4 Arrested In Officer-Involved Shooting In St. Paul

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Police say they shot and injured an armed man near Interstate 94 and Dale Street in St. Paul Tuesday afternoon.

At a press conference Tuesday night, St. Paul Police said the shooting occurred before 6 p.m. and included a multiagency drug task force. Police officers reportedly pulled over a car near Dale Street. That’s when two armed male suspects exited the car.

Then, one of the suspects turned towards an officer.

“He did turn towards the officer with the gun in his hand,” said Howie Padilla, a St. Paul police spokesman. “And the officer — fearing not only for his safety, but the safety of others in the area — discharged his weapon, striking the suspect, at that time, twice.”

The wounded suspect, who police identified as 23-year-old Miguel Vila Lorenzano, is at Regions Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The other suspect, 24-year-old Albert Diaz Huerta, was also arrested.

The officer who shot the suspect is on paid administrative leave for two days.

According to police, there was a second related incident near Taqueria Los Ocampo restaurant on 1751 Suburban Ave. in St. Paul. There, two other men were arrested in connection to drugs. They have been identified as 27-year-old Juan Alaya Gutierrez and 27-year-old Basurto Monano Eustaquio.

The story is developing, so check back for more information.

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  • Brett

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  • AP

    More out-of-control Scandanavians!

  • alligator

    nice….illegal aliens and drug dealers to boot……check out the one with two eyes that each look in a different direction…….too bad the cops two shots were poorly aimed.

    • Kcirtap

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      • em0886

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  • j speedbag 64

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  • Mike

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  • Rob Boss

    Nope, Bobby boy – not a white thing. Simply boils down to a persons character. No mind that anyone other than whites generally have poor character…

  • Next time

    Send the DNR to do the job right!!!!

    • Sam I am


  • mark

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  • hmmmm

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    Target practice for the masses!

  • sarn

    So you combat those that stereotype minorities (soon to be majorities) by stereotyping white people and then you want to use words like hypocrite in the process.

  • A

    I hope you never need an officer’s help one day.

  • Kevin

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    • Me

      Hey, I sick of xenophobes that presume all Hispanics are not only immigrants but illegal to boot. So the next time I’m watching a Cameron Diaz movie, I’ll yell at her to go back to her own country!

  • Kevin

    Oh cut me another big ol’ piece of that diversity pie!!!!! Oh and pull out your check books…you now get to pay for this trash to be in the hospital……..not to mention the jail….

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