Charges: Man Pimped Woman Pregnant With His Baby

HASTINGS, Minn. (WCCO) — A 19-year-old Burnsville, Minn. man has been charged with forcing the woman pregnant with his child into prostitution.

According to the criminal complaint, a woman reported being forced into prostitution by Javed Mookhtr Mobin after she was arrested at a hotel in Burnsville on Jan. 11.

An undercover officer arrested the woman after setting up a meeting at the hotel earlier that day.

Investigators had traced the number posted on a escort ad to Mobin. The officer also observed Mobin loitering near the hotel.

The woman, who says she is currently seven months pregnant with Mobin’s child, told officers that Mobin has beaten her, choked her to the point of nearly passing out and told her that he would kill her if she ever tried to go to the police or “do business” behind his back and hide money from him. She told police she was given $250 for an hour of sex and $150 for half an hour.

“Prostitution is a serious crime under any circumstances but when you have a young woman, who is seven months pregnant, it is really astounding to see this kind of behavior,” said James Backstrom, Dakota County Attorney.

According to the criminal complaint, the woman told police she has received infections from previous solicitations because she was too afraid of refusing to service men who didn’t bring condoms, for fear of retribution by Mobin.

Mobin was arrested at the Prime Rate Motel in Burnsville, where the couple has reportedly been living since Dec. 21. The clerk at the front desk said they pay $210 a week for rent.

Mobin’s mother said her son had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. She said she called police last summer to try and get help for Mobin’s girlfriend.

“When police came I said to them, he is abusing that girl,” Halimi Mobin Hussein said. “And I suspect he is prostituting her for money.”

Burnsville police said they were called. But Chief Bob Hawkins said that the young woman at the time denied that there was any abuse.

There was at least one other call to police by the mother but Hawkins says there was never enough evidence of abuse or wrongdoing to take Mobin into custody.

He is being held in the Dakota County Jail.

Mobin has been charged with felony counts of solicitation of prostitution and domestic assault by strangulation. If convicted, he could face up to 15 years in prison on the first count, and three on the second.

  • who what where?

    class act all the way. Note to all young ladies out there, you want to run with the “bad boy?” This is what you get.

    • JustSayin


  • red


  • red


    • Ace

      Not sick-evil beyond compare

  • Goodyear man

    Wrap that rascal!

  • r

    this man should beput in jail for 40years and then deport toa place that hate americans.

  • Deb Grund Meyer

    Why do people always have to put a color on this crap? It has nothing to do with it!
    Put this guys away and loose the key.

    • RM

      I have often wondered that too, I guess because we all had a choice in being the color we are, where we were born, and color makes one commit crimes. Yeah! I call it plain ignorance while showing their true IQ to the public.

  • jackactionhero

    So no blame is on the chick who voluntarily shacked up with this idiot to begin with? There is no accountability?
    They don’t come any dumber, do they…

    • Guest

      I dont believe in blaming the victim
      But you have a valid point,why get in this far with such a dude in the first place?
      If he changed personalities after she got pregnant I would understand
      I guess the odds of that are highly probable.Im not really sure what to say right now
      But I still never blame a victim.

    • desert eagle .50

      Only in your case. What do you mean by “accountability?” And, for a change, please be specific.

    • none

      Nope dude – none other than she had a fear of a beating and death. That’s one we all have now isn’t it



    • being brown don't mean you from outta town

      Send him back to where he came from? Oh…you mean BURNSVILLE.

      • Bill Clintons Cigar

        No he means what ever third world garbage dump her ran from like a coward to come here and commit numerous felonies……

        • being brown don't mean you from outta town

          Right. So…Burnsville.

    • kcmn

      Right, only good old fashioned American born felons should get the best health care coverage that our prisons provide.

      How do you know he’s not an American citizen? Why wouldn’t you think he was born here?

      • do your homework

        because typically parents with American born children choose more Americanized names to assimilate in society better

        • history of hate

          You’re right, iIf I had done my homework I would have realized that every second genration Irish immigrant dropped the ‘O’ prefix from their name to sound more American. That’s why there aren’t O’Briens anymore or O’Donnells. That’s also why nobody with the last name of Yang could possibly have been born here. Thanks for the anthropology lesson.

      • history of hate

        Because people whose ancestors were most likely immigrants to this country now feel that white people are the only true americans. If you’re white, and obtained US citizenship at the age of 30, you’re considered more American than a brown person with a middle-eastern name that was born here. Those people need to remember that it wasn’t long ago that Irish people were hated just as much…and Japanese people…and Jewish people…

  • oops

    oops, Haven’t finished coffee. I meant to write a desolate island.

  • See BS

    I agree, The only way for this to happen is to play dumb.

  • Mel

    There are organizations in the twin cities that help women who are slaves to human trafficking. I hope the police connect her with these organizations so she can get the help she needs. As to why a woman would ever do this, they are treated like animals most of their life and they think this is what they deserve. They also fear for their life and don’t think anyone would help them. Lord have mercy on her and her baby, and may she find the freedom she deserves.

  • RaeRae

    Why not force him into prostitution services for men?

    • Bob from S MN

      I agree, pimp him out. Big Buba needs a new “friend” to play house with.

  • Research

    That shirt is most definataly pimpin. Pimp on Playa

  • Sue

    It’s not that black and white. If it was this stuff would never happen. He threatened her and scared her into staying. Fear will make us all do things we normally wouldn;t do.

