ST. PAUL (WCCO) — For the second day in a row, Gov. Mark Dayton is talking about plans to grow jobs in Minnesota.

Tuesday he announced a $775 million bill for construction projects. On Wednesday, he focused on attracting new business.

Dayton’s plan, Minnesota Business First Stop, will help make it easier for businesses to grow in the state and cut out some of the red tape that business leaders often run into between state agencies.

They’re focusing on manufacturing, mining, agriculture, energy and green jobs. Dayton said this will be a coordinated effort among the various departments to provide resources to business.

He said it won’t require any additional money, just more communication between agencies.

However, making this work may be a challenge. Dayton acknowledged similar efforts haven’t worked in the past.

“It just hasn’t been put into practice,” he said. “There just hasn’t been coordination among the agencies, communication among the agencies or the commitment at the top level to see this through and make it happen.”

One of the ways the Governor said they plan to make it easier for business leaders is by creating a website with an 800 number, and an email address.

They didn’t give a timeline but said it would be done soon.

State leaders say they plan to chart the progress to see if this works.

Comments (17)
  1. sarn says:

    Spending $750,000,000.00 on public works projects is not necessarily a good way to “cut the red tape” between business leaders and state agencies.

    1. KirkL. says:

      The bonding bill has nothing to to with the business proposal. Bonding for projects has been part of the legislature since it’s inception.

      1. STP says:

        The “business proposal” is sugar coating for the bonding bill.

        Thanks for the history lesson.

        1. KirkL. says:

          It would appear that to many on this board that the bonding bill is a new creation. They are not looking to see what the money is to be spent on. A good portion of the measure is for maintaining existing infrastructure of the state.
          Working to improve the state agencies coordination has nothing to do with bonding. If they work hard enough it might even reduce the number of workers needed. To rip on a proposal to make government work better because it comes from Dayton is petty partisanship.

    2. Stenzel says:

      If I were going to fund a public project, it wouldn’t be the “Light Rail to Nowhere Project”. We could be funding projects that save energy with current technology like more efficient building controls and lighting. We could close or concentrate government buildings to pay for the projects. Win/Win for everyone and creates jobs too!

  2. Rufus Larkin says:

    Like those light rail lines, It takes years to build a factory or mining operation or wind generated energy plant. But then who’s to say they still be in practical operation for the benefit of society as a whole?

  3. just sayin says:

    Creating “temporary” jobs, bigger debt, smooth.

  4. Here we go guys, let's build some businesses baby! says:

    You know, I’ve been sitting around lately wondering how to best invest a few million dollars and hire 100 new employees…

    …then it hit me, I was really missing access to an 800 number and an email address.

    AYFKM???? Wow Dayton, you’re a real ____ aren’t ya?

    1. Genius says:

      “However, making this work may be a challenge. Dayton acknowledged similar efforts haven’t worked in the past.”

      “They didn’t give a timeline but said it would be done soon.”

      “State leaders say they plan to chart the progress to see if this works.”

      Um, seriously? Is this Dayton guy in 3rd grade? Should we lick our finger and stick it in the air too?

    2. Carl says:

      Dont forget about the website too. I sure hope they hire the Go Daddy girl!

  5. poncho says:

    Our guv is great at “declaring” things (just like Obama) and making announcements.

    But, guv, when are you going to DELIVER something of value to MN?

    (And a new stadium – Vikings OR Saints – isn’t it.)

    1. sarn says:

      He’ll deliver something that has plenty of value to MN poncho, you just won’t benefit from it unless you work for a public union, but no need to fear private sector before you know it you will be getting access to an 800 number.

      1. poncho wonders says:

        Is that like _arting rainbows?

  6. Kevin says:

    This guy is a freaing mor*n!!! What a POS…..

    1. Grynch says:

      Hey! Save your frustrations for the 800 number.

  7. Murph says:

    Let people keep enough money to meet utilities and expenses and maybe a job or two will grow! Give it to the 1% super rich and the banks and hedgefunds will dispose of it for them! Dang’ed if you you danged if you don’t….Checkmate,gridlock,depression.A done deal brought to you and me by big oil,the party of no and the handcuffing of the only one who can make it better..OBAMA!

  8. Jill says:

    You want to stimulate economic growth?


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