? As a blood donor myself, I am aware you can donate a pint every 56 days, which is 6.5 pints per year. Since 100 gallons is 800 pints, it would take 123 years to be able to donate 100 gallons…

    1. Max says:

      I was wondering the same thing, glad someone else noticed this.

    2. Roger Scott says:

      The paper could have made a mistake and meant 100 pints, wouldn’t be the first time. However we need stop trying to find mistakes in how something was written and look at the article for the meaning. This women at least should be commended for what she did, she helped give life to people that needed blood.

    3. Bloody Right says:

      If you do apheresis, you can donate every 2 weeks, thus more donations. We have a donor in San Bernardino County that has donated OVER 100 gallons. I’ve only donated 28 gallons.

  4. puzzled says:

    @ DANA…. good thought there…… I thought it was all at once, but figured that was probably not posible either…….HMMMMMM. gota think about this…….

  5. Rocky says:

    O.K. reading the artical i see she SELLS them her blood, like for money, that to me is not DONATEING…. It’s selling for profit, like pay up or no blood 4 U!!!!!!

    1. Nancy says:

      The Red Cross does NOT pay donors…you have misunderstood her comment about “paying rent for living on earth”. Perhaps you should educate yourself on the donation process through the Red Cross before jumping to conclusions.

  6. AmberK says:

    She doesn’t sell it. They state that she feels it is her way of “paying rent for living on Earth” Not paying for her rent. Basically her way of giving back!

  7. AmberK says:

    Also, if she does plasma it is completely possible to do 100 gallons.

  8. Rachel says:

    She donates her platelets not just a pint of blood. you are never paid to do it, strickly donations. You can donate your platelets every 7 days instead of 56 so that is how she has been able to donate over 100 gallons. Platelets are usually given to people with cancer and bleeding conditions! you should donate too!

    1. Nancy says:

      Rachel…I couldn’t explained it any better…a fellow Red Cross’er?

      1. VJ-R says:

        Plus she didn’t say that she got paid to do it. She is saying that does it as payback for living on earth. Southern Region RedCross Here

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