    • Tiny jack

      Well – I can attest to all that you are a puny runt who has spent your life in hiding Mark, aka jackactionhero. What a joke – the name and you. Now go change your soiled undies. ;-) ;)

    • Abri

      His Mom called the police on him twice concerned for this young woman’s safety. His OWN mother! Come on, a mother is not going to call the police on their own just for the thrill of it. The young woman had the opportunity at those times to break free, but she denied the allegations! She was with how many different Men she could have told she was being abused that would have whooped this guy’s backside themselves for putting his hands on her (or any woman) and then reported it, Sorry, but I can’t help but to assume that obviously she was not that afraid to have had so many opportunities to get out. I have lived in an abusive relationship so I know the fear, and I found a way to go to the police, I knew I had a way out and was safer with him behind bars then continuing to live with the abuse. We all have choices, and if you are that fearful, you will find a way to seek proper help. Just saying! I just hope now she stays away from him and he gets the maximum.

      • rmsbl4

        Tell one of the Johns who are already abusing her during the illegel transactions, yes very smart

      • Kevin

        Oh Abri thank you for your thrid world views on abuse! With over 380,000 immigrants now in the Twin Cities, your views will soon be the majority. You are so right! Shame on her for not leaving him. She should have told one of her “Johns” of the abuse so he could have helped her! In alot of countries she would now be stoned! And she should be! Bringing all that shame to both his and her family! Thank you for bringing us a look at the future on Minnesota….

  • Karmen

    Obviously you’ve never been in an abusive relationship- “jackactionhero”. It’s all a mental game the abuser plays to make the abused feel helpless and under their control. Especially a pregnant young woman- I can’t even imagine how alone and helpless she must have felt! Abusers don’t come with a sign that says so- they often are the most charming, seemingly loving men.

  • sarn

    Send him back to the POS third world country that he came from. I can assure you that it’ll be a lot worse there than any American “correctional facility” and we won’t have to house him at the expense of taxpayers.

    • being brown don't mean you from outta town

      Is Burnsville a third world country now?

      • Bill Clintons Cigar

        Good God…both Mpls and St Paul are third world cities…get a clue.

        • yay third world

          They aren’t yet, but will be if we elect a one of these theocratic corporatist camdidates. We’ll be just like Africa. The top few are millionaires, the bottom majority get AIDS. Can’t wait!

  • societyssickness

    Her stating that she was threatened into doing this is complete bs… I guarantee she had plenty of opportunities to take off or get away but probably didn’t. Instead she attracted and continued threatening the health of her baby by taking three chance of catching an std while pregnant.

    • blamethevictim

      The “blaming the victim” mentality that people like you posess is exactly why abusive relationships last as long as they do. Not only is there the psychological trap the abuser lays, but also the shaming and lack of understanding from the population as a whole. Well done and thank you for doing your part.

    • Crazy is as crazy posts

      let me see if I got this straight…she’s pregnant. We know the father of the soon to be. We don’t know her nationality. We don’t know if she has any support structure outside this pos. Lots of we don’t knows now, aren’t there !
      I donated 4 years h12elping woman, youngg and old, trying to get away from pimps and the street life. It is not easy – some die, some end up beaten to a pulp, and others commit suicide.
      Most of you posting the trash you are have ZERO clue….which is likely why you live online instead of improving the world around you.
      What a group of little weiner boys we have here – sick and likely worthless individuals to socity. Not unlike those you riducule here every day it seems. I pity you

      • konjokris

        ^ yep, what she/he said.

      • where the blame really is

        wow, man hater much? You saw the rotten side of human nature, are you able to accept that not everyone is like that or do you just flame anyone that is not as sympathetic as you?

      • red


  • DJP

    AND…we let these “people” into our country??? Castrate him and throw him to the sharks…OK..Walleyes!!

  • come on - get this right

    I truly hope you are inteding the castration to extend to the jons, likely white, who enjoyed her wares, right!?
    If not then you got serious issues…and BTW, do you know where yopur significant other has been playing????
    thought not

    • PBJ time

      No but I am “inteding” to label “yopur” comment as pretty efffing stupid.

    • Facts please

      Why is this comment left up? Obviously racist against whites, but apparently in our society it is OK to verbally assualt whites, but not other races? Way to go WCCHOE, your true colors are showing.

  • Terry B

    Why do we assume he is an immigrant? Perhaps he was born in U.S. Regardless of where he came from, Mobin conducted a horrible crime.

    • Brett

      Well, given his name, and given that you don’t see too many 19 year olds pimpin’ their 7-month pregnant “girlfriend” these days in our recent cultural history, at least around *here*, I’d say that there is a good chance that he is either an immigrant, or the son of one.

      • shelteredmuch?

        Wow, Brett. Maybe take a trip outside of Eden Prairie once in a while.

        • Brett

          Wow, sheltered. Maybe take a trip TO Eden Prairie once in a while. See how good life CAN BE, or maybe USED TO BE.

          • shelteredmuch?

            Aaah yes, Eden Prairie: the city owned by a mall.

  • felice

    Think of all the guys who paid to be with a SEVEN month pregnant woman. LOL

    • Brett

      Maybe she was a BIG woman, so it didn’t ‘show’ so much, or maybe all of the johns were drunk or high as hell, and didn’t see her with her clothes off until the lights went dim. LMAO. I’ll bet that she wasn’t one of those $300/hr “escorts”.

  • felice

    At least she’s working- I don’t want to have to support her kid

  • Billy

    Who is worse, the pimp, the John or the hoe? Three stooges if you ask me.

  • Billy Bob

    I’d buy that for a dollar

  • konjokris

    Why must some of you blame the victim?
    Legalize it, tax it, get rid of the pimps and make the prostitutes get a medical every three to six months so all will be safe. As long as there is Poonanny and a dude wants to buy it we may as well make them pay taxes on this service.

    • Nate

      Yep. That’s what they do in Amsterdam and I can assure you that there are no pimps in jail there and no women being “forced” into it. I’ts a legitimate profression and the Ho’s pay taxes too.

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